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Chapter 19

Just when the two of them, Serena and Lady Une, were getting close to their destination, something happened that rocked the building they were in, making the two of them almost lose their footing. But, they were able to keep on their feet and not fall to the floor from being thrown off balance.

"What was that?" Serena asked, wondering if it was some kind of earthquake since this building was hidden underground.

"There's no telling exactly what it was." Lady Une explained, as she looked around to make sure they weren't found, as they stood there trying to get their footing and balance back. "But, if I didn't know better, I would say that that was a kind of explosion."

"An explosion?!" Serena said, surprised, she was wondering why anyone would want to cause an explosion while they were underground, didn't anyone now that that could cause everything to come down around them?

"We should continue." Lady Une suggested, while everyone else was probably still distracted by whatever caused the explosion and shaking to occur. Serena just nodded in agreement and followed after Lady Une.

They didn't get much farther as there was more shaking and the sound of another explosion. But, this time, the explosion and shaking cause the lights to turn off for a few moments. And like before, they had to stop so they could try to keep their footing and balance. It didn't take too long as they got it back, and continued on.

This time, Serena and Lady Une made it to their destination just as the building started to shake again as there was the sound of another explosion. Lady Une noticed that Serena was heading straight for Relena, so she decided to go for Mariemaia. The two of them tackled who they were heading for as things in the control room started to explode, as well as some things collapsing within the room. And as the shaking stopped and everything exploding and falling stopped, Serena and Lady Une got up into a kneeling position so those they were protecting could sit up. And come to discover, Serena had subconsciously formed a shield around them.

Serena just looked at it for a moment, before it disappeared, when she saw no debris on it. "Sorry, that would be my fault." Serena said, sounding a bit embarrassed that the shield formed without her really thinking about it.

"Don't worry, it helped." Lady Une said, then turned her attention back to the one she had just saved. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, who are you?" Mariemaia answered, a bit surprised and confused by this.

"Even though you may be mistaken, I personally cannot allow, His Excellency's, Treize's daughter to die." Lady Une explained. This seemed to confuse Mariemaia even more.

"And why are you here?" Relena asked, looking at the blond that had come with the Commander of the Preventers.

"I came looking for you, Relena." Serena replied, making it sound like it was the most obvious thing.

"Why would Sailor Moon be looking for me?" Relena asked, a bit confused by this.

"Let's just say that I met up with one of the Gundam Pilots and wished to help out." Serena explained, while not exactly telling her everything. "And trying to find you was the best I could do to help, since I couldn't fight with them, seeing that I don't know how to pilot a mobile suit."

"I see." Relena said, still a bit surprised by this, but also figuring that this was probably the reason that none of the Sailor Scouts helped out during the war, because it was beyond their capabilities and skills.

"Mr. Dekim, another Gundam has arrived!" A soldier announced. "This time at the number four defense line at point E!"

This announcement made Serena turn her attention to the soldier that was talking, and then look at the screen that was in front of the room that was showing what was going on outside. It was showing a Gundam that Serena didn't recognize, but she could figure out who it was by process of elimination. Serena couldn't help the small smile that made its way onto her face, glad that her brother's friend, Wufei, had decided to come and help.

"Who the hell are those people?!" Dekim frustratingly yelled out his question, he was referring to the crowds upon crowds of people that were surrounding Wufei's Gundam, as well as the crowds of people standing in front of it.

"While His Excellency fought losing battles, he truly loved people who weren't afraid to keep their stance and fight." Lady Une explained, while the four of them stood back up off the floor. "And that is why the people are so able to accept the Gundams. It is not the victor that leads the heart of the people."

"That sounds nice." Serena said, making it sound like she was listening to a beautiful piece of music. "But, why does that sound like philosophy to me?" It was a rhetorical question, so she didn't really expect an answer, and it would seem no one would even get a chance to answer, even if they wanted to, as Dekim seemed to lose it with everything that was going wrong for him.

"This is insane!" Dekim yelled, as he watched the screen, sounding as if he, himself, were going insane from all of this. "We cannot be defeated! We, the Barton Family, are the true rulers of the Earths Sphere!" Serena didn't like the sound of that, as a frown appeared on her face. Just then, he turned around, screen at his back, as he faced Mariemaia. "Miss Mariemaia! Assume your position as Head of the Earths Sphere!"

"I am…victorious…" Mariemaia said, seeming to be in a kind of daze, as she started to walk towards the front of the room, toward Dekim.

The three of them watched as Mariemaia walked forward a bit, until she stumbled for a moment. "Is she in some kind of trance?" Serena asked, wondering if there was some kind of mind control involved. Just after Serena finished saying that, Lady Une started heading after Mariemaia.

"I'm carrying out the will of my farther…" Mariemaia said, still sounding like she was in a daze, as she continued to walk to the front of the room. And she made it a few more steps before Lady Une stood before her, blocking her way.

"Do forgive me!" Lady Une said, as she raised her hand, getting ready to slap Mariemaia. But, in mid-swing, she was interrupted, as Relena got in the way and slapped Mariemaia instead of Lady Une.

"Yeah, that makes sense. She should be the one to do so, since Relena was the one to have to put up with her through all of this." Serena mumbled, mainly making the comment to herself, not really caring if anyone heard her.

"Excuse me." Relena said, in a very professional tone of voice, after she had slapped Mariemaia on her cheek. "But, I think it's about time you opened your eyes, Mariemaia."

"Huh, Miss Relena…?" Mariemaia said, rather confused by what just happened, holding her hand to her reddening cheek.

"You have now learned what real fear is." Relena explained. "So, I am sure you are now able to acknowledge all of the mistakes you have made in the past."

"Oh…" Mariemaia quietly said, seeming to understand what Relena was saying, as she dropped her hand from her cheek and back to her side.

"Stop right there, Relena Peacecraft." Dekim demanded, not two seconds later, as he held out a gun, pointing it at Relena. "I can't allow you to brainwash my Mariemaia with such garbage!"

"Brainwash!?" Serena said, disbelief entering her voice. "If there is any brainwashing going on, it is you that is brainwashing her!" Serena accused of Dekim.

"And why do you bother coming out of hiding now, Miss Moon?" Dekim said, making it sound like she was next on his list of people to get rid of. "Someone like you is meant to remain a figment of the people's imagination."

"If you wish to shoot me, go right ahead!" Relena said, no sign of fear in her voice, also, at the same time, turning Dekim's attention back to herself. "I am prepared to die!"

"Then I'll tell you what the truth is before you die!" Dekim declared, scuffing at what Relena had said. "The public is always expected to obey the victor!" With that said, Dekim got ready to pull the trigger on his gun, which was still aimed at Relena.

Serena tensed when she saw that Dekim was going to actually use the gun he had. She tensed, because she was getting ready to jump in if she had to. But, as Dekim pulled the trigger, Serena was delayed from doing anything, as she was surprised at what actually happened in those few seconds it took the bullet to leave the gun and hit a target.

In those few seconds, Mariemaia had pushed Relena, knocking her a bit off balance, as Mariemaia ran forward. As Dekim pulled the trigger on his gun, expecting to shoot Relena, he ended up shooting Mariemaia instead.

"No!" Serena yelled out, and tried to grab Mariemaia as she ran forward. Serena didn't want her getting hurt, by getting in the way. But, Serena was too late, as she didn't reach her as she ran forward and Mariemaia was shot instead of Relena.

"Mariemaia!" Relena yelled, as Mariemaia fell to the ground, bleeding on the floor. Relena only needed a split second decision to run over to her, which is what she did, kneeling down, about to check on her, but was interrupted by Dekim.

"We can always create a replacement for Mariemaia!" Dekim declared, no remorse whatsoever by what had just happened. "I made her after all!" With that said, he got ready to shoot Relena again, once again making Serena tense.

Just as Serena tensed, getting ready to do something if she had to, there were two others in the room that moved to do something, while one of the two went unnoticed until something happened.

"Dekim!" Lady Une yelled out, as a way of warning, as she pulled out her own gun and pointed it at him.

Within the next second, a gunshot was heard, followed by Dekim falling to the ground. It was obvious who the one shot was.

"I…I have executed the rebel, Dekim." One of the soldiers announced, a bit shaken up by what he just did, as well by what had just happened. After taking a few moments to compose himself, he spoke again, putting his gun back in its holster, "I express my apologies for betraying His Excellency." Just after saying that, he saluted, causing all the other soldiers there to salute as well.

"Mariemaia, hold on!" Relena said, as she lifted Mariemaia up off the ground a bit.

That snapped Serena back to the present, since she was still a bit caught up in the fact that Dekim was just killed like that, and in front of her. Serena turned her attention back to Relena and Mariemaia just in time to see Lady Une walking over to them. Serena started to move over to them as well, just as Lady Une knelt down. Relena handed Mariemaia over to Lady Une when she knelt down.

"Relena, I was mistaken." Mariemaia said, sounding rather weak, looking as if she was struggling to stay conscious. "I'm so sorry."

"Mariemaia." Relena said, sounding a bit sad when she said the girl's name.

"It's moments like these that I wish I had Saturn with me." Serena commented, as she knelt down next to the three.

"Saturn?" Relena questioned.

"Sailor Saturn." Serena clarified. "She has the gift to heal flesh wounds."

"I'll relieve you of your pain." A male voice said, from behind her. Serena recognized that voice. She whipped around to see who it was, to see if it was who she thought it was. And it was exactly who she thought it was.

"Heero?" Relena and Serena said at once, when the two of them saw who it was. Serena wasn't too sure if she should be surprised or not by the fact that Heero had a gun with him, or by the fact that he seemed to be pointing it at Mariemaia.

"I thank you." Mariemaia said, closing her eyes, she sounded like she was ready to die.

"What!?" Serena said, now she was confused and a bit upset. They still had time to try and save her, she wasn't dead yet. "You can't just kill someone because their…" Serena was cut off as Heero ignored what Serena was saying and pulled the trigger of his gun. Serena tensed when he did, but at the next second, nothing happened, other than Mariemaia losing consciousness, this really surprised Serena, so much so, she was completely confused.

"Blanks?" Serena quietly questioned, not really expecting an answer or for someone to hear her. What Heero said next, just confused Serena even more.

"I've killed Mariemaia." Heero announced, sounding as if his duty was done. There was silence for a moment or two after Heero said that, with his gun still pointed at Mariemaia. "I will…never kill…anyone ever again." Just then, Heero looked at his gun as he lowered it. "I…I don't…have to anymore." With that said, Heero let his gun fall out of his hand and to land on the floor. Just when the gun hit the floor, Heero fell forward, heading for the floor himself.

"Heero!" Relena yelled, jumping up and running over to Heero, hoping to catch him before he hit the floor. She was able to get there quick enough to catch him, and they sank to the floor, Relena once again kneeling on the floor, with Heero in her arms. "Heero…" Relena seemed rather happy when she said that.

"We can still save her!" Lady Une said, as if she had just realized it. "Take her to the doctor!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" One of the soldiers replied, as they came running over to do as she said.

"Finally, rational thought!" Serena said, snapping out of whatever it was she was in, as something she could comprehend was said.

"Finally, it's over." Relena commented, relieved, not really talking to anyone specifically. But, Serena heard her, and got up and walked over to her and Heero. Relena looked up when she noticed Serena was heading towards her. "Sailor Moon?"

"I'm glad everything turned out alright." Serena said, as she stood before Relena, looking around the room.

"And, what of Mariemaia?" Relena asked, after all, the girl was severely wounded.

"I have a feeling that she'll be just fine." Serena answered, not fazed by the question. And Relena seemed a bit surprised by the confidence in which she said that. It was as if there was no doubt in her mind that Mariemaia would be fine. "But, there is something I've been wanting to say to you for some time now."

"And what's that?" Relena asked, getting this feeling that it was something she didn't want to hear.

"It was when you were called Queen Relena, the Queen of the Earth." Serena said, beginning her explanation. "That title and throne doesn't really belong to you."

"It wasn't really my choice." Relena answered, not really looking at Serena now. "The Romefeller Foundation forced it upon me."

"I see." Serena said, still looking at Relena, taking in what she had said.

"What did you mean by, it doesn't belong to me?" Relena questioned, a bit curious by what she meant by that.

"The Sailor Scouts and I were upset when we found out you were named the Queen of the Earth." Serena started to explain. "For you see, the Throne of the Earth belongs to the Prince of the Earth. It belongs to no one else. And whoever the Prince of the Earth marries, then she will be the Queen of the Earth."

"The Prince of the Earth?" Relena questioned, a bit surprised by that piece of information. "You mean the Earth has a Prince?"

"Yes." Serena simply answered.

"Who?" Relena asked, now she really was curious, she wondered who this person could possibly be.

"His name is Prince Endymion." Serena answered, not really looking at Relena when she answered.

"I don't recognize that name." Relena admitted, still curious to who she was referring to.

"That doesn't surprise me." Serena commented.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Relena asked, feeling like she was missing something.

"No one remembers what happened a thousand years ago." Serena answered, then paused for a moment, looking as if something else came to her. "Well, actually, some bits and pieces of it have survived and are now considered myths and legends, in other words, fiction." Serena sighed for a moment, before continuing, looking out around her. "But, I don't believe it is time for the people to remember what happened so long ago." Relena wasn't given a chance to say anything else, as Lady Une came up to them.

"Thank you for your help, Sailor Moon." Lady Une said, putting a hand on Serena's shoulder. "Though, I probably could've handled it on my own."

"It's alright, and besides, I wanted to help out and do everything I could to do so." Serena said, brushing off the thanks as if it weren't needed. "And the Gundam Pilots gave me the chance to help out." That last part caught Relena's attention.

"And you did." Lady Une agreed. "But, I should get going. I just wanted to make sure all of you were ok before I left."

"I know I'm fine." Serena answered, then turned her attention to Relena; it was her turn to answer.

"We're fine." Relena answered.

"Are you sure?" Lady Une questioned, referring to Heero, who seemed to be unconscious in Relena's arms.

"I'm sure." Relena answered. "I believe he just needs some rest." Though, Lady Une didn't seem too reassured by that, but she let it go, having more pressing matters to attend to.

"Well, if you're sure…" Lady Une said, taking one last look at Heero. "I'll leave it in your hands then." Then Lady Une turned her attention back to Relena and Serena. "Well, if you ladies would excuse me, I have a mess to clean up." And it wasn't the literal mess that you can see around them that she was referring to; it was more the metaphorical mess that she was talking about. The kind of mess she was talking about, was the kind that would take a lot of public appearances and interviews on TV, to reassure the public that everything was fine now. With one more pat on Serena's shoulder, Lady Une left. Serena watched her leave. Once she was gone, Serena turned her attention back to Relena.

"She does have a point." Serena commented, which got Relena's attention. "Shouldn't you be going with her, to help insure the public that everything is alright now, Vice Foreign Minister?" Serena emphasized Relena's title, hinting at that she should probably be doing her job right now, instead of tending to her want to be hear Heero.

"But…" Relena started to say, looking down at Heero, who was still in her arms, reluctant to leave him.

"Don't worry, I can look after Heero." Serena offered, a bit of a smile showing on her face. "And, besides, if he's as fine as you say he is, you shouldn't have anything to worry about." Serena noticed Relena still looked a bit hesitant about leaving Heero behind. "Shouldn't your first priority right now be to the people?" Serena put on a serious face, so Relena would know that she was serious about this. Serena knew if you were going to have such a high position that your duty would come first and spending time with friends would come second.

"You're right, that's what I should be doing right now." Relena admitted, seeing Serena's point. "Especially, after that few moments of a broadcast I was able to get out." Then, Relena looked down at Heero, still in her arms, who still seemed to be unconscious. "It's just…"

"It's like I said, I'll look after him, while you go and do what you need to do." Serena said, trying not to sigh.

"Yes, I know, I should've left with Lady Une." Relena admitted, still looking at Heero. "It's just that I'm afraid if I leave now, he won't be here when I get back."

"Well then, try not to take too long." Serena suggested, as if it were the obvious choice.

Relena looked back up at Serena when she said that, giving her this look that said, "You're kidding, right?" "Do you realize how long a press conference can take?" Relena asked.

"Yeah, I know, there meant to take forever." Serena admitted, still brushing Relena's concerns away. "Besides, if he does leave before you get back, don't you think it would mean that he probably had to be somewhere? I would imagine that even a Gundam Pilot would have things that they needed to do or places to be."

"Yes, you're right." Relena admitted, agreeing with Serena, and resigning herself to the fact her job needed to take precedence right now. "Would you try to keep him here until I get back?"

"I can try, but I make no guarantees." Serena agreed, a bit of a smile on her face.

"Well, at least I'll know you tried." Relena commented, shifting, getting ready to get up.

Serena noticed that, and kneeled down next to Relena. Relena nodded her thanks as she handed the seemingly unconscious Heero over to Serena. "Well, go on, what are you waiting for, the people need you." Serena encouraged, noticing that Relena just stood there looking at Heero, who was now in Serena's arms.

"Right." Relena said, though, Serena noticed, there was a bit of hesitance there. Then Relena knelt back on the floor, and put a hand on Heero's head, slightly running her hand through his hair, wanting to say one more goodbye before she left. "Please try to wait for me to come back, Heero." She said that as if she knew he could hear her. Relena looked at Heero one more time, then she left to do her job.

Serena waited for a bit after Relena left, to make sure she was truly gone, before she did what she was going to do next. "Alright, you!" Serena said, as she pushed Heero out of her arms. Heero didn't land on the floor like one would've thought; Heero had caught himself before he could fully hit the floor. Serena, for some reason, she didn't know how, was able to tell that Heero was pretending to be unconscious. "What was that all about?"

"I did that for her benefit." Heero answered, as he stood back up.

"Let's get one thing straight, Heero, I can tell that she likes you. So, if you don't, you should tell her and stop stringing her along!" Serena said, slapping Heero on the arm at the end.

Heero just stared at Serena for a second, choosing to ignore what she just said. "Quatre will be happy to know that you are alright." Heero said, changing the subject.

That comment caught Serena off guard for a moment. "I was wondering if you would figure it out." Serena admitted.

"Quatre was the one that gave it away." Heero explained.

"He told you I was…?" Serena asked, sounding a bit surprised by the idea.

"No." Heero simply answered, cutting Serena off. "He said that his sister was in here, when I was going to fire my twin buster rifle at the shielding that protected this building."

"So, it was you that gave this place quite the shake." Serena commented at the revelation. She was wondering what all the shaking and the sounds of explosions were about. Apparently, it was Heero, trying to take out the shielding that was protecting the building, and apparently succeeded.

"I figured out who you were when I saw you." Heero explained, as if he didn't even hear Serena's comment. "You are the only one here that looks anything like Quatre's twin sister."

It took a moment or two before it dawned on Serena what he was getting at. "And I just confirmed it for you, didn't I?" Serena asked, trying not to grown at the fact that she pretty much gave away who she really was, without even realizing it.

"Yes." Heero answered, as he started heading for the exit, intent on leaving.

"I couldn't get you to wait for Relena to come back, could I?" Serena asked, as she followed after Heero. Heero ended up slightly looking over his shoulder at her, never losing any of the pace he was walking at, and gave her this look. Apparently, he didn't quite like the idea. "What?" Was all Serena said to the look he was giving her. "I did promise Relena I would try, didn't I?"

"Hn." Heero grunted, applying that, no, he wasn't going to stick around, and, yes, she did promise she would try, but she also said there were not guarantees, and he was going to take advantage of that right now. "Let's get you back to Quatre." And that was the last thing either of them said as both continued on their way, heading for the exit to the building.

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