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Chapter #12 -

"You're cousin? Luke...Not to be mean, but why did you call her here?" Nikolas asked, quite perplexed.

"Well Princy-" At Nikolas' look, Luke cleared his throat. "Sorry, as I was saying, I brought her here to examine the jewelry. And hey if she has some other use, one more point for the home team!"

"Aren't we the away team?" Zander mentioned, but seeing that it was of no reference to the situation, it was overlooked and forgotten.

"What are you talking about Spencer?" Jason asked. He certainly did not know this rather new Spencer, though she was a girl, so she would probably know more about jewelry. Still, he doubted her abilities.

"Samantha…" Luke said, indicating her to take the lead.

"Believe it or not, I'm a jewelry expert. I can identify almost anything, be it karat count, how much its worth now, maybe how much its worth in a few years…" Sam paused, sensing that the guys got her point.

"Uh guys, I'd hate to interrupt this small argument we are having but we have a problem." AJ spoke up, looking around the prison corner, seeing something that needed their attention at the moment.

"Now what?" Jason replied, clearly angry at yet another obstacle in finding his sister. There were far too many as it was.

"Cops. We should hide unless we want to get arrested for trespassing." AJ replied. Everyone looked around the corner too and grimaced, hurrying to hide against the wall. They would have to move, but first it was necessary to assess the situation.

"They're probably just here because of last night." Luke said. Sam glanced his way, wanting some clarification at just what happened. She sure wasn't there, though understood at this point it had to do with Lucky's best friend Emily.

"Um, well, to make a long story short, our friend and their little sister", Luke made a few notions toward AJ and Jason, "got kidnapped, and was brought here temporarily. We saw her, spoke to her, but then our cover was accidentally blown and her psychopathic captor (named Tom) escaped with her again." Luke quickly explained, though saw Sam might be in a position to ask more questions later. That is if they weren't in jail.

"Psychopathic, deranged, dangerous, and a sadist." Nikolas mumbled. "AJ, I don't think they're here to pick up trespassers." He (Nikolas) added, as the crew saw the police come out with a body bag. That did not bode well for them and quite possibly with Emily.

"Woah, who died?" AJ asked, but in a hushed sound as they continued to focus on the body bag. The police placed it in helicopter.

"I think we all want to know, but right now we really need to get going. Like now." Jason told them, again in hushed tones. Each of them knew the police were going to start looking for evidence soon.

"We should try to blend in with the tourists. Make ourselves look more natural." Sam suggested and the men agreed. They quickly made their way toward the tourist crowd, with Sam falling a little bit short.

She stopped short when she saw something shining in the grass near the walk. She looked around and bent down to supposedly tie her shoelace. She let her hand wander into the grass and grabbed the cool object. As she placed it in her pocket, a police officer came up to her.

"Uh, miss, I believe your boat is leaving soon." The man replied awkwardly, motioning to the boat and the crowd that was loading onto it.

"Oh right, of course. Thank you, I really must be going!" She responded graciously and ran toward the crowd. The men were waiting for her, giving her expectant looks. They knew there was a reason for her pause.

They all waited until they got on the boat to talk, talking near a place where there was not many people and that allowed some privacy. She took the jewelry, a necklace out of her pocket and showed it to the guys. "I found this on the way to the dock." She said.

Nikolas's eyes widened. "That was the necklace Emily was wearing last night."

Sam handed the necklace to Luke, who studied it. "The clasp is broken. Emily must have snatched it off as a clue, or hoped it would help us at the very least." Luke explained, showing the broken clasp for all to see.

"Emily is still fighting back and against Tom at least in inconspicuous ways." AJ replied, amazed. He knew she was a fighter at heart but worried that Tom would gladly take that away from her. He hadn't...yet. 'Don't think like that AJ, this is Emily. She's strong, she'll fight tooth and nail to protect those she loves...Damn!! What about herself? Emily, please protect yourself too. We're coming for you. Just hold on.' There was still time left, not much but every second counted in these next few days.

"She's really counting on being found." Zander noted.

"Then we can't let her down." Jason observed, feeling strongly. That was the plan previously, of course, but now they only had more resolve. Emily was trying so hard to remain strong, so they had to try just as hard, if not more to find her before her fight left her.

"No, we can't. First things first, we cannot let the police question us. We have to somehow make it seem like we were never here." Luke explained.

"He took our names on the register, we could erase our names. I think he used a pencil actually." AJ thought back to when they first got on the morning boat.

"Right, he did use a pencil. We could easily erase our names because of it." Luke looked back to the boat's captain and noticed his back was turned (because he was steering the boat.) "I'm going to blend into the crowd, I'll be right back."

"Just do it fast. The last thing we need to do is become suspicious characters." Jason replied. Everyone noticed that Luke did not give them the rest of his plan, with good reason as someone was likely to overhear. Luke then blended in, took the register, erased their names, and returned back to the others. Gratefully, due to the sound of the engine, the captain didn't notice a thing.

When they got back to the hotel, the attention went to Zander.

"Okay Zander...since you want to be the all intelligent one, enlighten us. Why are Emily and Tom no longer in California?" Jason asked, extremely frustrated.

"Don't get your boxers in a bunch Hercules, let him speak." Luke piped in.

"Because chances are someone shot that guy, whoever he was, obviously. I'm betting that Emily's kidnapper, er Tom as he seems to be named, had something to do with it."

"Are you sure, Zander. How much do we really know?" Sam asked.

"Yes Sam, I'm sure. And I know we don't have too much but I know you're going to ask Sonny about that dead body anyway Jason. Besides, aside from just getting Emily away from us, why else would he flee the state and not hide somewhere here? Because he's guilty of something else. He's spooked."

"Don't get too confident Zander. He's probably not spooked, but he didn't want us to get Emily back, that we can be 100 percent sure of." Luke replied.

"Still, we know he's guilty of kidnapping Emily, and he knows we spotted her. So, he's going to take her out of state like there's no tomorrow."

"And hopefully in his mind, there isn't a tomorrow." Nikolas added. "Or not...God do we even want to know what happens when Tom gets desperate? Especially after being in prison for barely three years?" Nikolas asked, his voice becoming a bit higher pitched due to worrying.

"Nikolas, STOP thinking like that, none of us can afford to think that way right now." Luke demanded.

"JUST EVERYONE TAKE A DEEP BREATH!" Sam shouted, as everyone did in fact listen to her. "Thank you. Look, before I go, you need to know whoever this Tom guy is, obviously has money to burn."

At the looks of confusion at Sam's statement, she continued. "The jewelry that we have (the necklace and bracelet), and the jewelry you guys said your friend had on, (earrings and hair clips) are costly pieces. He spent at least ten thousand dollars or more on those pieces. I will get a final total after I conduct more research but if I am to do that today and during business hours, I need to go, like now." Sam purposely stressed the timing for the sake of this Emily.

"Good luck Sam. Keep in touch." Luke said as everyone bid her farewell.

Unknown Place in Phoenix, AZ

A Few Hours Later -

"You said that your brother is dangerous huh? Well guess what baby, so are we. Very dangerous." Her captor spat as he threw a news article at her, (courtesy of the internet which is updated throughout the day) and aimed the flashlight beam to where she could read what the print said.

"Don't call me 'baby' you scumbag!" Emily growled, temporarily getting angry at the term of endearment, that seemed more like an insult from this scum. She flinched as he threatened to strike her. Laughing cruelly at her fear, he indicated with the flashlight beam for her to read what the paper said in front of her.

"Ticket Seller Found Dead at Alcatraz, Investigation Pending,"

Emily gasped involuntarily. She looked up at her captor, oh what the hell, Tom. But she didn't dare call him by his name. Too afraid she was right, too afraid she was wrong. Emily didn't want to know what would happen if her suspicions were actually confirmed. But she knew somehow there couldn't be anyone else who would be sick enough to do this without provocation. Besides, had it been any of her brother's enemies, they would have shown their faces by now. Plus she was in the photographer's dark room, and she's continued to be in dark places. By her estimation Tom would be her number one suspect. She just hopes Jason and Nikolas know that as well.

Continuing to skim, she couldn't not help but read the following aloud.

"The man who has yet to be identified by name washed up on the shore of Alcatraz Island Prison. It is reported by San Francisco Police that the man has a bullet would to his head. Initial reports believe it to be a possible suicide'…Oh my….You did this didn't you?" Emily said in shock.

"What gave you the first clue?" He laughed evilly, as she paled and her eyes went wide with fear. She knew Tom would probably be more dangerous than he was a few years prior. She squeezed her eyes shut praying he wouldn't come near her and just leave.

Sonny's Penthouse

Lucky came to Sonny's to see if anything new has developed. Everyone was a little antsy with possible anticipation. Everyone wanted to know something new, and they all wanted to know sooner rather than later. According to Carly, Sonny was apparently in another room, probably on some business call he didn't want Carly privy to.

"Hey, how's Liz holding up?" Carly asked. Lucky looked up from his seat on the couch, a bit surprised. Carly of all people? Concerned for Liz? Yeah, it was definitely unexpected.

"What? Look I know I don't usually give her a second glance, and yeah, I'll pick a fight with her every chance I get because I hate that she's friends with Jason, but even I know fear when I see it. I know how you all hate that Baker creep and how it all affected you."

"Thanks...Carly. Yeah she's shaken up, but Francis and Johnny (as backup) are guarding her right now at Kelly's."

Lucky leaned back on the couch with frustration. Carly went over to Sonny's wet bar and traced Emily's diary. "Do you mind if I...I mean to see if I can find anything more into why Tom took Emily?"

Lucky made a slight face, but relented. "Yeah...but chances are he took her for revenge. She was the one who had the testimony against him to throw him in the slammer. Normally he'd only use us to get to her, but he apparently (somehow) had a clear chance at the play. Besides, I don't think you'll find much. I'm sure Emily would be aware if someone was stalking her, especially Tom. Besides, Emily would try to protect us all first and probably not write about it in her diary. The last entry in there is the day before Opening Night. " Lucky said grimly, tired and stressed out.

As Carly gently skimmed through the pages, she at first thought they were all Emily's as Lucky has said. Yet she noticed something drastically different. Squinting to make sure she wasn't seeing things, and to her cousin's look of confusion as she kept going back and forth between the front of the diary and the back, Carly couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Carly, be careful! You damage that diary, and my quick and slightly painful death for even reading that, nontheless sharing it, will become very painful and lengthy." Lucky said.

'1989? That's strange...wait...' Carly thought to herself.

"Lucky, come here! Look at this!!" Carly exclaimed.
"Two different handwritings!"
"What? What are you talking about? Let me see…" Lucky replied, sure she was seeing things. He took the diary from Carly, shocked to see she was right.

As he flipped the pages exactly as Carly had done moments before, his face went ashen. "Oh my..." Lucky trailed off as he sat down on the couch again in shock. He couldn't speak as he read one specific entry in what was labeled 1989. 'Emily couldn't have written this...she'd be only...five years old!' Lucky shook his head to rid him of his thoughts as he read the entry:

"I sit here, writing this diary entry on a desk just a few feet away from the bed where Emily sleeps. I wonder if her dreams are peaceful. Though she is so young she faces so many obstacles already. I really couldn't say why her father needs to be so hard on her. She has only started speaking out now that she's five, due to the fear he sends into her. Though it's rare, Emily does get enthusiastic. Thankfully she has her sign language, the only form of communication she trusts to use around the house without her father knowing. Thank goodness he hasn't yet picked up on it. Overall however, Emily is a very quiet child…Oh how I wish I could hear her laugh more.

She needn't face such circumstances! I have been thinking that maybe it's time to go on my instinct and run. Her father's temper seems to only increase by the days. Emily trembles with fear when he is near. She does not socialize well, and is called a loner. Its influence could mean disaster to the young child. Though such plans need more thought and planning, it might just be necessary. I will need to analyze it more later, perhaps tomorrow.

Now it is time to get some rest myself. If I am to take care of this shy, scared little girl, I will need it."

Lucky frowned, wondering just what Paige was referencing to. Maybe another entry would help with some clarification. He found another a few pages later that held potential.

"I am still in amazement. Me? Mommy? These are the first words that Emily has spoken in quite sometime. She uses sign language so much, that sometimes I'm afraid that her actual voice is gone. Though, Emily is right, as I do feel like one. I feel so protective of Emily, worry about her a good majority of the time. In all aspects I am a mother. And yet, I will always know the truth…"

Lucky stopped reading, deeply worried about those last few words. "Always know the truth"? What did Paige mean by that? It was as if…no, it couldn't be. Lucky read the rest of the diary entry quickly. It couldn't be, but yet it was. He didn't think it possible, but it was.

"Carly...How are we going to tell Emily..." Lucky said, almost sick to his stomach.

"Tell Emily what? Lucky...?" Carly asked in concern as his face continued to pale.

"That Paige Bowen wasn't or isn't Emily's mother...?"

As Carly was about to speak, Sonny entered. They looked at him oddly, but he would question them later, he was busy now. "I'm going to go out and straighten things up with Juan. If Jason calls, tell him to call my cell." Sonny replied as he left, after a nod from his wife and Lucky.

Quartermaine Mansion

All the Quartermaine's waited in anticipation of AJ or someone else's next call. All were so scared for Emily, praying she could protect herself and escape from the captor who took her.

"This is preposterous! The police–"

"Father, the police already know. There's not much that can be done. They've already put out an Amber Alert and an APB on Emily. "

"There must be something! If I have to pay every single–"
"Grandfather, no. They're doing everything they can. All we can do now is pray." Ned said.

Monica hadn't left her room since AJ's last call.If she wasn't in bed, then she threw herself into her work. Alan, Ned, and Bobbie had constantly pulled her away from the hospital. Alan and Ned for the most part stayed with her when she was home, attempting to offer comfort. Yet nothing really helped. The only thing that would help was Emily's return.

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