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Foxy Fruits

Chapter 8: Kalah's Decision

Kalah sat up from the bed, her head hurting a bit, but finally realizing what to do. She got up in a hurry and ran out of her bedroom, hoping that everyone was ok, even though she stalled for so long.

And that's when she saw all of them, those brave people fighting for her. Kyo, though a little battered and bruised, still stood tall against Koda, whose other form was starting to grow a little weak. Yuki sat in Tohru's cupped hands, though petit as they were, staring on at the battle with deep violet eyes.

She jumped out the second story window, landing close to Tohru and Yuki, landing perfectly on her hands and feet. Kyo turned to look at her, his breathing a little heavy, and kind of spoke to her with his eyes.

Those blood colored orbs stared at her, as if saying "get back inside, where you're safe," but she stood her ground and shook her head.

Koda took the opportunity to lunge at Kyo, who expected this and moved out of the way just in time, bringing down a heavy fist on the Shagorox's back. Koda fell to the ground roughly but jumped back to his feet and flew over to the other side of the backyard from Kyo.

Kalah walked over to Tohru's side, giving Yuki a little pat on the head. "I have an idea, but I don't know if it'll work, it might cost me my life. If anything happens, take Kyo and Shigure and get out of here."

Tohru's eyes grew soft, and tears rimmed the ends of them. "No Kalah, you mustn't do anything that could harm you. Kyo will be ok, and if things get to bad, we can run. But we don't want you getting hurt…"

"I'm sorry Tohru, but I've made up my mind, I can't just sit here and watch Kyo-nii fight my battles for me. I can't watch two people I love fight…"

"So you still love Koda?" asked Tohru, and Kalah nodded.

Yuki was surprised, but scampered to his cousin's shoulder. "Even after all the awful things he's done to you?" Kalah again nodded.

"I hope I find love like that someday," said Tohru, her eyes growing dreamy despite the situation.

"Time to put my plan into action!" she said, gently picking her cousin up off her shoulder and placing him back on Tohru.

"Oh and Tohru," Kalah said, before leaving. "I think you already found love like that." Her eyes fell on Yuki.


Kyo dodged another attack, then quickly spun on his heels and tried to plant his teeth in Koda, who also did a dodge just in time and Kyo's teeth snapped shut.

Koda was preparing to launch again, but Kalah walked oddly close, though still badly hurt, and stopped by Kyo. "Kyo-nii, are you hurt?" she asked, but the cocky Kyo shook his head.

"Me, be hurt by this guy?" he asked sarcastically. Kalah looked to the Shagorox, holding something clenched in her fist.

She grabbed Kyo's "hand" and slipped his bracelet out of her hand and onto his wrist. He turned back to his human form.

"What the hell did you do Kalah!" he exclaimed, turning towards her with sharp, evil eyes.

Koda laughed, "Even your own cousin is against you now…"

But Tohru caught on. "Oh Koda, you're so powerful and strong and I know you wouldn't attack Kyo why he was human while you're in the Zodiac form. Would you?" She looked sincere, with big puppy eyes.

Koda changed back to his human form, his brown hair blowing in the breeze. "Shall we continue?" he asked Kyo, not even looking or acting phased by his wounds.

Kyo glared at him, "Like hell I'd give up to you."

And they were about to lung at each other when Kalah yelled. "No, stop!"

Both the boys stopped, surprised by her outburst. "What's wrong Kalah? You scared that I'll kill Kyo, because that's right!"

Kalah walked over to them, and stopped to turn towards Kyo. "Thank you Kyo-nii, for fighting for me, but I can do this by myself now. Please allow me to…"

Kyo glared at Koda, then looked down at Kalah. "I guess."

Kalah smiled by Koda glared. "What the hell is this about huh?"

She looked at her feet. "I…um… wanted to be the one to end this. Though I'm not going to end it in anyway you expected."

"What?" asked Koda, but Kalah was already walking closer towards him, though very slowly.

She stopped right in front of him, staring up into his eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulling him into a hug.

He tried to push her off, but lowered his raised arms back to his side and let her stay there for a moment.

She finally pulled away and looked back into his eyes again. "I…I'm sorry. You know I would've given you my powers if I could've."

Koda didn't say anything, still wearing that smirk of his. "Well you can't."

She hugged him again, whispering something into his shoulder. "What did you say?" he asked, his patience running on empty.

"I…love you," she whispered again, after raising her head from his shoulder. She broke the hug, afraid of what he would do…

But he didn't say anything, that look still on his face. "So?"

Kalah looked at her feet. "Well I give up Koda. I don't want you to hurt my friends anymore. So kill me, take my powers, but then leave and leave these innocent people alone."

"Just like that? You give up?"

"What did your parents say when they saw you sneak in so late?" asked the boy, watching his girlfriend before him.

She looked up at him, "Nothing, but Akito was pissed. He said I can't leave the house for awhile, and got a little abusive."

"Abusive?" he asked, taking a step closer to her.

"It is fine," she lied. Although it was dark, he saw a bruise on her cheek.

He brushed some hair from her eyes, and rubbed his thumb softly against her hurt cheek. "Maybe you should go back…"

"NO! I'm fine really. I want to be here with you," she said, giving him a quick kiss. He wrapped his arms around her.

"Don't worry; I won't let Akito do anything else to you. You will never be hurt in front of me…"

"I said that, but I was the one beating her up, I was the one attacking her…" he thought, looking at the girl in front of him.

He raised a hidden dagger to her, it only being about six inches from her neck. She closed and clinched her eyes shut, waiting for the pain, and then nothing.

"No you mustn't!" yelled Tohru, trying to run forward, but Kyo pulled her back. "I don't want this to happen either, but this is what she wants…"

But Koda dropped his dagger, making Kalah open her eyes in surprise. "But…Koda… don't you want the powers?"

Koda didn't say anything; instead he just looked her over. She had a cut cheek, the other cheek was bruised, and cuts and bruises all over her arms and legs. She had a rather large wound in her side, which had been bleeding freely, but finally stopped.

"I…did this?" he said, hinting her wounds.

Kyo started laughing, "Duh!" But shut up after Kalah glared at him.

Koda took a step towards Kalah, "But I promised to never let you be hurt as long as I was around…" he said in a whisper.

"It's not your fault, you were blinded by power."

He looked away from her, then turned around and walked away…


Yuter was now resting in peace, for Koda ended the spell, letting go of all the powers he had learned from the departed Yuter. He sat in his home, alone and confused. "She still loves me, after all the hell I put her through…"

He looked at an upturned framed picture on the table next to him. He picked the picture up and stood it back up.

The picture was one of him and Kalah. Kalah sitting in front of a tree, with Koda behind her, his chin on her shoulder, his arms around her waist, huge smiles spread across both of their faces.

"Do I still love her?"


Kalah woke up suddenly, sitting up quickly in her bed. It had only been about three hours since Koda had walked away, and she had tried to sleep, but it was only off and on every thirty minutes.

"He just walked away…he didn't kill me, but he didn't say if he loved me too. Were we ever meant to be?"

She laid her head back down, but she heard a noise at her now taped up window. She got up and peeled a little paper away and looked down.

A shadowy figure was chunking rocks at her window, but stopped once Kalah opened her window. She strained her eyes to see, then held up one finger, taped her window back up, and ran outside to see who was there.

But nothing prepared her for what she saw…

"Koda? What are you doing here?"

He didn't move a muscle. "I…came to talk to you…"

"Ok…" she said, a little confused.

"I wanted to apologize for the way I've been acting, and thank you. You brought me back to reality, and Yuter is now in peace."

Kalah smiled. "I just wanted the old you back…"

He walked over to her and kissed her tenderly, wrapping his arms around her waist. She pulled away a few seconds later. "Does that mean you love me too?"



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