Virgin Lily

Chapter 22: End of the Road.

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"He is destroyed" Sirius said simply.

"So is Lily" Maggie told everyone.

"We tried to warn him." Remus spoke softly as Marcy head rested her head on his shoulder.

"Poor Lily, she couldn't stop crying and she still loves him." Maggie sighed.

"And James was going to confess everything, I don't know what to do for once." Sirius admitted defeat.

All of them looked at each other and silence over took them; each of them knew that James and Lily's life were destroyed through one inconsiderate bet.
James chose love.
Lily chose love.
But both ended up with hate.


"Oh professor that's horrible he didn't tell her!" Hermione Granger was the only one to break the silence that had taken over the Griffendor common room, as the professor utter the last words of the story.

"He was stupid" a voice came from the windowsill. Everyone looked around to find Harry Potter listening intently to the story.

"He was, because he didn't embrace his true feelings towards someone" Ron said to Harry and looked over at Ginny.

"Shut up Ron" Was all Harry said.

"Well that's the end of the story, it was so sad, the girl was destroyed the whole school was in shock" Professor Meyers told the children listening.

"Wait that can't be it?" Ginny asked hopefully.

"I'm afraid that's all I know I left after that year, moved to France." Professor Meyers smiled sadly.

"But what happened over the rest of the year?" Hermione asked.

"Well it was very tense…"

After the Ball everyone was gossiping about Lily and James, no one knew what had really happened, only bits. Every house had their own opinion on what really happened between Lily and James and if they had sex or not, most believe that nothing happened between them. But there were some girls who believe Lily had gone all the way.

"What are we going to do?" Sirius asked Remus.

"Is he still not talking?" Maggie asked.

"He talks alright but he doesn't make sense, he keeps going on about being stupid and then the next minute he is flirting with anyone," Remus told Maggie.

"He is going insane then?" Katherine asked politely as she joined the group.

"Maybe, what about Lily?" Remus asked.

"She's actually taking it well, I think? Maggie is the one she talks to the most." Marcy replied.

"Well Maggie, how is she really?" Sirius asked.

"Honestly, she is not that good she is sometimes happy but every time she sees James or even hears his name she shuts herself up. When we were in Potions the other day someone said James and Lily face paled and didn't laugh when I poked fun at you" Maggie told everyone while she fidgeted.

"Me? As in Sirius Me?" Sirius asked offended.

"Yes you, anyway Lily still loves James, she admits it but she said that all the trust she had with him, the friendship will never come back." Marcy told everyone.

"James still loves Lily as well, but I am afraid of what he might do," Remus told everyone worriedly.

"What do you mean what he will do?" Maggie asked.

"Not kill himself or anything but as in what he might do to hid his true feelings for Lily." Remus told her, "Don't worry he wouldn't hurt himself"

"I did see him this morning talking to Carly, you know who im talking about?" Katherine asked.

"Oh Merlin anyone but her, I have a feeling James is going to do something he might regret" Sirius said to himself.

"Sirius leave him," Maggie told him.

"What! Are you crazy? You want him and Lily back together as do everyone don't you?" Sirius asked.

"Yes but let them do it themselves if they really love each other trust me they will end together and if it doesn't happen by the end of the year you can interfere all you like" Maggie told Sirius.

"Deal" Sirius held out his hand.

"Don't you think you should stop betting Sirius?" Katherine asked.

Sirius blushed and sat down. The all looked at each other. That's when James descended down the stairs and was smiling and winking at girls around him. At the same time Lily walked down the stairs and smiled at her friends.
All of a sudden Lily and James both caught each other gazes and the whole common room went silent waiting for someone to speak.

"Potter" Lily said coldly.

"Evans" James replied just as cold.

They both sat down with their friends still holding a hateful gaze. Sirius looked at each one of them and gulped.

"So is everyone excited about spring?" Sirius asked.

"Ecstatic" Lily responded.

"Fantastic" James replied.

Maggie looked at Sirius and shrugged her shoulders; Marcy and Remus both looked at each other and sighed, Katherine kept looking at Lily and James.

"Well I better be going now, have a date waiting for me" James broke the silence.

Lily looked at James and smiled, "Don't be silly, wrap your willy"

Sirius couldn't help but laugh as James went bright red and then pale.

"You wouldn't know would you Evans, you're as fridged as a Nun" James spoke quietly.

"No I am not a slut," Lily snapped back.

"Fuck off Evans" James stood up and moved towards Lily.

"Make me" Lily said as she stood up.

"Whoa calm down now!" Sirius and Maggie said at the same time. Both pushing each person away.

"James go on your date" Sirius said pushing him towards the exit. James left.

"Im going to finish the essay Sprout set" Lily said finally and went up to the girl's dorm.

Once Lily and James had left, Maggie sighed and said, "This is going to be a long year."

"…And it was fight after fight for the rest of the year" A voice said from the portrait hole. Everyone looked around and saw Remus Lupin standing at the door.

"Remus!" Professor Meyers shouted and blushed, "I was just telling the story of Virgin Louise"

Remus looked confused for a second and then realisation came across his face and he spoke, "Ah yes the famous couple."

"Did you know them, Professor?" Hermione asked.

"Yes I knew them, I saw many fights between them actually, and I am notyour professor anymore Miss Granger." Remus said kindly.

"Sorry Pro...Remus" Hermione smiled.

"Do you know what happened in their seventh year Pro...Remus?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, I do" Remus replied.

"Tell us what happened?" Hermione asked.

"It was a few years ago but I suppose I can…" Remus started the seventh year story of Virgin Lily.

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