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Chapter six: Death? And identities revealed? AND YUGI'S GAY!

Yugi Motou was walking down the street with the reluctant Seto Kaiba.

"Seto's got a girlfriend, Seto's got a girlfriend!" Mokuba chanted from the bushes.

"I can't believe this… Why is Tea in love with me?" Seto cried.

"I'm sorry, Kaiba. It's all because I rejected her…" Yugi apologized.

"SETO-CHAAAAAAAANNN!" Came an all-to-familiar voice… IT WAS TEA!

"FLAME ARROW!" Tea was then burnt to a crisp on the sidewalk, and a girl with short, braided red hair stood behind her. "I've wanted to do that all my life! Woo-hoo!" The girl cried out, running past Tea to tackle Yugi. "It's Yugi-kun!"

"Oh, uh…hello, Hikaru…" Yugi sweatdropped. He squeezed his way out of Hikaru's grip to see Hikaru's boyfriend, Lantis, and her two best friends Umi and Fuu.

"We were in town, so we thought we'd stop by and say hello," Lantis explained in that shmexy voice of his. (In the Japanese version, his voice is shmexy. No idea about the English version, but most of the voices suck in English….)

"It's nice to see you, Lantis, Hikaru, Umi, Fuu," Yugi smiled, backing away from Lantis.

"Don't get intimidated by his height, Yugi-kun! He's just a big baby inside!" Hikaru giggled.

"I am not! I'm a warrior," Lantis huffed.


"SHE'S ALIVE!" Hikaru screamed.

Tea latched onto Seto's arm and giggled that annoying little giggle of hers.

"Seto's got a girlfriend; Seto's got a girlfriend…" Mokuba chanted from the bushes.

Suddenly, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu jumped on Tea and attacked her, giving Seto and Yugi time to escape. They did, and ran across the street on a yellow light. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu let Tea go, and she ran across the street on a red light. "SETO-CHAAAAAANNN!" She yelled, but the she got run over by a big old semi-truck.

"Oh, that's gotta hurt…." Hikaru winced.

"Am I free? Am I free? Will I never have to eat fruitcake again?" Seto cried.

"Fruitcake has nothing to do with Tea…" Yugi muttered.

Then, Yugi's godfather popped in. "Did I hear fruitcake?"

"Marik Ishtar!" Seto yelled, pointing.

"Oh, so THAT's why you looked familiar…" Yugi pondered. "Why'd you help me?"

"I was forced. No choice…" Marik sighed.

"Either way, you got rid of Tea! I love you!" Yugi squealed, jumping on Marik and squeezing him until his face turned blue.

"Please…tell me you didn't mean it…" Marik squeaked.

"I mean it, I mean it! I love you!" Yugi squealed.

"Awww…how cute…" Hikaru sighed.

"I'm actually….turned on by this…." Seto realized.

Yugi reached his face up and kissed Marik, but got stabbed by the millennium rod. "I…am not…gay," Marik scowled, pulling the rod out of the dead Yugi's chest.

The God of the underworld appeared, and grabbed Marik. Then they both disappeared.

"That was…weird…but now…Both Yugi and tea are dead! I'm FREE!" Seto cried, prancing off to his giant building of DOOM! Actually, to Kaiba Corporation. Same thing.

"I'm just gonna forget this ever happened," Hikaru said, walking off.

"Good idea," Lantis sighed.


(Or is it?)

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