btob Disclaimer- Max Steel belongs to Mattel and various animation companies, none of them me. Fine. This poem is rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America. My personal take on the Boy Wonder... and yes, the first stanza qualifies as a sonnet.

Brown to Blue

I swore I wouldn't go again,
And yet the gates are open wide.
The mirror clears and there inside
My demon waits, blue eyes and grin,
And laughter. Says "Just one more time,
"Let me out and let me play."
I touch the glass, it melts away
And once again, I cross the line.
I'm running from the fear, I know.
It's easier to hide away
Than to turn, and face the pain, and stay.
And so I let the other go.
Deeper than you ever knew,
Runs the change from brown to blue.

You take a role and play the game,
And change your face, and change your name,
And with that name, take off your self
And put the old you on a shelf.
I do the jobs you can't get done,
I stand and fight, you turn and run.
I'm the face you never show,
The parts of you no one can know.
The need for danger with each breath,
For speed, for flight, the dance with death,
The anger that you put aside--
I won't live bottled up inside.
It lights the darker side of you,
The subtle change from brown to blue.