The Impossible

The Impossible

by Silver

*Standard Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, Toei does. Lucky punks!*

Author's note: This is my first stab at poetry. It's very, very short, but I like the idea. I forget what kind of style this is called, but it involves using the letters of a word to start each sentence of a poem.


Don't give up, there's no reason to quit now.

A person's heart is the hardest thing to understand.

Impossible, that's what some people call it, but they're wrong.

Kari isn't destined to be with anyone, she has a choice.

All you have to be is your own good self, and let her make the decision on her own.

Remember that a person's actions don't always match the feelings in her heart.

Impossible things happen every day.


Author's note: Short, I know, but I think it serves a purpose. This is sort of a pep talk for Daikari fans, because sometimes it feels like the whole Digimon fan community is against us. There all these people shouting "Takari, Takari" and some of them are a lot ruder than that.

I know a lot of obsessive Takari fans will probably flame me for this poem, so I'll just state one very simple thing right now. I like Daikari, and nothing anyone can say or do will change my mind. No amount of "evidence" can dissuade me from what I like. TK and Kari could get married on the show, and I'd still write Daikari fics, because that is what I like. There's nothing wrong with Takari, mind you, I just like Daikari more.

Okay, now that I'm done preaching, a little status update. I'm 2/3 of the way done with "Caring Hearts Chapter 1," the Kari story arc of my Crystal Digimon Saga. I hope to get it out this weekend. Until then, feel free to review.