M: New fic! Just so you know ahead of time, Nathyrra will be a bit bitchier than usual. Disclaimer: The only things I claim ownership over are the appearance and personality of Seelamin, Tianna, and Arayna among other things. Nackor however, is based on Jan Jansen.

Chapter One

"Come, Nathyrra, we are going to be late!" cried a drow female.

Nathyrra glared at her. "I am moving as fast as I wish to, wael."

"Well hurry up! Mother Vasenna purchases slaves only once every ten years."

"I'm aware of that, my sister." Nathyrra snapped.

"Let's go then!"

"I am coming, Akordia."


Nathyrra surveyed the lines of slaves that walked below her. She sat on a balcony with her older sisters; Xune, Akordia, and Zarra. Her other sisters were elsewhere…or they were dead. Her mother, Vasenna, also sat with them.

Nathyrra continued to watch the lines. Something interesting caught her eye. A surface male stood amongst the rows. His eyes were cold and grey, his blond hair long and stretching past his shoulders. His burly physique, faded scars, beard, and height of seven feet made him rather intimidating. Nathyrra was not intimidated however, for some reason she was rather interested in this pale man that stood amongst the orcs, duergar, and goblin slaves.

The man was lead to a chair. A barber stood next to the chair, ready to give him the customary shaved head that all Kant'tar slaves had. The man stared at the guards. Quick as a flash, he snapped the neck of the guard that was securing him. Another guard rushed forward, scimitar drawn. The surfacer picked him up by the waist and hurled him into a wall, killing the guard instantly.

Nathyrra watched in fascination as the surfacer continued to fight. He fought like a caged tiger, filled with rage and ready to be released. Unfortunately for him, there were too many guards and he was overwhelmed. They tackled him to the ground, holding weapons at his throat.

Vasenna stood up. Her cold gaze flicked over the man. "Kill him." She ordered.

"Wait." interrupted Nathyrra.

Vasenna stared at her. "You dare to interrupt me!?"

"With good reason, mother."

"Very well then. I shall be lenient this time. However, if ever do such an insolent thing again than I shall have you killed, Nathyrra."

Nathyrra nodded. "We should not kill him."

"Why not?"

"Anyone can see that he is skilled, and powerful. He would be more useful alive than dead."

Vasenna put a thoughtful expression on. "Very well." She said slowly, "I shall give it consideration." She addressed the captain of the guards. "Put this male with the other slaves. I will announce his fate tomorrow."


The surfacer was lead to a room. Inside were many duergar slaves. Someone tapped him on the shoulder. He spun around and saw that a duergar stared back at him. "Yes?"

The dwarf grinned. "I heard that you actually stood up to the guards."

"I suppose I did."

The dwarf held out a hand. "I'm Nackor, Nackor Blackhammer."

The surfacer didn't shake the duergar's hand. He simply nodded and said, "I'm Seelamin."


"Seelamin Silver Panther."

"Silver Panther? Sounds Uthgardt."

"Not exactly, I'd prefer not to discuss it however."

"Strong, silent type eh? Okie-dokie. I'll let ye be. Just one question though, why didn't ye get yer head shaved?"

"My clan values our hair. To allow someone to cut it would be dishonorable. If we cut it ourselves however, then that is a sign of grief."

"So you would sacrifice your life for your hair?"

"Not my hair, my honor."


"I have a question for you."


"Who was the drow that stood up for me?"

"A drow stood up for you!? What did he or she look like!?"

"Well, she had white hair, it reached down to her elbows. I couldn't really tell from a distance but I think her eyes were dark blue. Oh and, she was wearing a necklace and a jeweled headband too."

"She sounds hot. She must be Nathyrra Kant'tar, the youngest daughter of Matron Mother Vasenna. You know they say that if you wanna know what a woman will look like in twenty years you should look at their mother and frankly, I like what I see. I mean she's pretty good-lookin' for an old drow. Reminds me of my relative, Aunt Cornelia…"

By this point, Seelamin was ignoring the dwarf. He mulling over his thoughts. Why would a noble drow want to save my life? It makes no sense. His thoughts returned back to the memory of her eyes. Such a pretty blue. Arayna's eyes were blue as well. So were Tianna's. He shook his head to clear his mind. Arayna and Tianna brought back unpleasant memories.


Nathyrra observed the surfacer. She was told that his name was Seelamin. The drow guards were testing his abilities. He had been given an axe—the weapon he said he preferred—and was sparring against one of the guards. He was an excellent fighter. Nathyrra believed that if he didn't have a magical collar around his neck then he would have been able to escape by hacking his way through the guards.

Zarra materialized next to her. She started to watch Seelamin as well. Nathyrra scowled. Zarra was the least 'favorite' of her sisters. Haughty and self-absorbed, she spent most of her time preying on males, twisting around her finger until she had them killed…or worse.

"Is there something interesting about him to you, Zarra?"

Zarra smirked and looked at her younger sister. "I was about to ask you the same question, Nathyrra."

"I admit I do find him intriguing…"

"Very intriguing indeed. Are you going to pursue this…'Exotic' feeling?"

Nathyrra snorted. "I am not interested in him like that. I'm not you, Zarra. I don't chase after males."

"I do not chase males. Males chase me." Zarra declared arrogantly.

Nathyrra smirked. "If you say so."

"Is that a challenge?"

Nathyrra raised an eyebrow. "Challenge?"

"Ah, so you interested in a bet. Very well, I challenge you to try and claim the male's heart. Whichever one of us do's so first, shall win."

"So you wish to wrap him around your finger, like so many other males."

"Yes, but I do think he will enjoy what I can do with my finger." said Zarra, slyly.

Nathyrra chuckled. "I accept. Whichever one of us makes him our toy first shall be the winner."