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CHAPTER 3 "A Name that Changed her Path"

Spring was nearing its end, as the first fall wind swept through silver tresses that shimmered beneath the languorous sun's dying rays. Golden eyes probed the area nonchalantly. A vast land spread far and out, with the scarce presence of grass sprouting from the naked soil. The same land where a battle will take place. For hundreds of years, the conflict between the demons and the cat tribe have always plunged into what seemed like a never-ending war. His father was the leader of the youkai band and never faltered in winning the many battles against the firecats. It was now Sesshoumaru's time to follow chichi-ue's footsteps and bring victory all over again.


He still could not let go of the fact that his father had disgraced his pureblooded family by bringing in a ningen and impregnating her with a hanyou. But now was not the time to be wastefully bitter on the past. He had a war to win. And he'll make sure to finally put an end to the firecats, for he had enough of them and the ridiculously so-called rivalry that there was between the two groups. When the soft autumn breeze caress the trees, causing them to shiver away most of their discoloured leaves, it won't be long before the neko youkai tribe will announce when they will attack. Another year of planning and training gone to waste for them. The taiyoukai did not see the point in them doing meticulous preparations for the war. All their efforts will inevitably be in vain - as it has always been. He was not pleased that they were letting him simply loitering around and awaiting them to cowardly appear.

His thoughts have been interrupted when he sensed a clumsy form approach him from behind.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" the green toad exclaimed with gladness written across his face.

The tall, handsome taiyoukai's eyes darted behind him to glance at the minion hastily coming up to his side, but they soon retreated back forward, knowing that his servant had nothing important to tell him - solely to enunciate his name in veneration.

No response came from his master. After momentarily standing there looking up at him, Jakken let out a sigh. Even though he knew that he should expect no less from his lord, it was always disappointing either way. Things never changed when it came to his lord's unwavering, uncommunicative habits.

Already tired of the scenery before him, Sesshomaru swiftly turned on his heels and walked away.

The green minion servant stood planted on the ground, goggling in wonder at his master before tailing behind his footsteps.

Going from one village to another was pretty tiresome, but Kikyou did not mind. She and Kaede had traveled far and found themselves more in the west side of the country. Kikyou had heard of the Western Lands once ruled under the control of a great inuyoukai. Takero-sama had told her stories of Lord InuTaisho. He was a legend, the strongest demon ever to grace the earth. The thing that intrigued Kikyou the most was the fact that he had taken a human as his mate. The thought of a human and a demon together had never occurred to her, and the idea sounded quite unusual almost unthinkable. She pitied the couple, being able to imagine the shame people would force upon both of them. But at the same time, this showed how strong and genuine their love truly was, breaking through the barrier formed between the two races and overcoming any obstacles placed before them. She must admit her admiration for such a difficult yet beautiful relationship, regardless the fact that she knew she would never be able to have one at all.

It was essential for all mikos to preserve their mind, heart, body and soul to pureness. In order to do so, it was forbidden to engage in an affinity with anyone. It wasn't a problem for her because she had been too distracted in becoming a priestess to take the time to eye any compatible suitors. Her life was not that of an ordinary maiden who would search for a lover and settle down for a family. The men would try their best to distance themselves as much as possible from her, knowing that she was completely out-of-bounds. However, that didn't stop them from gazing at the lovely miko with hidden desires. Kikyou was well aware of this, but preferred not to acknowledge such matter. And although it could not be helped, the memory of Tsubaki's malediction was freshly imprinted in her mind. The whole notion of her falling in love with someone alone was absurb, to say the least. Curses were not to be taken seriously, and they should be easy to brush off if you were certain that they would not happen. But she did not know why it kept on haunting her thoughts day in and day out. It was possible that the imprecation was beginning to take effect of some sort after all. In spite of that, she refused to give in and let the ridiculous curse consume her.

The day passed by uneventfully. Journeying through the forest and dropping by places where the sick and wounded needed treatment now became a daily routine for the past few weeks. The dark, red-orange streaks of dusk were anticipating nightfall, as the two sisters walked up the long, winding dirtroad path which led them to a small village, identical to the many others they have visited so far. The wooden houses with straw-covered rooftops were all lined up side by side. Dying, grey smoke was still fuming up in the air after its cooking usage. Mothers can be seen waiting outside in front of their house, calling out for their children to come back inside.

As soon as Kikyou and Kaede came by, they were greeted by an old, squinty-eyed man with a kind face and hunched back. It was apparent that he was expecting their visit. Word of the commuting priestess and her young sibling healing those that needed it, had spread throughout the country from village to village.

"Konban wa," he bowed, giving them a warm smile. "I am sure that the two of you are exhausted from your lengthy peregrination and would like to have a place to rest. Please follow me."

He led them to a hut in the far end of the village. Inside, were two futons on the floor with a desk and chair across from them. In the corner, a small, black pot was hanging over a couple of blocks of chopped wood.

"If there is anything else that you need, I am at your service," the man told them.

"Thank you," Kikyou said and bowed to him, who returned the gesture and left.

Kaede was already sitting on her futon, stretching out her limbs and letting out a big, long yawn.

"You must be very tired, Kaede," the miko commented.

"Hai. But I'm very happy to be traveling with you. I've learned so much and I'm eager to learn more," the younger one cheerily replied.

Kikyou smiled at that. It was true. Kaede had become much more knowledgeable on the variety of different plants and herbs that they have come across on their journey. She was also able to take care of the injured and those who were ill after watching her elder sister. Kaede was definitely catching on quite quickly. Soon enough, her little sister will be a priestess just like herself.

"But surely you must be bored of doing the same thing over and over again."

The small girl in the yellow kimono shook her head vehemently. "Iie. I enjoy doing it everyday. I will never become tired of it!" she exclaimed with absolute certainty.

She knew that Kikyou was pleased with her response as she felt a gentle pat on her head.

Fine droplets of water left the dark blue blanket of sky, seeping into the soil. WIthin seconds, the rate of their fall increased as the rain came pouring down onto the land.

The obsidian-haired miko lay on her futon awake, sleep refusing to come to her. It wasn't until Kaede fell soundly asleep and her sense of awareness enhanced a level that she was now able to feel the aura of youkai near the village. The thunder gave a low rumble as the lightning flashed through the paneless aperture, illuminating Kikyou's contemplating expression in a flashing instant. The figure beside her shivered slightly at the grumbling sound.

Kikyou sat up and moved over to her sister, tucking her more into the blanket. After taking a brief moment looking at young Kaede's innocent and serene face, she stood up and took her bow. Putting the bag containing a batch of arrows over her shoulder, she quietly walked out of the hut.

The youkai aura was indeed, enveloping the village with its presence. She set up a barrier before walking further out into the outskirts. Each step she took, her alertness was heightened and her grip on her bow tightened. Ahead of her, she could see a swarm of demons, who then focused their attention on her.

Red, bulging eyes glowed in the darkness. A purple demon with two horns protruding out of the tuft of white hair on its head spotted the woman. "What a delightful surprise! A fresh, young maiden presents herself for us to devour!" the youkai hoarsely shouted out. The others laughed and joined in on feasting their hungry eyes on the priestess.

The demons slowly advanced towards her. The miko's face hardened, lifting her bow and pulling out an arrow, concentrating all her ki into the sharp tip of the metal, a light purple orb beginning to grow. When the pack of demons were ready to lunge at her, she released the arrow in time, the bodies crumbling onto the ground.

She whirled around, running her bow through the stomach of the demon that was approaching her from behind, cutting him in half. More demons charged forward as the amount of youkai carcasses piled up at a fast rate. Her arrows pierced the hearts of many which fell down before her feet.

Surrounded by the final hoard of youkai remaining in the area, she mustered all the energy that she had left in her, the purple aura forming around her figure. The band of youkai stopped dead in their tracks, fearing the immense ki that the woman was emitting. Before they had any chance to react, the light had already reached them as they all disintegrated under its touch.

Peach-colored lips drew out short, quick breaths. She had strained herself too much on fighting a big number of youkai under a short span of time.

Just when she was about to return to the village, she felt a strange and unfamiliar presence.

"Onna..." a deep voice calmly said.

She looked behind her to see a tall youkai, with silver hair, dressed in white attire. He held a fluffy boa over his right shoulder, his face painted with two magenta streaks on both sides of his cheeks and a blue crescent moon stamped on his forehead. Kikyou studied his features in detail but her vision turned blurry from time to time, causing her to squint in order keep her view in focus.

"If you are thinking of attacking helpless villagers, leave now, or else I will have no choice but to dispose of you as well," she glared at him coldly, turning half her figure towards him. The lightning stroke, forming a contrast of light and shadow upon her complexion, showing a glint of ominousness in her mahogany eye.

The demon bore his pale orbs into hers.

"Do not be foolish, ningen," he replied, warningly. Though his tone did not convey any anger, his look was deadly. "I have no use for such weak beings."

He took a soundless step forward. A scraping noise pricked his sensitive ears, seeing the arrow pointed directly at him.

The priestess stood still and made no move, hesitant on releasing it from the bowstring. It had not gone unnoticed.

"You are in no condition to engage in battle with this Sesshoumaru," he loftily remarked.

She knew he was right in his assertion. Her hold on the bow quivered. She could feel the strength slowly draining away from her. She then realized that her clothes have become cold and damp, the haori clinging onto her skin acting as another layer. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life, something that this youkai had the aptitude of bringing out of her. She mentally blamed herself for being too impudent on squandering most of her powers on those impotent youkai. It would have been interesting to see what kind of fight this peculiar youkai could hold up. It was a shame that her own inconvenience will prevent that from happening.

She lowered her bow and placed the arrow back inside the bag. Without uttering a single word, she turned her back to him and began walking away, aware that his gaze was burning through her.

Delicate drops of water brushed through her long, black eyelashes as Kikyou found her eyelids becoming heavier by the second. The dark, towering trees ahead were hazy and her vision became clouded.

He saw her silhouette fall with a light thud. He approached her and looked down to study her more clearly within closer proximity.

Her soaked, raven hair limply lay on the ground and her visage was contorted with a pained expression. Her creamy-white skin was covered with small traces sooth and dirt but they soon vanished as the rain droplets trickled over her cheeks to wash them away.

Sesshoumaru had seen what this woman was capable of, there was no mistaking it. Yet it wasn't so imposing right now, observing her body exposed and defenseless. His contempt for humans resurfaced and he let out a snort. Ningen were so frail.

He left, not caring what would befall upon her.

The faint sound of footsteps splashing against the water could be heard, as well as Kaede calling out her sister's name.

An hour after the young lady had left the shack, the thunder woke up her young sibling with a fright. She turned over to find comfort in her elder sister but was only filled with dread to see that Kikyou was missing. She immediately went to the old man and told him of her disappearance. They ventured into the woods together in search of the miko.

Kikyou stirred and opened her eyes. She could hear Kaede's voice again.

She felt a warm fabric wrapped around her shoulders, sensing her little sister by her side.

A flashing image of the demon she just met a moment ago shot through her mind as she abruptly looked behind her.

No one was there.

She looked at herself, untouched and unharmed. It did not perplex her, since judging from his clothes and the way he held himself, that demon liked to keep his pride and ego at all times. He would never stoop himself so low as to attack an unconscious and helpless person. She glanced back where she last saw him, a thoughtful mien appearing on her weary face.

"Kikyou oneesama, are you alright?"

She snapped out of her drifting rumination and looked at Kaede. "Hai."

"We should go back. You are soaked and I certainly don't want you to catch a cold," the old man said with a relieving smile, bringing a solacing hand on her shoulder.

Ojiisan and imouto both helped her stand up. Kaede was holding onto her waist, letting oneesan lean on her for support. They slowly made their way back to the village.

With one last look behind her, a name subliminally clung onto the back of Kikyou's mind. One that will lead her onto a new path.


Ki - spiritual energy
Oneesan - older sister
Imouto - younger sister
Ojiisan - Old man

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