D.M. Evans

Disclaimer - Not mine. They belong to Joss.

Rating - Hard R for sexual situations

Time Line - AR S 5 of Angel

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Summary - Rubber ducks, Willow and fun in the bath.

Pairing – Willow/Angel/Spike

Author's Note - This was written for Dragony Dreams for her Birthday!

Willow sank into the tub, feeling her sore muscles relaxing as the hot water, perfumed with eucalyptus and mint, washed over her. It felt odd taking a long luxurious soak this early in the morning but after a night like last night, she felt due.

It seemed strange being back in California after her tour of South America but when things started falling apart in Rio, she needed a change of pace. Kennedy had a wandering eye, and Rio had much to offer. Willow didn't blame her. Kennedy had been fun but both girls had sensed almost from the beginning theirs was a relationship built on sex, allusions to kites aside. Giles had stepped in with a perfect solution for Willow. The Los Angeles Slayers needed a Watcher and Willow was the girl for the job.

Her first order of business had been to assure the girls, in spite of Andrew's slanted picture of Angel, that both he and Spike were good guys and worth working with, and she ended up as the go-between. The only problem was she didn't quite feel the closeness the Scoobies shared with the three Los Angeles Slayers so Willow found herself spending most of her time at Wolfram and Hart. Besides, nothing could compare with Wesley's library. Giles was jealous.

Willow soaked her bath scrubby in the essential oil-rich water then let it dribble over her chest. Her nipples were still exceedingly sensitive and one breast bore a sucker bite. What would her friends think if they knew? She'd tell them eventually...maybe.

Willow sank deeper in the water, her toes peeking out, sliding up along either side of the spiquot. For a strange moment, thoughts of her Wishverse-self bubbled up in her mind. Willow frowned a bit a the remembrance of her being appalled at her vampire self's liquid sexuality. Funny, it really was in her all along, too, and she didn't feel the least bit bad about it.

One of her pink-painted toenails winked at her as her foot nudged the rubber duck off the lip of the tub. Whoever had decorated the bathroom of her suite inside of Wolfram and Hart had a rubber duck fetish. The soap dispenser, night-light and toothbrush holder were rubber duck designed. Little rubber duckies held the shower curtain to the rod and tiny, multi-colored rubber ducks were sealed in the polymer of the toilet seat. Even the toilet brush holder was a fat, happy rubber duck.

The rubber duck in the tub glided up between the valley of her legs, which bore love bites too, until it came to rest of the white island of her belly. Willow flicked water at the smiling duck. Her head jerked up as the bathroom door opened. Angel and Spike came in smirking.

"Get tired of us already, luv?" Spike sauntered over to the tub.

"I'm betting not," Angel said, leaning on the door jamb.

She grinned at the boys. "You'd win, but shut the door. You're letting all the heat out."

Angel shut and locked it as Spike slithered out of his shirt. The blond vampire leaned over the tub, giving Willow a kiss. He was three-fourths into the tub when she finally peeled him away from her enough so she could breath. "Um, are you sure this is a good idea?"

Angel's fingers scooped up the rubber duck, managing to trail his strong fingers over her most sensitive skin in the process. "You'll find we're more exciting than a rubber duck."

"I don't doubt that, but we all won't fit in the tub," Willow protested as Angel knelt by the tub. He lifted her foot to his lips, his tongue circling her raisiny big toe.

"Sure we will," Spike promised her. "It just takes talent."

And talent they had in abundance.