Hi! Okay, I know I said I wouldn't be updating, but I really wanted to get this one up. As soon as January comes though, just to let you know, I'm creating several new HP and DP fanfics, and updating all of the ones I already have up.

For all you Michelle Branch fans, the chapters will look familiar. I've taken them from her second album, Hotel Paper.

PLOT: If Sam and Danny had never met, things become different when they out of the blue meet when they're both rebelling against their families. Takes place when Danny and Sam are both seventeen.

A quick catch up, Sam has a new friend Karissa, and Danny and Tucker are the best of friends still. Danny's personal life is a little the same, he has ghost powers, but there's someone missing from his life, before Spirt week, a terrible accident happened, so Jazz doesn't know his secret. Sam's parents are divorced, her grandmother is deceased.

Chapter One


In the middle of the night, two doors slammed hard against their wooden frames. Ten miles apart, their furious slams echoed throughout their houses.

The significance was like no other.

A girl of seventeen, nearly eighteen years began packing up a large black suitcase. Although she was angered, tears fell down her cheeks as she layered her clothes into the case. Finding everything she could possibly carry, she zipped it up, and brushed her tears away. She looked in the mirror one last time, her dark amethyst eyes saddened, and then climbed out of her bedroom window, promising never to return.

Ten miles away, the same scenario was being played out.

A boy with blue eyes stormed into his room, grasping his hands tightly to his head in fury. Knowing that he would soon be followed, he picked up his forest green duffel bag and started throwing everything he would need to live inside. As soon as he was finished, a bright light illuminated the room, and in a matter of seconds, he had disappeared.

Driving as fast as they could, the two teens, who had never met, ran away, and both simultaneously stopped to think things over at a hotel.

The same night….they would never forget…..