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Their Hearts Will Help
Chapter 1

'Beep. Beep. Beep.' Kagome turned over in bed and shut off her alarm clock. It was 6:30 a.m. and she had to be at work in a hour and half. She also needed to wake Sui up.
'That's to bad.' She couldn't help but thinking. She was much to tired to get out of bed. A hour and 21 beeps later, her 8 year old daughter jumped on her bed and urged her to wake up.
"Mo-m!" Sui whined. "If you get up now you'll still have enough time to take a quick shower and not have to go to work smelling like a pig." Kagome peeked through the hand she had carelessly thrown over her eyes when Sui had flashed on the light.
"I do not smell like a pig." Sui had mastered the art of putting her hair in to buns and could now put her hair up on her own, as she had done this morning. Her super long black pigtails hung down and small droplets of water dripped off the ends. "I see you've been up for a while." She said groggily, pushing Sui off her legs. The 8 year old fell to the floor with a yelp and a disgruntled, 'MOM!'. After standing back up and placing her hands on her hips, she glared at her mother.
"I only just got up and jumped in for a very quick shower." Kagome rolled her eyes and stretched her arms above her head. "I have to go mom. Gonna miss my bus."
"Bye squirt." She placed a kiss on Sui's forehead and Sui ran from the room calling out another goodbye as she went. Kagome headed towards her closet, not bothering to even rush. The worst they could do is fire her... Nah, they wouldn't do that. Would they?

Kagome slumped in her chair at work and looked at the pink piece of paper. When she had arrived at her job that morning, she had almost immediately been called into my boss's office. After telling her that she really valued her as a worker, that she had been late way to many times and they couldn't give any more warnings than they had. Then her boss had handed her an envelope and asked her to kindly pack her things.
Kagome sighed. This sucked. She really needed this job. She stomped her foot and stood. Using the box the o-so generously provided, she packed her stuff in it.
Damn job. Walking two desks over, carrying her box and purse, she stopped and smiled sadly at her the only person she liked in this hell hole.
"Hey Kagome! What's in the box?" Lain asked in a usual cheery voice.
"My things." Kagome said sourly. Lain looked puzzled.
"Why are they in a box and not on your desk?"
"I've been fired." She answered sadly.
"Ah...that sucks. I'm gonna miss you her Kagome." They both knew this was probably the last time they would see each other. Even though Kagome liked Lain, they weren't really friends.
"Yea, see ya." She pushed the box up in her arms a little and walked out of the building to her car. She seat the box on top of the car and unlocked her car. Placing the box in the back on the car, she hopped in and started the ignition.
Now to get home and start looking for a new job. She sighed and turned on the radio. Oldies poured out of the radio and she nodded her head along. Pulling up to a stoplight, she stopped and closed her eyes for a second. Hopefully she could find a job soon. She would hate to have to tell Sui she was fired...again. 3rd job in 7 months. Damn...
A horn beeped loudly behind her and she jumped. The light had changed. As she went to turn the corner a black car swerved by and she beeped and held her horn. The person flicked her off and zoomed on bye.
'Ass.' She thought. People where so careless nowadays. The person had also looked odd. She had only caught a glimpse, butt he had been wearing a blank coat with the collar up and sunglasses, with a baseball cap over there hears. She could understand the glasses and hat, but the big black coat? It was like 95 degrees. Not weather for a coat. Especially a big black one. Shaking the mysterious and rude person from her head she turned another corner and pulled into a gas station. Parking her car and getting out, she walked into the store. She walked over to the freezers and pulled out a milk then walked tot he back to get a newspaper.
She hated looking for a job. Really hated it. Almost as much as she hated cleaning. As she reached for a newspaper, something caught her eye to the left of her and she quickly looked over, only to see a jacket swish and then hear footsteps. The door to the gas station then opened and someone walked out, the bells on top of the door jingling. Nervously. she grabbed her newspaper and walked down the isle, looking out the window. The person that had been standing there, had given her the feeling she was being watched. She glanced down at her newspaper, then back out he window, only to see the same black car from earlier pull off. This time the person in the black coat had a companion. He was two wearing a baseball cap and glasses.
She shook her head. There was nothing incredibly suspicious and nerve-racking about those people. They were just an odd family. No matter how many times she told her self that as she purchased her newspaper and milk, she couldn't get them out of her head.

Later that day, Kagome sat at her dining room table with her newspaper and two highlighters. She was marking the jobs she wanted to look into in red and the ones she didn't like in blue. So far the paper was mostly blue. She saw one that she really wanted to look at. It was for a full time job working at a house sales business. She would simply sit at a desk and make appointments for people looking to rent and buy houses or apartments. She also didn't have to be at the job each day until 10 in the afternoon. Seemed...simple.
After finishing looking through the whole job section she had two things highlighted in red. The housing job and a job as a secretary. She preferred the housing one. Checking her watch to make sure it was after 10, she picked up her phone and dialed the number. A woman answered after two rings.
"Hello?" Her voice was sweet and secretary like.
"Hi. I a calling about the house sales job."
"Hold on moment. Let me connect you." She heard a click then some type of jazzy music. She sat on hold for a few minutes then the phone once again started ringing.
"Yuri Torsi. How may I help you?" A male voice came through the line.
"I'm calling about the job offering-"
"Ah. Yes..." He continued to ask her questions on herself, like her name and age and previous jobs. Then he asked her if they could meet and she agreed. They agreed on noon that day at his office and she hung up.
Well that was easy.

Kagome never thought a job could be this easy. She sat in her new office, as of three days ago and leaned back in her chair. She even had her very own receptionist, who transferred the calls and people up to her. A person would call and make an appointment with her, then when they meet, she would find out exactly what they were looking for and set them up an appointment with a house salesmen. It was a breeze.
Or at least it was until today, when her receptionist paged her and urgently told her that a man had barged through the office doors demanded to see her. That he needed to by a house not wait till tomorrow to set up an appointment. Then when she refused to let him through, he picked her up and set her aside, briskly walking past her.
Kagome had sighed and said okay just as the man came barging into her office.
"YOU!" Kagome screamed and pointed her finger at the mans chest. It was her mystery person. He still had on his big black coat and hat, along with his sunglasses. This time he wore something else, a frown.
"I-I gotta go." The man stammered.
"Oh-ho no you don't" She said quickly jumping from her chair and walking around desk. She grabbed a hold on the tail of his coat as he turned to go. "First you almost get in a car jam with me, then I catch your little buddy spying on my in the gas station. Now your at my work. I want to know why your here!" She proclaimed.
"I...uh...need to by a house." She looked confused then shook her head.
"Right." She then realized she had attacked a costumer. Regaining her calmness, she dropped his coat and went back around her desk.
"Please, have a seat." The man glanced at the door and back.
"I have to...go." She fixed the man with her worst glare.
"Have a seat." Her voice was strong and with a sigh the man took a seat. "Okay then. Why don't you take off your glasses and hat sir? There is no sun in here and I won't even laugh if you have hat hair."
"I don't think I should." The man said firmly looking around her office.
"I insist." She said with a tight smile. A small smirk formed on his lips and the light from her desk lamp shined off it.
"I don't think that's a good idea." The man's smile faded slowly as she glared at him.
"Take them off." She said between clenched teeth. "Or...I'll do it for you." She wasn't sure why this man was making her so angry. All he was doing was resisting to take off his glasses and hat. Nothing big. But when he had smirking something had struck in her. Something that seemed familiar but hadn't been touched in years.
"You know, you've always been stubborn." He snarled before ripping them both of. Then when she saw what was under the hat and glasses she wished she had just let him walked out the door five minutes ago. Her throat seemed clogged, her chest was incredibly tight and it took her a minute to find he voice.
"InuYasha?" Her voice was faint and she couldn't help but stare at the man before her. His hair has white as ever and his just as gold.
He smiled hesitantly before saying, "Hey..."

Wow...not what I expected this to turn out like...
What exactly is InuYasha doing in Kagome's time? And if he's there, why didn't he come see them? tell me honestly if you all think this is going to work as the sequel. 'Cause if you all honestly believe it won't, or if you all don't like it I will, in a sorta unhappy way, write a different version. So tell me what you think.
I hope you all seemed a little slow at first but ended up there all the same.
I am thinking about doing a story later on about what happened when InuYahsa was away. Like how he beat the people who were threatening Miroku...I'm not sure it will work through...I've never wrote a not Romance story.
Although I could write a Sango/Miroku...
Tell me what you think.

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