Children From The Future

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Chapter Two

'Where am I?' she wondered as she opened her eyes.

Then she remembered what happened the crystal…the forest…Hogwarts…Madam Pomfrey…Dumbledore…the past.


'How will I get back?'

"Ah…I see that you are awake little one" Dumbledore said with that twinkle in his eyes.

"Professor Dumbledore" Becky said.

"Yes?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"How will I get back home?"

"Well the time crystal sends people to another time for reasons such as…finding someone who has been sent to that time or to stop something that happened that shouldn't have happened" Dumbledore replied.

"O-k" Becky said she was now crying.

"Child now calm down" Dumbledore said trying to calm Becky down.

"Profess-or I wa-nt Ji-ri a-nd Dad-dy" Becky sobbed.

"There, there child well I can't get you back for you were sent here for a reason" Dumbledore said "But I think that I could help you out a little" he said his eyes twinkling more so then usual.

"Ho-w?" Becky asked her tears momentarily forgotten.

"Don't worry you'll know soon enough child" Dumbledore told her "Well I must be off now I believe that you will have some guests soon Goodbye Rebecca" Dumbledore said leaving the Hospital wing.

"Bye Professor Dumbledore" Becky called behind him.

"Now lets have a look at how you are today shall we?" Madam Pomfrey said bustling out of her office.

"How do you feel little Miss. Black hmm?" She asked.

"I feel alright my arm still hurts but thats all. I miss Ji-ri an-nd Dad-dd-dy and Har-rr-ry and Liza-a an-nd Uncle Re-emu-us I even miss Da-an and I-I don't know wher-ere Ro-o-om-mm-mie is" Becky cried the tears once again back.

"Hush now child calm down now it'll be alright" Madam Pomfrey said.

"How do you know!" Becky snapped at her.

"Well I never? Well you are most certainly Mr. Black's daughter" Madam Pomfrey said heading towards a young first year boy that had just come in with neon pink skin, bunny ears, four extra arms and was blowing green flames from his ears it appeared that hid hair had suffered as well as half of it had been removed and what was left was a horrible mess of purple straw which was burnt.

As Becky sat on the edge of the hospital bed a flicker of a smile appeared on her face as she watched Madam Pomfrey try to get rid of the bunny ears, extra arms, green flames and get rid of the pink state of the young first years skin before trying to fix the poor child's hair.

'Well it is quite amusing now that I think about it' She thought as she watched two purple bunny ears appear on Madam Pomfrey's head as she tried to get rid of the one's on the first year.

'I'll have to tell Jiri about it when I get home' suddenly the small smile disappeared 'That is IF I ever do get back home'

'It's so boring here'

'Why isn't anything happening?'

'Who would think that being in another time could be soooooooo boring'

'Great now I'm whining IN my head…not to mention talking to my self…I have to stop this'

Becky shook her head trying to stop the annoyingness of her thoughts.

It seems that Madam Pomfrey had closed the curtains around the bed that she was in, and things had just gotten more boring after that.

'Well then I guess I'll just have to find something to do on my own' she thought as she climbed off of the bed.

' I thought Dumbledore said I would have some visitors' Becky scoffed 'So much for that eh Ha that man shouldn't say things he doesn't mean'

Once she had successfully escaped the 'Evil clutches of Madam Pomfrey' she went in search of something fun to do.

'Isn't there ANYTHING interesting to do around here?' she asked her self.

' I wonder where Daddy is…Madam Pomfrey did say that he was only seventeen in this time'

'I wonder what Daddy was like when he was seventeen and what about Uncle Remmie? I might meet Uncle Prongs while I am here…Daddy did say that Uncle Prongs looked similar to Harry but different I wonder HOW different… maybe being here won't be so bad after all'

'I'm still bored though'

'Hey! What are they doing?' she asked her self as she spotted four boys doing some spells in the corridor. Becky ducked behind a nearby statue and peered around it listening to what they were saying luckily she had good hearing thanks to her animagus form.

"I'm telling you it is very unlikely that this will work," said the boy with tawny hair to his shoulders.

'Hmm…he looks sort of like Uncle Remmie'

"Oh come on Moony so what at least we gave it a good shot eh?" said the boy with long black hair tied in a ponytail at his neck.

'Could that be Daddy? He looks like those pictures and he called that other boy Moony that's Uncle Remmie's nickname. Maybe it is them but what about those other boys?'

"Oi! Wormtail come 'ere!" Called the same boy to the shortest member of them.

"Yeah Padfoot?" The short blonde asked.

"Go lay these Dungbombs in the places we discussed earlier okay?"

"Yeah okay" the blonde (Wormtail) said taking the Dungbombs from him.

"Good. Hey Prongs are you done with that yet?" he said to the last boy with messy black hair.

"Yup all done Pads!" came the reply.

'What! Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs!' 'Oh Merlin…I might get to meet Uncle Prongs…Wicked!'

"Oi! Moony, Pads, Prongs get over here!" a voice interrupted her thoughts when she looked up she saw all for boy's in front of her.

"Err…Hi!" said Becky.

"Shesh the first years just keep getting smaller every year" said Prongs.

"Oi I'm not a first year I'm not even eight let alone eleven" Becky replied.

"What are you doing at Hogwarts then?" asked Moony.

"It's complicated you see I wa…" Becky started but was interrupted by a very angry Madam Pomfrey.

"Oh great 'Evil Madam Pomfrey' has found me" she muttered to herself under her breath.

"I thought I told you to stay put. Why doesn't any one ever listen to their elders any more?" she said.

"Do you actually want an answer to that or was just that a rhetorical question?" Becky asked innocently.

'Shesh! Well if looks could kill then I'd certainly be six feet under'

'Hey well at least someone finds this all very amusing' Becky thought whilst being practically dragged away by 'Evil of Madam Pomfrey' as she turned around to look at the Marauders that had extremely amused expressions upon their faces.

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