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Dracula's Point of View:

Fools! How could they disobey me? How could they have the will?! Those meddling dogs! They took quite a bit of blood from me. I cackled in disdain. How ironic. The evil creatures of darkness that do my bidding have now turned against me. Me, the Prince of Darkness! Lying in a pool of my own blood, I could hear the mourning of my brides. They would find me here very soon. Wonderful. I was not in the mood for their cries and pleas tonight. They could be so...aggravating! They then crashed through the doors and screamed in fright at the sight of me. Inwardly, I smiled. Flattering it was to have somebody worry over me the way they do. Aleera, my youngest bride, threw herself atop of me and I hissed in pain, for I was injured in just about every part of my unholy body. She jumped off of me with a whimper. Verona held her and Marishka huddled with them.

Marishka: Oh my Lord!

Verona: What has happened, my love?

Aleera: You are covered in much blood of your own, no?


She cried and hid her face within the dresses of Verona. Rolling my eyes, I tried to sit up, but my legs have seemed to fail me. Growling in pain, I looked at my brides with fury. They screamed and flew back against the wall, hugging each other tightly. Quite the actresses, they were. I could not help but soften up at their pitiful performances.

Dracula: Do not be afraid, my loves. Help me to my coffin.

They hesitated at bit before gliding to my side and wrapping their arms around me. Searing hot pain shot waves through my veins, but I did not show it. Allowing them to help me up, I sighed with anticipation. Fear danced across their eyes, I could tell they were quite afraid of my present state. How sweet. Half walking, half limping, they assisted me out the doors of the dungeon and through the many corridors of my fortress.

Reaching my chambers, I found I could not stand the pain any longer. I pushed them away with a gentle force. A force that would not hurt them, but enough for them to know to leave me be. Quite obedient they could be at times. Verona, my eldest and wisest, stepped forward with a concerning grace.

Verona: My Lord, we must heal your wounds!

Marishka: Yes, Master, you need more blood.

Aleera: You are in a weak state.

Must they always state the obvious? I could easily tell that I needed my wounds healed and that I have lost a great amount of blood and that I was in a weak state...but I was not going to let them believe that. I have a reputation to keep around here. Brushing them aside, I tried to clamber into my coffin.

Marishka: You need help-

Dracula: SILENCE!!

My fangs lengthened and my eyes turned their unnatural icy blue. They hissed in fright and grabbed each other. Their annoying whimpers echoed through the castle. I calmed myself down and allowed my teeth to go back as they were.

Dracula: My brides, I am fine. Do not worry. Now go.

Aleera: But-

Dracula: GO!!

They hissed in fear, but quickly left the room. Peace...at long last! But, alas, they would probably be back quite soon to change my mind. Oh Hell!


The brides whimpered in a huddle. They knew their Master needed help, but he would be very upset if they went back into his room again.

Marishka: We will have to help him somehow!

Aleera: But how? He won't let us!

Verona: My dears! We do not have to do it!

Marishka: What?

Aleera hissed with delight and jumped up and down.

Aleera: The girl!

Brides: CASSIDY!!!

In the Library, Cassidy looked up from her book and sighed. What did those girls want now? She sighed and placed her book down on the place that she left off on. She left the room and hurried down the flights of stairs to where she heard the calls. She found the Brides all in a huddle, but when they noticed she had come, they giggled. Cassidy rolled her eyes inside of her mind and bowed gracefully to the gorgeous women before her.

Cassidy: Yes, mistresses?

Aleera: Do not speak unless spoken to, girl!

Verona: Aleera, hush! Come here, child.

Cassidy did so and Verona began to caress her cheek. Cassidy shuddered from the coldness, but stood her ground. Marishka and Aleera glided up beside Verona and smiled down at Cassidy.

Verona: Cassidy, my dear, our Master has seemed to have gotten himself into a fix.

Marishka: He has lost much blood, you see.

Cassidy: What would you have me do about it, mistress?

Verona: Go in and take care of him.

Marishka: Take in healing herbs and hot water.

Aleera: When you are finished...give him blood.

Cassidy could not believe her ears. In all of her 9 years of serving here, she had really never served her own Master. The only ones that really took advantage of her work were the brides. Aleera, her least favorite, worked her to a pulp. She seemed to have not one minute of rest when she was around. Aleera was also the one who would hit her sometimes at her carelessness. Marishka was not as bad. She could get antsy at times, but other than that, she did not say much and she never hit Cassidy. Verona, however, was Cassidy's favorite of the three. She never abused Cassidy and was never impatient. Sometimes, Verona actually let Cassidy play with her make up and try on her dresses. Now, what in God's name was she supposed to do for her REAL Master? She rarely ever saw him, but when she did, he never really said anything. Cassidy could not help but feel a little nervous.

Verona: Do not fret, my pet.

Cassidy: So, you want me to tend to his wounds with herbs and water and then get him some blood?

Aleera: No, no, no. You need HEALING herbs and HOT water.

Cassidy laughed in her head. The distance in between Aleera's ears...was just thin air. Verona sent Cassidy off to the kitchen and turned back to her sisters.

Verona: She will succeed.

Marishka: Let us hope.

A few moments later, Cassidy came back with a bowl of hot water and some herbs in her apron. She glanced at Verona uneasily.

Verona: Relax, my child. Enter there.

Cassidy glanced in between the brides before walking up to the door.


I was sitting in my favorite chair, gazing at the moon, when I heard my door open. I hissed quietly. What did they want now?

Dracula: Did I not make it clear that I wanted to be-?

-But it wasn't my brides. It was...Oh...I can't think of her name. She was a maid here at the fortress. I believe she has been with us for about 9 years? My brides had been hunting and found this girl. For some odd reason, they wanted to keep her, for they noticed the hard work that came from her and they had always complained of not having someone to take care of the castle, so, willingly, I let them keep her.

Cassidy: Forgive my intrusion, Master, but the brides instructed me to heal your wounds.

I did not say anything. For the first time, I actually looked her over....and...she was actually quite a pretty girl. But, almost shattering compared to my brides...but then again...Her dark brown curly hair was set up in a messy ponytail and a few wisps of her hair fell gently against her fair skin. Her eyes were an emerald green, practically shimmering in the moonlight. She was of medium height, quite slim, and I could tell that she was gaining quite a few muscles from her work around here. She wore a simple white work dress with a brown apron over it. She looked weary and tired, but determined to get done what she came here to do.

Cassidy: My Lord?

Dracula: What was your name again, child?

Cassidy: Uh-Cassidy.

Dracula: Hmmm. And your age?

Cassidy: 18, sir.

Ah, young. I could feel the fresh blood flowing through her veins. And sweet blood it must be. She cautiously took a step forward and then stopped. Hmm. If I wouldn't have known any better, I would have thought she was afraid of me, but to my surprise, her heartbeat was steady and normal. Interesting.

Cassidy: I'm not sure where you are hurt, My Lord, so do you think you could direct me in the places that need healing?

Very interesting. My wounds were covering just about every part of me. Where should I guide her first?

Cassidy: I see that you have taken a nasty gash to your chest...may I?

Dracula: By all means...go ahead.

She walked towards me and reached her hand out to my jacket. This is quite amusing. I watched as she began to gently slide the coat down my arms. She folded it up on her lap and sat it down on my table. She came to my vest then slowly and carefully began to unbutton it. Her touch was surprisingly gentle for all the hard work she must do around here. Especially with Aleera around, I bet the poor girl never has time to herself. So wrapped up in my thoughts, I didn't even notice that she was already half way done unbuttoning my undershirt and my pale, bloody chest was now in plain sight. I expected her to gasp in fright at all the blood, but she merely inspected the wounds with her unbelievingly soft and gentle hands. She tsked and took a rag out of her apron pocket and dipped it in the bowl of hot water.

Cassidy: This might sting a little.

Silly girl. I am the Prince of Darkness. I am accustomed to pain. She dabbed the wound with the rag and I growled in pain. All right, minor setback! She jumped back, not with fear, but with surprise. My fangs lengthened and my eyes turned black.

Dracula: That hurts!!!

Cassidy: Well, I told you it would sting.

This girl actually had the nerve to talk to me this way? She should be punished. I glared at her.

Cassidy: Now, I am trying hard not to apply too much pressure to it, but I'm not saying that it's not going to hurt. Now hold still.

She put the blasted rag back on it and I clenched my fists and hissed. She glanced at me, but kept up what she was doing. After a moment, I calmed down a bit. Her touch was so light that I was beginning to enjoy the way she was terrorizing my wounds. After a while, the pain subsided and my chest was clear of blood and now all that was left were big gashes. She took out some herbs from her apron and carefully massaged my wounds with them. The burning in the cuts soon cooled down and numbed. She ripped off a long strip of her hideous dress and lightly wrapped it around my chest, me watching her with silent fascination the whole time. She tied it in a simple bow and rubbed her hands together.

Cassidy: Excuse me for a moment, My Lord, while I get you some blood.

I nodded my head and she left. Blood did sound quite tasteful at the moment, but I wanted a certain kind of blood...hers.

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