Virgin Lily

Chapter One: The Bet and Step One; Make Friends

Created By: Kate-Lily (KML Crow) And Janie

Hey everyone, this story was just in my head and I though I would give it a try. One More Chance should be updated soon, I hope but at the moment I have a bit of a writers block with it.

This story is not beta (sorry), Just wanted to see what the reaction for it is if good then I will carry on.

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As the sun was rising over the hills of Hogwarts three 16-year-old boys were sitting by the fire discussing their latest shags, these boys were none other than the Maunders. But only three of them were there today the fourth was asleep, one was on the floor the other two were on separate chairs, On the floor was Remus "Moony" Lupin, On one chair was Sirius "Padfoot" Black and last but certainly not least was none other than Hogwarts heart-throb James Potter. Every girl wanted him and every boy wanted to be him. Their conversation was as normal as it could get with three hormone-controlled boys.

"Jane Henderson" Sirius asked

"Had her," James answered

"Ok…Lisa Davis" Sirius asked

"Done her twice" James once again answered obviously

"Kelly Ling" Sirius angry was rising

"She wasn't as good as everyone says" James answered with a grin plastered on his face

"That's it! You have had everyone in this god damn school!" Sirius stressed and threw the parchment with all the girls' names on, Remus picked it up and his eyebrows rose

"He hasn't had everyone Padfoot" Remus said in a matter-of-fact voice

"What! That's impossible Mooney I have had everyone at least once they can't resist me" James shouted a bit to loudly, after a minute or so Sirius caught on to what Remus was saying

"I have two words for you Prongs buddy; Lily Evans!" Sirius laughed

"What her? God she is the bloody Virgin Mary! Never had a boyfriend and she hangs round with that Gay bloke Darren Camps, No one could get her in bed" James stressed the word Her,

"So your saying you could get her in bed by say oh…2 months from now?" Sirius grinned from ear to ear he had a plan in his head!

"What I could get any girl in bed that's a fact! Padfoot when are you going to learn not one person can resist me I mean even the teachers can't resist me can they?" James said proudly.

"Fine I do you a deal Prongs ol' Buddy" Sirius said in an old English way, "If you can get laided by Lily Evans by 21st of December I will get up in front of everyone with nothing on with only a ball in front of my three piece suit and will state my love for that weird girl who follows me around.."

"Deal" James said with his hand out

"I wasn't finished," Sirius cut James off "but if you lose then you have to do the same as me but declare your love for hmmmm Amanda Heat"

"Why Amanda we broke up only a week ago if I do that then she will think I love her and won't leave me alone, But as I know I am going to win you got yourself a bet"

Sirius and James shock each other hands, they drew up a deal on the back of the parchment Sirius threw made Remus sign it as witness.

As the boys headed to bed James said to Sirius "Oh yeah if you get involved in any way bets off ok?" Sirius just nodded his head.

That night James lay in bed with his hands behind his head smiling this is going to be easy Evans won't be able to resist me no one can James though to himself. Boy was he wrong!

In the morning
James was the first one to get up out of the Maunders, which was very weird he was normally the last one. Today was different he had to get his plan ready to today was step one: Make Friends, it was simple he had used it so many times it was like breathing to James, but once again he was in for a rough ride but he sure as hell didn't know it yet but would soon find out. After about 15mins in the bathroom James walked into the 6th year bedroom and saw Remus was rising from his bed so was Peter (a.n: DIE RATBOY!!!!!!), but Sirius was still in bed. James had a brilliant ideato get him back for what he did to him every morning, James walked back into the bathroom and filled up and jar of freezing cold water and walked over to Sirius bedside, Remus after seeing what was going on started to laugh and went to the other side of the bee to watch on the count of three Sirius was awake, and ready for revenge.

Sirius jumped up as if he had been bite on the arse, he saw that James had an empty Jar in his hand and then looked at Remus laughed face, he turned towards James and got slowly out of bed as James backed away, then all hell broke out.

James was running round the round on to everyone's beds waking them up and a soaking wet Sirius following him with his wand at arms length shouting curses and missing James completely.

James jumped on to Sirius bed and jumped off but Sirius made a wrong move and fell face down on the floor, James laughed so much his sides were hurting. He offered his hand out to Sirius and pulled him up to see Sirius himself was laughed.

After a while Remus Sirius James and Peter (a.n: Rat boy won't be in this story for long :D) went down to breakfast, James searched the room till his eyes settled on a certain red-head sitting with a blonde boy laughing, James proudly walked over to Lily and sat down right next to her

"What do you want Potter?" Lily asked annoyed

"You, Lily" James whispered in her ear

"Well guess what Potter I don't want you" Lily whispered back stressing the word Potter and walked off.

James was shell-shocked, no one had rejected him before this was going to be tough he looked over to Sirius and Remus they were both in fits of laughter pointing and laughing at James for being rejected.

"This is going to be harder than I though," James admitted to Remus and Sirius

"Should I go and nick a Quaffl (a.n: spelling??) Because James you are seriously gonna lose big time!" Sirius asked innocently

"Shut up" James muttered into his pumpkin juice

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