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Why did I allow Naruto to drag me in here? Uchiha Sasuke thought with irritation. Because you allowed him to treat you to lunch when you had no money, his inner voice answered. Sasuke frowned. He had agreed to visit Hyuuga Hinata with Naruto in exchange for a bowl of ramen last week. He was broke then, and very hungry. As much as he hated ramen, he had no other choice.

Naruto marched on to room 315. It seemed like Naruto was a regular here; the nurses smiled at him indulgently as they passed by. When they arrived, Naruto knocked three times and waited for someone to open the door. Sasuke heard voices inside, and then Kurenai-sensei opened the door, smiling at them.

"Ah, I see you brought Sasuke with you... Come in, come in," Kurenai said.

I don't even care for the girl, Sasuke crossed his arms and looked away.

"N-Naruto-kun!" came Hinata's voice, soft and gentle, tinged with surprise. "I'm glad you came... And Sasuke-kun too…"

Sasuke chanced a glance at the Hyuuga. Her bed was propped near the window, and she was sitting up. Sunlight streamed through the open window, framing her face with a golden light. She looked almost ethereal. Her pearly eyes were reflections of happiness, and her delicate mouth was curved into a smile. Her right arm was bandaged, and there were a few bruises around her neck, staining her pale skin. Sasuke frowned. Those bruises were a stark contrast to her skin.

He sat on a chair close to the door. With Kiba and Shino, Hinata's teammates, Naruto, Kurenai and himself, the small room was a little crowded. Kiba was sitting at the foot of Hinata's bed, and Shino was sitting near another window, hands folded. Kurenai and Naruto were at the head of the bed, Kurenai stroking Hinata's dark hair, and Naruto talking to her. There were a few chairs scattered around the room, and a small refrigerator. On top of it were a vase of flowers, and a basket of fruits.

He could hardly hear Hinata's voice, but Naruto's naturally loud voice carried to him and he could guess what their conversation was about. It was actually more like a monologue, with Naruto boasting about his past missions and Hinata making sounds of agreement. Sasuke rolled his eyes. How Hinata could stand loudmouth Naruto's boasting was beyond him. It seemed like she was the only one in town willing to listen. Even Konohamaru and the others have long since stopped believing Naruto's adventures. Now that their batch have all been fully-fledged Chuunins, they had been sent on numerous missions, especially scouting for the lost village of dreams.

He covered his mouth and yawned. The heat was making him extremely drowsy. Naruto baka is taking so much time. If I didn't come on my word of honor, I would've left. Leaving was a tempting idea to him, but he was sure no one would treat him out again if he was broke. A sudden scraping noise broke him out of his thoughts. Naruto had pulled a chair close to Hinata. It seemed he was tired of standing.

Sasuke looked boredly at them. Naruto was no longer blocking his view of Hinata, and he took the opportunity to study her. All he knew about her was she was a Hyuuga, and the fact that she had a crush on Naruto since Ninja Training Academy. Hinata's hair was now about chin-length, with two long bangs on either side of her face. Her eyes, trained on Naruto, held admiration, and her small nose suited her small face perfectly. Her lips, it seemed, were curved into a permanent smile.

I think she's the only one in the village who doesn't bother about growing her hair, he thought suddenly. Not like Sakura and Ino, always trying to catch my attention by being loud… He stiffened slightly. Where had the comparisons come from? She's quiet and doesn't say much, because her eyes say it all… Again he stiffened slightly. Briefly, he wondered if he ever saw Hyuuga Hinata angry. He shook his head. No, she seemed incapable of such a strong emotion. Bathed in the sunlight in mid-morning, she looked like an angel among petty humans.

Her hands, he noticed, rested comfortably in her lap. Her voice held none of the stutter she used to have when they were younger, when they were genins. She seemed to have the self-confidence she greatly lacked when they were younger. Funny how time changes people, he thought. Although he didn't know Hinata that much, he heard some things about her, praises, mostly, for attaining chuunin rank along with him and the others. Before, Sasuke had heard they she was being threatened to be disowned for the fact that she was too weak. But studying to be a medical nin now, she had respect, especially since being a medic required little hand-to-hand combat, and she was popular for her handmade ointments and extensive knowledge in medicine.

"…What about Sasuke-kun?" Hinata's voice carried to him. He looked at them inquiringly, and Kurenai-sensei beckoned him to come closer. Much as he didn't want to, he couldn't disobey the lady out of respect. He went closer, dragging his feet. Hinata smiled at him when he came near. Instantly, he was reminded of springtime, with flowers in full bloom, and birds chirping. He felt something warm spread through his body. At seventeen, he was new to the feeling. It was a lot like when his mother held him when he was very young.

"What is it?" he asked, rather brusquely.

"I'm going out of the hospital in two days, Sasuke-kun…" Sasuke felt himself drifting away at the sound of her voice, so soft and gentle.

"There's going to be a party at her house!" Naruto shouted.

"Please come…" Hinata said, her eyes focusing on him, pleading.

How could he refuse an angel? He nodded silently. Kurenai-sensei looked at him briefly, curious, and shook her head.