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* * * * *

A Normal Life: Prologue

* * * * *

Heero turned around, and walked away. Less that a week ago he had 'killed' Mariemaia. Less than a week ago, he had made a vow to himself to never kill again. Now he was making another vow to himself. I want to live a normal life...

He knew he couldn't get one of those where he was. None of the friends he had made has anything close to what even he would term normal. Duo and Hilde worked at a junkyard...besides, the last thing he wanted to do was room with Duo.

Quatre was the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Sure, Quatre would give him a job, but Heero didn't want a job there. He didn't want a job period. No more missions.

Relena....well, living with Relena was out. An idiot could figure out why, and Heero Yuy is no idiot. Even he knew what he was feeling, he would not deny it. But he would shy away from it...like a normal teenager would... Then there was the overprotective older brother factor. Can't ignore that. No, living with Relena was most definitely out.

Wufei was working with the Preventers, and as stated before, Heero didn't want a job, or more missions. His last option was living with Trowa and Catherine and work at the circus.

"Oh, yeah, that's really normal." he said softly. There was no emotion in his voice...at least none to the untrained ear. If Duo had heard, he would have immediately identified the sarcasm present.

Thank God Duo hadn't heard.

I can ask Quatre for money, that won't be a problem...after all, I'm 16, most kids my age have parents to support them. Most kids my age don't work, if fact they...

Go to school.

The thought finished itself in his mind, and his head snapped up. He allowed a small smirk to form on his lips.

A plan began forming in his mind, and he set off to finish it...

* * * * *

Less than a day later he sat before his computer, grinning. He had enrolled in one of the better public schools in California, and he had done it without hacking his way in. Heero was too attached to his name to leave it behind...he decided to stay Heero Yuy. But, when writing up all the documents that most people had, he was sure to include his birth name. He listed it as an alias, but he wanted any family he had to be able to find him if they wanted. He wasn't even sure any had survived, but there was a chance...

School started September 9th, but registration and scheduling took place in late August. It was early August now. Heero made plane reservations, and also rented an apartment.

He called Quatre, and he was quite willing to give Heero all the money he needed, no questions asked. He thanked Quatre, and hung up. He thanked him. Maybe he was become more human.

* * * * *

Heero walked home and tossed his textbooks on the table. He had received them that day, even though school didn't start for a week. I'd better cover them, and I'll go to school and shove them in my locker tomorrow...

He smirked slightly, glad to be concerned over such small things. He looked over his class schedule, and shook his head.

How did I get these classes? How did I let that girl coerce me into taking Band? I don't even play, and now I have to get up a hour earlier each morning for marching practice. English with Bekki Maniea, Rose said she's a nice person but the class is Hell on Earth, I guess we'll see. John Harian for World History, it's his first year teaching, I guess I'm really in for it this time. he thought, wryly.

He set to covering the many large books, but before he could get very far, the phone rang. He ran over to pick it up, hoping it was just a salesperson he could hang up on.


"Hello, sir, this is social services." a female voice came back.

"Hn." he replied.

"Are you an Odin Lowe Jr.?" she asked, slightly mispronuncing the name.

"Yes." he replied, simply.

"Ah. Then, I am sorry to inform you that your Aunt and Uncle have died." she said, not sounding sorry at all.

"My...my aunt and uncle? Which ones?" he responded, somewhat shocked. He thought all of his quite large family had died a long time ago.

"Yes, a Jamie and Robert Lowe." She went on to fill him in on the details of their deaths and what they left behind.

Heero heard a rather shocking report of the money left him. Quite a bit of money, that. Heero needn't rely on Quatre ever again, not with that sort of money.

When the lady was ready to hang up, Heero still had one more question. "Um, Miss, is anyone else in my family alive?" he asked, somewhat hesitantly.

His eyes widened. A soft smile slowly spread across his face. "Yes, yes I will. Oh, of course I don't live alone, I'm only16." he lied.

His smiled broadened. "Yes, I'll see you tomorrow then, at 8:00? OK, goodbye." he hung up, and returned to covering his books.

Well, not so normal, but not unheard of...

* * * * *

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