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Their Hearts Will Help
Chapter 3

"You know, Daddy." Sui said her finger to her lips as she watched her brother follow her mom up the stairs. "You make mom upset...a lot." InuYasha sighed in agreement and sat on the couch putting his head in his hands. Sui walked over to him and sat next to him. Placing her small hand on top of one of his bigger ones.
"Don't be sad Daddy." Sui smiled and tugged on his hand. "Mommy just missed you that was all." InuYasha pulled the girl into his arms and hugged her tight.
"What about you?"
"What about me?
"You miss me to?"
"Of course I did. Silly." InuYasha smiled and rubbed her head. "Stop it I'm not a dog." They both laughed. "Well, not really."
"You are to."
"Am not. I don't bark like a dog. Or dig holes in the ground. Or eat bones, chase cats or my tail. Or-" Sui smiled when InuYasha put his hand over her mouth.
"I get the point." Sui giggled and bit his hand,
"I do bite like one though." She chomped her teeth together making a noise and InuYasha growled at her playfully. Sui raised an eyebrow as if saying 'you think so?' and pounced on him. They might not be dog's but they sure could act like them.

Upstairs, Shippo tried comforting a tearful Kagome. He patted her on the back and talked to her about everything they had been doing. About how InuYasha had learned to drive and gotten a job, where they didn't mind his hat. Why he know wanted to buy a house.
So that they could all move in together and when the family expanded still have room for them to. Kagome had smiled and brightened a little. Maybe...Possibly InuYasha might love her. And want to be with her, as much as she wanted to be with him.
Then Shippo and Kagome talked about how things had happen in the fuedual era. He told her about Miroku's threatener being someone who was really looking for InuYasha. Together the three of them had hunted down the man and his posse. It had taken them almost two years to track the man down.
Once they found him InuYasha had beat him just about to death for threatening his friend and pulling him from his family and then they had headed back to the village. The man and his posse had promised to never do anything like it again. Especially after seeing InuYasha fighting ways.
They arrived back to find that Miroku was the father of a one and a half year old boy named Kohaku, after Sango's brother. The child had accepted Miroku as a father as good as Sui had accepted InuYasha.
They had spent a few days with Miroku, Sango and the baby before returning to this time. They had been here ever since. When Kagome had asked why they hadn't come to see them earlier, he had simply shrugged and suggested they go back down stairs.
Kagome took him up on the offer. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, they found InuYasha and Sui rolling on the floor wrestling. Seconds later, a still rolling Sui yelled out, in a breathless voice,
"Hi ya mom!" InuYasha had immediately stopped rolling sending Sui flying into the couch. "Ouch..." she mumbled with a small giggle.
InuYasha stood up and looked down sheepishly.
"I'm sorry about earlier, Kagome. I just-" He didn't get a chance to finish because Kagome walked over and wrapped her arms around his waist.
"It's okay Inu." She placed a kiss on his cheek and he smiled.
"Kagome, I want to talk to you. About why I didn't come home to you right away." InuYasha ran his fingers through her hair.
"Here? Now?"
"No time like this moment."
"I...I can't tell you here. Why have to go somewhere." He pulled on her hair a little and smiled. "Come to dinner with me tonight. I know this place in town...it's great." Kagome blushed at the thought of going to dinner with him.
"I would love to go to dinner with you." InuYasha bent his head to kiss her but the sounds of Sui fake gagging and Shippo laughing made him stop. They both looked at each other to their daughter and saw she had her hand on her throat and one of her fingers halfway in her mouth. When she had stopped gagging, Sui looked up to see her parents glaring her with smiles. And she took off running,

Later, InuYasha and Shippo left to go back to their apartment to get ready. Shippo was going to grab his hand held game and clothes for tomorrow. He was going to spend the night with Sui while InuYasha and Kagome went out.
InuYasha was going back to get...prepared.
At Kagome's things were hectic. She was running around like this was her first date and she was in High School. But it was only InuYasha.
She tried on various amounts of clothes and couldn't pick an outfit. After going through all her clothes she sat on her bed with Sui, looking completely defeated. The door bell rang and Kagome sent Sui to get it, knowing it was to earlier for InuYasha to be here.
About 2 minutes later, Kagome was beckoned downstairs by her daughters persistent yelling. She got down there to see the mail-man holding a big package.
"Are you Kagome?" The mail man asked.
"Yes. What do you have?"
"A package from an InuYasha?" Kagome looked at him puzzled before nodding. "Sign here please." Kagome used the man's pen and signed the paper. He handed her the long package and tipped his mail hat. "Good day ma'am." She shut the door and sat on the couch the package in her lap. Sui jumped up and down in her spot.
"Open it momma!" She clapped her hands together and Kagome ripped the first piece of tape off the box. Soon, the lid was off and Sui was dancing in circles.
Whatever was in the box was covered with white paper mache and had a white envelope with Kagome scribbled across in Shippo's writing. With slightly shaky hands she opened the Envelope and pulled out a letter.
"What's it say?" Sui asked anxiously. Not wanting to exclude her daughter from this Kagome read aloud.
This letter is really from InuYasha encase you noticed the handwriting. But he can't write...yet.
Wear this tonight.
Kagome sat, paralyzed momentarily in her seat. Love. Did her really mean that? Her heat was beating fast and her chest was tight as she pulled the paper mache off the gift.
A long purple dress was in the box. It was one the loveliest dress she had ever seen.And it was from InuYasha.
"Wow." Sui said. "Daddy bought momma a very pretty dress."
"He sure did."

Two hours later, InuYasha sat in his car, listening to Shippo prodding him to get out.
"You have to go up to the door and get her. She is not just going to magically come out."
"You could always go in there and tell her to come out..."
"You freaking wimp. Get out of the car right now." Growling at Shippo the whole time he stepped from his car. He really didn't want to do this now. He had a whole speech prepared and everything. But he felt like chickening out.
They got to the door and it was pulled open by Sui, who had a huge smile on her face and she invited them in.
"Momma is just finishing up. She will be down in a few minutes." Sui smiled and Shippo sat on the couch turning on his hand held game. InuYasha couldn't sit. Or could he breath. He fiddled with the collar of his tux and swallowed hard. God, he was nervous.
Then, Kagome came walking down the stairs, looking just as nervous as he felt and he smiled. Kagome smiled back and tension seemed to lift from her shoulders when InuYasha took her hand and led her to the door.
"Bye, guys." InuYasha said.
"Sui be good for your brother." Kagome said as she bent slightly to peck her daughter on the forehead. Sui then wrapped her arms around InuYasha's waist.
"Thanks for coming back daddy. And for making momma smile again."

Once they where in the car, Kagome felt the tension like never before. InuYasha kept shifting in his seat, pulling at his collar and clearing his throat. It was actually really cute. Kagome smiled when InuYasha tugged on his collar again. "You're so nervous. Chill out." Kagome said, reaching over and patting his leg. He placed his hand on top of hers and she turned her hand over and slipped her fingers between his.
"You look...loveily to night, Kag." InuYasha said clearing his throat again. Kagome smiled. "It was all the work off your dress. She brushed her free hand along the fabric.
"No, it's just you." Kagome blushed this time, it was her fidgeting in their seat.
God, this food was so good. Kagome couldn't help but eat it. Usually when you went on a date you only ate the minimum and then watched you leftovers leave you. But she ate her whole plate. Kagome licked her lips as she told the waiter to take her plater that she was done. InuYasha said the same and then stared at her over the candle flames.
"Kagome..." He said her name with a sigh. "There is so much I want to tell you. I just don't know where to start." Kagome smiled in assurance and InuYasha played with her fingers across the table.
"Anywhere is fine InuYasha."
"Okay let's start with the house. I'm buying it for us. Me, you, Sui, Shippo and then, the rest of our family. If it ever comes." He sighed again. "I want to get a big one. I want to have some many kids. So that none of them have to live like I did."
"You do realize I'm not going to just have kids with you. It takes more than that. A lot more."
"I know..." He shook his head. "Just wait. Now about why I didn't come see you sooner. I wanted to make a life before I came back to you. I wanted to be something besides a nobody who loves you. I wanted a job and a house and money to support you with." Kagome had frozen in her seat.
"InuYasha, wait." He looked at her oddly and saw the dazed expression on her face. "Say it again."
"Say what?"
"You said you didn't want to be just some nobody who..."
"Loves you." InuYasha finished for her. Tears shone in her eyes.
"Is it true?"
"Is what true?" He asked completely puzzled.
"That you love me."
"Yea...wasn't it obvious? Wait a minute! Why are you crying? Stop that. Shippo said you wouldn't start crying till at least after I gave you the ring."
"T-there is a ring?" Tears poured out of her eyes.
"Yeah." He said slumping in his seat. It was all ruined now. He wasn't going to get to propose. They would never get married. No life-long love and lots of kids for him. No-
His thoughts where cut off by Kagome standing from the table and coming over to him. She knelt in front of him and placed her hand on either side of his face.
"I love you." She said simply before capturing his lips.
When they broke apart, InuYasha pulled her chair over and she sat in it, next to him. He smiled and pulled the ting out of his pocket.
"Kagome, will you marry me?" Kagome smiled at how awkward he sounded saying it. She told him just that and he frowned.
"Do you know how many times I've said that in front of the mirror to make it sound right?"
"Not enough." She laughed when he frowned at her.
"Just answer the question!"
"Question? What question? I have no idea what question you're speaking of." Kagome said with the straightest face she could manage.
"Yes you do." His voice was a low growl.
"Uh huh. No idea."
"Just say you'll marry me you stupid wench before I pounce on you in front of all these nice people." InuYasha warned seriously.
"Oh...that question. Sure." InuYasha pulled growled and pulled her head to his, kissing her madly.
"I love you Kagome."
"That's all that matter's. Oh and I love you to, never forget." She smiled sweetly...a little to sweetly. "But this, is for calling me a wench. In front of all these nice people." She moved her head close to his ear and whispered softly.
InuYasha hit the floor with a slam and for some reason, the watching crowd...applauded.

The End.

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