Summary: Torn harbors a dark secret and has a lot more in common with Jak then anyone would have thought. Torn/Jak Dark Jak/Torn, Dark Torn/Jak, Dark Jak/Dark Torn minor Torn/Ashelin

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Blaze: Well, the start of another wonderful story.

Torn: Yeah, one you probably won't finish.

Blaze: Grr! Shut up! I hate you!... no, I can't hate my little Torny-poo!

Torn: How about you never call me that again!

Blaze: Torn-a-loo-loo?

Torn: Are you nuts?!

Blaze: Fine then! I call you Torny and you deal with it!

Torn: Fine!

Blaze: Hah! I win! Anyway, this is a SLASH FIC. Meaning there will be two males kissing.

Torn: Aww, how cute, the rat and the pretty boy.

Blaze: Actually sweety, it's you and Jak.

Torn: WHAT?!

Blaze: Heh heh… well… have fun reading! (Runs away from Torn)

Jak walked into the Underground base slowly, exhausted from Torn's last mission. Torn looked up from the desk at Jak and smirked. "Well. You're back." His usual greeting. Daxter jumped off Jak's shoulder and onto the table. "Nice observation, Tattooed Wonder. And I was beginning to think you were slow." Torn glared at Daxter and grabbed him around the neck. "It's not a good idea to annoy me right now, rat." Torn spat, tossing Daxter to Jak who was lying on one of the bunk beds. "Look Torn, I'm exhausted. You mind if I rest before another one of your missions?" Torn frowned and crossed his arms. "I wasn't planning on sending you on a mission any time soon." Jak rolled over to face the wall and muttered, "Good. Then I won't be interfering with anything." Torn shook his head and sighed, turning back to his work.

Torn hadn't slept in Mar knew how long and his body was beginning to react. He sighed as he looked at his incomplete plans, but picked himself up off the table and collapsed on the nearest bed without bothering to undress. He absentmindedly pulled the covers over himself and curled up into a ball. Something about the bed seemed odd, but Torn was too tired to care. He fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.

The next morning both Torn and Jak were woken up in the most unpleasant way. It seemed that Torn had been so tired he had crawled into a bed beside Jak, who woke up and freaked out, pushing torn off the bed to the middle of the floor. "Ow! Dammit, what the hell just happened?!" Torn demanded from his position on the floor, the blanket covering half his head. "You and Jak were spooning!" Daxter wheezed from his position on the table. It seemed that he had been laughing for quite awhile. "We were WHAT?!" Torn yelled, jerking his head in the other direction to glare at Daxter, who had fallen off the table laughing. Jak had a thoroughly freaked out look on his face. "I woke up and you were all curled up next to me." He said, surprisingly calm. Torn ran his hand through his hair, having finally removed the blanket. "Damn. I was so tired I just collapsed on the first bed I came across." Daxter, still laughing, managed to ask, "And you didn't notice another elf was in the bed with you? Hah! You kill me!" Torn growled and turned on the ottsel. "You don't shut up and I WILL kill you!" Daxter jumped back up on the table and laughed some more, wiping away tears. "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, fuzz ball. It was an accident." Torn said, finally standing. He threw the blanket at Jak, who didn't look as freaked out as before. Torn stalked over to his table and knocked Daxter onto the floor. "I don't care what you two do, but I'm finishing these plans. You can have the day off." Torn said absent-mindedly, turning back to his maps.

Jak decided to lie on the bunk bed and stare at the ceiling. Daxter had curled up on his chest, but decided he would rather be elsewhere. "C'ya later, Jak buddy. I'm gonna go get some booze!" Jak waved his hand in dismissal while keeping his eyes closed.

Jak had been spending a lot of time with Torn and the Underground for what seemed like an impossibly long time. In reality, it had only been two months, but it felt like so much longer to Jak. When Daxter wasn't around to annoy Torn and put him in a foul mood, they could actually hold a conversation, and Torn showed the slightest bit of emotion. Jak quite liked being around torn, who was a drastic change from Daxter. Jak loved Daxter as a brother and wouldn't want him to change at all. But it was nice to take a break from the norm.

Torn too, liked having Jak around. Jak could hold an intellectual conversation and wasn't a complete idiot like half of the Underground Torn commanded. Although he didn't really like whom Jak chose for friends half the time, but that was only half the problem. There was the small problem of Dark Jak…

Torn shook his head to get the image of Dark Jak out of his head. Don't get me wrong, Dark Jak didn't frighten Torn in the least bit. Torn knew all too well what it was like to have a dark side.


"Heh heh, this should teach you to mess in the wrong places." Praxis said, strapping Torn harshly to the chair. Ashelin watched with horrified eyes as Praxis lowered the large needle that hung suspended from the wall. "This will only hurt a lot." He said, laughing maniacally. Torn struggled helplessly. Ashelin couldn't stand watching Torn be put through some excruciating pain while she watched. It was all her fault. Her father warned her that she and Torn would pay if he ever caught them together again, which he did because of her. Angry tears slipped down her face as she struggled with the guards. This was Torn's fifth treatment, but her first time seeing it. She couldn't stand the look of fear in Torn's eyes.

Praxis signaled to Erol to turn the machine on, and Dark eco filled the length of the needle and coursed into Torn's body. He screamed loudly. That sound was so heart wrenching to Ashelin. She closed her eyes and looked away. The guard holding her chuckled. "Keep looking, Princess. We'll be here for about another hour." Ashelin couldn't believe her father would put someone through such horrible pain for so long. She knew she had to do something, so she placed her feet on the glass in front of her and ran up it, flipping over the guard. He turned quickly to try and catch her, but she ducked and spun her leg around to trip the guard. He fell and smashed his head into the side of a control panel, knocking him out. Ashelin cut the ropes binding her hands together and rushed into the room where Torn and her father were. But she was too late. Praxis and Erol were unconscious on the floor, and next to Praxis' body was a monster with an eerie resemblance to Torn. "T-Torn?" Ashelin stuttered. The monster rounded on her, then immediately turned into Torn.

End Flashback

Torn shook those images from his head. He cared a lot for Ashelin, and couldn't bare the thought of hurting her. But he had to concentrate right now. He looked around at the maps and sighed. "I can't concentrate." He said to himself, forgetting that Jak was still in the room. "Maybe you should lie down." Jak said from his bed without opening his eyes. Torn nearly jumped in surprise. When he regained his cool he sighed again. "I can't. I've got so much work. It's not easy being second-in-command." Jak laughed bitterly. "You should try those suicide missions you send me on. That's some work." Torn smirked. "You're the only man for the job, Jak. I honestly don't like giving you all those missions, but you're the only one who can do it." Jak sat up on the edge of the bed and sighed. "Yea. So I'm told."

Torn could tell something was wrong with Jak. Completely pushing his work out of his mind, Torn sat on one of the beds across from Jak. "You seem a little off. What's up?" He asked, trying to sound concerned. Ever since that day he had nearly killed Ashelin he hadn't been emotional, so it wasn't very easy for him. "Keira saw me become Dark Jak. She hasn't said it, but I can see it in her eyes she's scared of me." Torn nodded. He knew that feeling all too well. Ever since that day, Ashelin never looked at Torn the same. "I know how you feel." He mumbled, not even thinking about what he was saying. Jak grew angry. "How?! How can you know how it feels?! You weren't pumped full of dark eco for two years!" Jak was now on his feet, yelling angrily for really no good reason. Torn stood up as well. "Actually, yes I was. Well, not for two years. But I had eco pumped into me. Huge installments. It took me two weeks just to get over one. I nearly died each time they were finished with me. I don't have nearly as much eco in me as you do, but it's still there." Jak was in complete shock. "But… how… you control it?" Torn shook his head. "I don't have enough for it to be a real problem. I do have a dark side though." Torn hadn't shared that with anyone but Ashelin before now. But he trusted Jak. They had more in common then meets the eye.

"I've never told anyone that before." Torn said, looking away from Jak. "Why?" Jak knew why, but he wanted to hear Torn explain it. There was something about his voice that Jak liked. "People are frightened of it. I almost killed Ashelin because of it." Torn stopped as if the memory was too painful. "You really love her, don't you?" Jak asked gently. "Yes." Torn responded. For that moment Jak's heart sank, but he didn't exactly know why. "Well, I used to. I forced myself to stop. I couldn't risk my dark side coming out and hurting her." Jak nodded, relieved. "There's another reason I don't tell anyone." Torn has a far-away look in his eyes. He was acting very different then usual. He was normally not to nostalgic. "The Eco that Praxis pumped into me was tainted. I become really weak when I switch. Well… it's hard to explain. I've seen the moves your other side can do, and mine can do them as well. But one punch while I'm like that and I'm out. Even a light punch will knock me out cold." Torn shook his head and stood up. "But that's in the past. I need to get to work." Torn turned and began looking over his maps.

"Look at him Jak. He's just like you." Jak's eyes widened as his other self spoke, his grating voice torturing his mind. 'Leave him alone.' "Isn't that what you wanted? Someone just like you?" 'I want someone just like me. Someone to understand me. Someone who will love me.' "He's standing in front of you. You know you have feelings for him." 'What are you talking about?! He's a friend!' "I can take care of that for you." Jak clutched at his head as he silently fought with his other self. 'Please… leave him alone.' "Aha! So you DO have feelings for him!" 'He's a friend!' "You can't lie to me, Jak. I am a part of you. I know the truth. You're lusting after him." 'I am not!' Dark Jak laughed loudly in Jak's ear and began taking over his body. "T-Torn!" Jak said, falling to the ground. "Jak? Jak?!" Torn scrambled to the other side of the table. Jak was lying on the ground in an unmoving heap.

"Jak…?" Torn asked, leaning down over him. Dark Jak jumped up and pinned Torn to the floor, a maniacal grin on his face. "Hey Torn." He said, his voice so much like Jak's, yet so different. "What do you want?" Torn demanded, trying to keep his composure. "I want you." He said, his grin becoming even larger then it had been. Torn look confused until Dark Jak lowered his head and kissed Torn eagerly. Torn was so shocked he couldn't move and Dark Jak continued his assault on Torn's mouth. Dark Jak broke away and looked down at Torn. "You can't tell me you didn't enjoy that." Torn had a disgusted look on his face. "I didn't enjoy that." Dark Jak mocked a look of pity. "I'm sorry; maybe I should make it more enjoyable for you." Dark Jak picked Torn up by the neck and began carrying him over to one of the cots. Torn reached for his guns, but Dark Jak knocked his guns away. "Ah ah ah. No weapons." Dark Jak threw Torn onto the cot and attempted to follow him, but Torn kicked his legs out, hitting Dark Jak squarely in the chest.

Dark Jak fell to the floor and promptly turned back into normal Jak. Torn cautiously stepped onto the floor as Jak stood up and whirled around. "What the hell was THAT?!" Torn demanded before clutching at his sides painfully. Jak shook his head. "I don't know. I' m sorry. I can't control him sometimes." Torn attempted to take another step, but nearly fell over. Jak caught him and held him up. "Are you ok." Torn growled. "Do I LOOK ok?!" Jak bit his lip and escorted Torn to one of the cots. "Lie down. What happened?" Torn wheezed. "When he sat on me, he put a lot of weight on my chest, and then he threw me into the wall. I think I broke a rib." Jak nodded. "Alright. Take your shirt off." Torn glared at Jak. "What?! Why?!" Jak sighed. "I'm going to check for the broken ribs, ok? Just calm down." Torn begrudgingly did as he was told and tossed his shirt next to the cot and laid back down. "This is probably going to hurt, but stay as still as possible, ok?" Torn nodded and Jak began feeling around for any broken bones. Torn cried out as Jak hit a particularly sore spot. "There are two broken ribs. I'm going to have to move them back into place." Torn nodded and closed his eyes tightly against the pain and Jak cracked his ribs back into place. Torn made muffled sounds and he gripped the rails of the cot to keep himself from moving as Jak cracked his second rib back into place. "There. Done." Jak said, sitting back. Torn was breathing heavily. "I'll have to bandage you so they don't move." Torn sat up. "I'll be fine." Jak pushed him back down. "You're going to make yourself sick, Torn. Let me help you." Torn sighed and complied as Jak ran off to get bandages.

Jak returned shortly after and instructed Torn to sit up. Jak began wrapping the bandages around Torn's torso when Daxter walked in. He heard to two talking and stopped at the edge of the stairs to listen. "Ow! Jak! Too tight!" Jak grunted. "Stop moving! You're only making this harder!" Torn snorted. "I do need to breathe!" Jak sighed loudly. "You big baby. Come on, Torn. Take it like a man!" Daxter's eyes widened. "What in Mar's name are you two-" Daxter cut himself off as the sight of Jak bandaging Torn's torso came into full view. "What happened to Tattoo Boy over there?" Daxter asked, sipping something closely resembling a slurpee. A light blush crept over Jak's face, but he willed it away and kept a straight face. "Torn got slammed into a wall and broke some ribs." Daxter's eyes widened as he jumped up on Torn's table. "How? By who?" Jak sighed as he stood up. "Me. Well, Dark Jak." Jak didn't dare reveal the extent of that his darker side had done. He didn't want Daxter to totally flip out.

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