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Foxy Fruits Chapter 1: A New Member?

Tohru opened the washer and pulled out Shigure's clothes. She wrinkled her nose at the smell of them that even detergent couldn't get out.

She carefully put the clothes in the dryer and turned the knob. She jumped as Yuki walked in and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Oh I'm sorry to have scared you, I was merely hoping you would like to come to the Secret Base with me. The strawberries should be ripe by now." he smiled and grabbed her coat.

Tohru nodded and followed him out the door, the wind picking up. She hugged her coat around her and thought back to a few days ago.


"Kalah? You mean you heard from her?" Shigure seemed surprised.

"Who's Kalah?" asked Tohru, sitting down at the table with the others and serving herself some oniguro.

"Just an old friend of ours." answered Yuki, staying quiet.

"YOU MEAN SHE'S COMING BACK!" Kyo practically screamed, making everyone at the table jump and Tohru knocked over her drink.

"Not sure." answered Yuki, staring into space. Kyo had always liked to hang out with Kalah, although she never talked much.

"Is she a member of the Zodiac?" Tohru had anxiously asked, cleaning up her spilt drink, but no one had ever answered her question.

---End of Flashback

"Hey Yuki," Tohru whispered and stopped in her tracks. He turned to her. "Yes Miss Honda, is everything okay?"

"I was wondering about Kalah." she said quietly, staring at the ground, they were almost at the Secret Base.

"Well I didn't want Kyo to get too excited but she's coming to visit tomorrow, you can meet her then."

Tohru smiled and nodded and they hurried to the Base, it was getting dark and they had strawberries to pick...


Tohru stood up from the table and hurried to the door. It was breakfast time and their meal had been interrupted by a knock at the door.

Yuki secretly hoped that Kyo would stay upstairs for awhile, he didn't want Kyo to scare Kalah off, she never came to visit.

Tohru threw open the door and looked around, but no one was there. She called out, thinking they had believed no one was home but no one answered.

She closed the door and walked back into the living room and gasped; their was a girl sitting at the table next to Yuki and Shigure.

"Oh Miss Honda, this is Kalah." Yuki said happily, and Kalah stood from the table.

Kalah had long red/orange hair that went just past her butt and big brown eyes. She wore jeans, a blue t-shirt and a gray hoodie.

Tohru grew wide-eyed and hurried over to the guest. "Hi I'm Tohru Honda, it's very nice to meet you!" She said, shaking Kalah's hand strongly.

Kalah smiled but didn't say anything. "Wow, she's more shy than Kisa." thought Tohru.

"I hear you came to learn of the families secret..." Kalah had said quietly with a sweet voice.

Tohru nodded and looked over the guest. "Are you a member of the Zodiac?" she asked, hoping she wasn't being too forward.

But Kalah just stared at her feet.

Yuki looked over to her, and Kalah just nodded. "Sorta." Yuki answered, not sure of how to explain it.

Tohru cocked her head.

"She's like Kyo." Shigure answered, making Tohru jump. He had been so quiet she had forgotten he was there. "You see, she is the fox in the Zodiac."

Tohru cocked her head again, "I didn't know there was a fox." she muttered.

"Yes, but the fox was very tricky and tried to ruin the party God threw for the animals. Like the cat, the fox was never officially accepted into the Zodiac."

"That explains how she snuck right past me at the door earlier." Tohru thought, happy to have met a new member.

Kyo hurried downstairs, pulling his pants up as he ran. "Did I hear Kalah?" he asked.

Kalah walked over to him, "Hello Kyo-nii." she said happily, giving him a hug.

Tohru wished she could hug Yuki and Kyo, but was surprised that Kyo allowed Kalah too.

"You see, Kalah and Kyo can relate to each other, since neither of them are officially in the Zodiac." Shigure said, lowering his newspaper and pulling off his glasses. "They are very fond of each other, although I think Kalah has a secret crush on Yuki here."

Tohru thought about it, "How can a Sohma love a Sohma?" she muttered aloud, but Shigure heard her.

"She's a Sohma but not by blood. You see, her mother was from a different family and after she was born married Yuter Sohma, the last fox in the Zodiac. That was Kalah's step-father. But when he died, surprisingly, his powers went to her." Shigure answered matter-of-factly.


"Kalah-chan, are you planning to spend the night?" Tohru asked. It had gotten late and Shigure had already gone to bed.

Kalah just nodded, and Tohru suggested putting up a trundle in her room for Kalah.

Kalah muttered a 'thank you' and went upstairs to say good night to Yuki and Kyo.

Just as Tohru was heading upstairs a knock on the door distracted her. She went to answer it and was surprised to see two police officers.

"Can I help you?" Tohru asked sweetly.

"We're looking for Kalah Sohma."


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Kyo-nii nii is a formal way for saying big brother in Japan. Kalah was calling Kyo her big brother although he really isn't.