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Chapter 8- Parting and Pairing

The five Hogwarts students all made their way out the doors of The Library, having finally finished their eight and a half hours of detention. They were all long

Hermione watched Draco, as he strolled through the doors and into the corridors. He spotted her staring, and smiled. She began to blush. She wouldn't admit it right away, but she had felt a spark between them and was hoping he'd felt it too.

Behind them, Harry was watching the new and improved Luna with fascination. She was blushing like Crazy, not even wanting to look back at him. He'd been staring at her for a full half an hour. It made her giddy, something she didn't show often.

Colin, however...He had his hands shoved in his pockets, going over the paper he had just written for the five of them. He was the only one worried about how Snape would take just one paper. Everyone else seemed fine...lost even. Colin was proud of his work anyhow. He was also proud of the fact that he had won each of their affections in a matter of one day.

Each of them were going home that day, with eachother in mind...

If you had asked Hermione Granger this morning, if she had thought about Draco Malfoy in any way but negative, she might have tried to curse you. But each person felt that way at this moment. And here they were anyhow, all walking together, down a hall towards their Common Rooms.

When they reached the Ravenclaw Common room, Harry couldn't help but sneak in with Luna. He shot Hermione a wink and a "I'll see you three later." to all of them, and disappeared behind the portrait. Draco smiled an looked down at Hermione who was also smiling. The two of them smiled at Colin, who clearly did not approve of this behavior, but what else could he do but shrug it off?

Colin did shrug it off "Hey guys, I'm going to head down to the kitchens..." he pointed a hand in the opposite direction. The two nodded. Then Hermione did something that she'd never done before. She hugged him goodbye.

"Thanks Colin..." she said, when they parted "For writing the paper..."

Colin blushed and nodded. "It was nothing..." was all he said, before waving a hand and leaving the two alone.

When they reached the dungeons, Draco turned around to face Hermione. He moved in closer, almost touching his nose to hers. She felt her cheeks flush a mad pink, as he smirked down at her.

"So...I-I'll see you around Granger..." he breathed, looking down at her with actual...nervousness?...

Hermione couldn't exactly tell...She thought she saw it.

"Y-yeah...see ya..." she smiled, turning on her heel to leave. But something stopped her.

That thing was Draco. He pulled her back around and kissed her fully upon the lips. Hermione just closed her eyes, kissing him back.

When the kiss finally broke, He breathed deeply looking down at her with satisfaction in his eyes. She stared right back, blushing harder then ever. She could tell this was going to be the beginning of something very...stubborn...but she wasn't complaining. She placed a hand on her left ear, pulling off one of her earrings and handing it to him.

Draco smiled down at her once more, placing his forehead on hers. "Now, I'll definitely see you around Granger..." he smirked. Hermione watched as he placed it in his ear and walked towards his portrait. It opened and he gave her one last quick glance, before disappearing.

Hermione turned on her heel for the second time, and made the long journey back towards the Gryffindor tower.

She smiled the entire way back anyhow...Today was definitely worth the detention.

Snape walked amongst the desks in the Library, scowling at the four blank pieces of paper. There was only one paper finished. He picked it up to read it, huffing a bit at the 'laziness of students'

It read...

Dear Professor Snape,

We accept the fact that you made us serve a Saturday in Detention, for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think it's dumb for you to tell us to write an essay, telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms and shortest definitions, You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal.

That's how we saw eachother at 7:15 this morning. We were brain washed. We didn't know eachother or who we were, and to be honest we still don't know the answer to the question "who do you think you are?". We haven't figured it out yet.

We're all five different people, but to eachother we'll always be The Breakfast Club.

Snape made sure no one was around, and cracked a smirk.

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