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As Harry entered the library for his saturday detention, he knew it was going to be a long day. He saw Hermione sitting in a desk and motioned a hand as if to ask "may I sit by you?" Hermione shrugged a shoulder and smiled, meaning yes.

Collin Creevy walked in a took a seat behind them. Just then Harry's worst nightmare walked through the doors. Draco malfoy glared at Collin and said "you're in my seat..." he pushed Collin out of "his seat" and sat down. Collin moved to the table to the left.

Luna Lovegood waltzed into the library as well, wearing a huge coat. She didn't even glance at one of them before taking her seat at the back-left table. When there, she sat very still and bit her nails.

When everyone had taken their seats, Proffessor Snape strutted through the door. he eyed each one of them, as if they were a lower species. "well, well, well" he said. "I wan't to congratulate all of you for being on time.."

Hermione interrupted "Excuse me sir" she said "I think there's been a mistake..I mean i know it's detention and all.. but do I really belong in here?"

Snape ignored her question and pulled out his pocket watch. "it is now have exactly 8 hours and 34 minuits to think about why your here?"

Draco wasn't paying any attention. he spit into the air and caught it back in his mouth. Hermone caught sight of this and cringed "uhhg.." she said

Snape eyed her "you will not talk..." he continued "you will not move from these seats... I will be right across the hall and I expect quiet...and.." he handed them each a scroll of parchment and a quill. "today we're going to try something new for a change... i want each of you to write an essay telling me who you think you are..." he eyed Draco "and when i say essay I MEAN essay... I do NOT mean one word repeated a thousand times.. is that clear Mr. Malfoy?"

"Clear like water" Draco said sarcasticly smiling.

Snape scowled "any questions?"

"Yeah i have a question..." Draco replied "...Does Dumbledor know that you raid his wardrobe?"

"I believe the answer to that question Mr. malfoy is next Saturday as well..." Snape pointed a grimy finger at Draco, in which afterwards he left.

Luna lovegood sat in the back still biting her nails. Everyone including Draco turned around to look at her. When she saw them, she bit her nail again as if threatening to make herself bleed.

"You know" Draco eyed her "if you keep eating your hand you wont be hungry for lunch..."

Luna spat the bitten nail in his derection. Disgusted he turned around to face the others again.

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Draco became bored and started to shoot wand dust at nearby books. hermione just rolled her eyes and exchanged annoyed gazes with Harry. "I can't believe that we're stuck in here with him..." she sighed.

"oh shit!" Draco exclaimed. "What are we supposed to do if we have to take a piss...." he sighed "well I guess when ya gotta go ya gotta go..."he unzipped his pants.

"Hey!" harry yelled back at him "If you whip that thing out your dead before the first drop hits the floor!"

Draco eyed harry "your pretty sexy when your angry ya know.." he said.

Harry rolled his eys and turned around.

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