Joey sighed as he sat alone with his beer. The great lover, "Joey Tribbiani" that was a laugh. The great lover wouldn't have some geek making out with his date. He took another sip. Maybe that was all part of the fascade, after all he was an actor.

Women now that was the greatest mystery of all. Here he was the only male sibling of seven sisters. That is where he learned all about women, from his sisters, ranging from the shy Mary Theresa to the sexually aggressive, Gina. Women were something that you buy a few drinks and take them home and sleep with. You don't date them and you certainly didn't love them. Then you would try to see how many you could date and sleep with at the same time.

Now these three women in this room were a different story. The first night he moved in he tried to hit on Monica. She seemed like she wanted a sample of the Joey love . But Monica also seemed like the type that only wanted to find a man and have a relationship. That wasn't Joey , so on he moved.

Rachel was beautiful , so he hit on her the first night after she bolted from her wedding from Barry. She seemed a little bit more vulnerable, like a flower. But Joey could also see she was in no position to think about men at this point in the game. Besides he knew there was someone who was waiting for her. You just don't go after another guys woman, especially when they are your best friends crush.

Phoebe …now there was a woman. She had something that the other two lacked, Spirit. Phoebe had a very hard life, unlike the other two. She had been abandoned as a child, when her father left the family and her mother subsequently killed herself. She was a woman with a passion for life. Joey liked that idea. Phoebe was also very spiritual and pretty as well.

Phoebe sat and looked in her drink. Damn not again. There he went the latest love of her life. She really liked David, he was smart and funny. He also worshipped her which is always a good quality for a man. She was so excited this was going to be the man she would spend new years with.. Until she was the one who told him to go to Minsk. She couldn't keep him here though. He was meant to go and study physics. Physics was his life. Besides her and men of science didn't mix. Phoebe thought back on an ill fated attempt at romance on someone else.

She saw Joey nursing a beer. Joey was so unlike the wisecracking Chandler or the one who seemed to have his heart on his sleeve, Ross. Joey was a child trapped in a man's body. He had an act of trying to make people think he didn't care about women, but Phoebe could see right through it. Joey wanted to find someone too , even though he wouldn't admit it.

One day the girls sat around and discussed what they thought their three guy friends would be like in bed. Monica surprised everyone with her impression of Chandler as more sophisticated then he looked. Rachel must have certain thoughts on her mind as she could only imagine her and her best friend and his passion unleashed in bed. Of course, Monica didn't want to see in her mind the picture of her best friend and roomate rolling around with her brother. Phoebe said that the love machine known as Joey , was very tender when he put on her coat.

She kept looking over at Joey as the minutes ticked down to midnight. There was some action over there on the couch. Phoebe had always considered herself to be psychic. From the first time, Rachel ran into the coffee shop in her soaked wedding dress, she had sensed something between her and Ross. Call it attraction or whatever you like, there was definitely something there. Monica had her friend Chandler, but hey you never know what this night might bring.

Joey walked over to Phoebe on the balcony. He looked into her eyes and held his hand on her chin. He moved her face toward his mouth and bent in to kiss her on the lips. There was no forcing or tongue involved. It was just a sweet kiss from a man to his female friend. As Joey walked away,

Phoebe cried, "Wait Joey!" she threw her arms around him and he responded by hugging her tightly. She opened her mouth and started to move her tongue when she felt his.

"Happy New Year. Joey." she smiled.

Next the couples try a date