"Really? What was she doing there?" Kurenai asked, swinging her legs. She was sitting high on a treetop, with Kakashi's head on her lap. It was late afternoon, and they were taking the time off. Kakashi had reported to her of seeing Hinata in Sasuke's home.

"They were going to have lunch together," Kakashi replied. He was looking towards the far horizon, a smile forming on his lips at the thought of Sasuke and Hinata.

"But how did you know? Why did you go there in the first place, anyway?" she asked, running her fingers through his hair.

"I came to check up on Sasuke, because he didn't show up at his patrol duty today. You know he and Hinata are partners," his eye twinkled.

A smile spread over Kurenai's face. The Hokage had orchestrated the changing of patrol partners so that Sasuke and Hinata could be together, even on duty. "But why was he absent?"

"That I don't know too. Even if Hinata hadn't asked me to lunch, Sasuke wouldn't have told me anyway," he replied. "It must be one of those I-don't-feel-like-going-to-work days."

"Mm... Probably…" she tapped her chin, looking thoughtful. "But something tells me it's more than that."

"That intuition of yours again?"

"Right." She placed an elbow on Kakashi's chest. "What did Hinata cook for lunch?" she was proud of her student in every aspect, especially her cooking. Hinata was a whiz at cooking, even more than at taijutsu.

"Chicken curry," he said, remembering his delicious lunch. Lying peacefully like this after a heavy lunch was making him drowsy. "It was good, I tell you."

"Oh, I know." Her chest swelled with pride. "It's just a shame that she lacks confidence in herself. If she hadn't gone through Hiashi's browbeating, she'd be more confident. If that happened, she might have been the one to ask Naruto out when they were younger."

"There's no use in thinking about that," Kakashi said. "If she hadn't been bullied, things may still have turned out differently from what you were thinking."

"I guess," Kurenai shrugged. "C'mon," she said, removing Kakashi's head from her lap. He protested with a grunt, but she ignored him. "Let's report this to Hokage-sama."

"You do that," he said, waving a hand, "I'll take a nap."

"Fine," she huffed, and disappeared through the trees.

He smiled to himself and took out his Icha Icha Paradise. It was time for the thing he now liked second best, next to lying beside Kurenai in a bed.

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