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May blushed slightly as she turned to Ash. She smiled lightly but her eyes betrayed her and showed her true sadness. She was…so sorry to see Ash go. She would miss him dearly but what could she do, he was to go one way and because of the lack of contest houses in Kanto she was to stay here.

Ash stared at her with hard eyes and she couldn't bear to look at him. She shifted her gaze downward, rubbing her arm she looked up at his face. His eyes relaxed and he smiled.

"Good luck May," Ash said, "We'll see each other again, I hope you do well in everything you do." Ash turned and started towards the ship he turned, grinned and waved good bye then he and Brock climbed up into the ship. May felt a sharp pain inside her gut but she faked a smile and waved goodbye back. She locked eyes with Ash and very faintly heard someone shout.

"Bye Ash! Bye Pikachu! Good bye Brock! See you guys!!" But she didn't know who, to tell truth she didn't really care. Max looked up at his sister as the smile melted from her face and she waved absentmindedly. Her arm fell to her side as May watched Ash's ship disappear over the horizon

Max didn't say anything he simply waited until May turned to him and quietly said "Let's go home Max," she sighed, "…lets' go home." He looked out over the water at a beautiful sunset and he slipped a letter into Mays' fanny, a letter from a certain someone whom Max knew would make May very happy.

One Month Later

"Iron Tail, Pikachu!" Ash ran down the hill with Pikachu, everytime they came upon a rock or tree he would order an attack it was a great way to train, But as always something went wrong, tripping on a rock Ash rolled into a ball and fell on Pikachu, they rolled all the way down to the bottom of the hill where they stopped by a pair of red sneakers. Ash and Pikachu, who had ended up on their backs upside down looked up and grinned at the girl.

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