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"Oof…" Professor Birch rose to his feet and fell on to his knees as Groudon and Kyogre crashed in the sky.

"We need to get out of here!" Professor Oak yelled, his arms around Delia.

"No! No! That's my little girl! She's up there somewhere…did they eat her? Where is she!" demanded Norman. Caroline, on the verge of tears, collapsed into his arms. Max wobbled towards his parents as the ear deafening roars continued.

"Oh Ash…" Misty mumbled sadly as she stared at the two legendary beasts biting and clawing at each other.

"What have you done!" Maxie spat at Team Aqua.

"Us? What about you! Were you not just as reckless?" Archie accused.

"Blind fool, don't you see you've damned us all! Its' the end…and if we're all to die you're going first." Both teams pulled out their pistols and crouched behind some boulders for protection. Harlan and Isabelle attempted to pull their bosses to safety, but Maxie and Archie refused to move.

Groudon meanwhile was gathering energy for a solar beam attack while Kyogre charged up an ice beam attack. As the two attacks crashed debris flew everywhere, barely missing the group hidden from view by the ravine. Although they would not be spotted there, large boulders and random bullets were still a danger.

Isabelle pulled out her pistol and aimed it at Maxie. Harlan noticed and aimed his own gun at Archie. Without blinking each pulled the trigger and realizing what the others move, made a decision. Archie and Maxie both growled in anger as their loyal field commanders fell upon the ground, unconscious. Several Team Magma grunts ran towards Maxie and aided him and Harlan as they retreated. Archie growled at them as Team Aqua helped him and Isabelle away.

Delia prayed softly as Brock pulled Misty back next to him. "We can't stay…we should get help or..or…I don't know but we have to do something." He yelled over the commotion.

"Who could help? Who can stop these enormous brutes?" Brendan asked, sounding defeated.

"Where is my daughter?" Caroline sobbed. "Could those two be them?"

"What do you mean?" Professor Birch asked.

"Well think about it, obviously that…that Pokemon isn't May, but she was there when that light began to burn brighter…" Max suggested, explaining his mother's outburst.

"You're saying she turned into that…thing!" Normans' eyes widened at the ludicrous suggestion.

"Exactly. If that's her then something must have happened to trigger the change into the legendary beast.

"Is it possible that the beasts simply lay dormant until they are awakened?" Professor Oak questioned.

"Within them? Like they were carrying Groudon and Kyogres' spirit inside them?" Brendan asked, "if that is the case its logical to assume…"

"…that we can trigger it back into its dormant state or help May fight it so she can subdue it!" Professor Oak nodded aggressing with Brendan.

"But how?" Norman asked, supporting Caroline in his arms.

"Well what triggered the change in the first place?" Professor Oak prompted. They all shook their heads.

"The orbs," Professor Birch supplied the answer, "the Indigo orb, and the Rose Orb." The quakes increased in the strength and frequency. The group was forced to leave the ravine for safer grounds. Out in the open Professor Birch continued uneasily, fully aware that they were an easier target now. "According to legend that Rose Orb has the power to resurrect Groudon, Legendary beast of earth. While the Indigo Orb can awaken Kyogre aquatic beast of the oceans."

"Those lights!" Misty snapper her fingers, "those weird colored lights coming from them."

"Right, a red and blue light!" Brock shouted. They looked up at Kyogre and Groudon tackling each other more than two hundred feet above them.

"Who had which?" Max demanded. The group thought as they worriedly watched the beasts above them.

"Blue from Ash and red from May…" Brendan answer scrunching his face in concentration. "But why would they transform.? Where were the orbs?"

"We need to know where the orbs were so we can take them and then maybe Ash and May can come back," Max explained.

"But even if we knew where the orbs were how are we suppose to get them? We can't exactly climb on them like we're hiking on a mountain and simply take the orbs please and thank you," Delia pointed out.

"Well…no, you're right Mrs. Ketchum," Max admitted embarrassed by his oversight.

"We can't just give up though! Its our friends and family up there," Misty begged.

"No were not giving up but Misty they're right. What can we do?" Brendan asked sadly.

Maxie was quickly descending the plateau with Team Magma carrying Harlan, following him. He knew Groudon and Kyogre would call many peoples' attention, luckily he knew he could count on the other Team Magma grunts who had stayed behind at their camp to pick up, clean and destroy any evidence left behind. He chuckled maliciously, he knew Groudon and Kyogre would destroy each other, a horrible bloody battle would come to pass, it would last hours if not days before a victor would be proclaimed as the other Legendary beast died. In Maxies' mind it would be Groudon who would win without a doubt. When Groudon won Maxie would come back and take him. He'd force him to do Team Magmas' bidding and with him under his control, the world would soon surrender to Team Magma and Maxies' overwhelming overpowering might! Maxies' dictator thoughts were interrupted when about thirty men and women dressed in black surrounded his group. He twirled 'round to find them all around him in not one or two but three rings, there was no hope of escape.

"Luck run out?" A deep voice ran out.

"Giovanni!" Maxie snarled, "You snake!"

"Now, now is that any way to greet an old friend?" He asked slipping out of the shadows so Archie could see him clearly. "Take him and his team."

"Sir!" The Team Rocket grunts saluted and moved in, Team Magma didn't fight back.

"Out numbered three to one, tsk tsk tsk, not looking good Archie," Chuckled Brett, "Screwed you once, screwed you twice, my, my revenge is sweet." He was fully enjoying taunting him.

"Why!" Archie demanded.

"Why? Why! Because you lowly worm! Had it not been for your pointless never ending feud with Team Magma my parents would be alive! ALIVE!" Brett shouted his face turning purple, he turned away momentarily. He looked at Archie straight in the face savoring each second of his torturous demise. "Get him, take Team Aqua as well. Giovanni would not be pleased if anyone got away so if someone runs, shoot them." He waved his hand nonchalantly, dismissing them. Team Rocket advance on them cracking their knuckles and smiling cruelly.

May didn't know what was gong on, the last thing she remembered was a man's thin skeleton like fingers digging into her shoulder then everything went white. She didn't know how long she had been out, but she knew one thing; Ash had come to get her. May stood and brushed herself off. She appeared to be in a white room. She could see walls in the distance but no matter how fast or which way she went they never seemed to get any closer. She was beginning to panic, sniffling she turned around and smacked herself on a door.

"Oww, how…how did this get here?" May rubbed her nose and placed her hand on the doorknob. Looking around she saw no one and thinking of no other alternative she tentatively turned the knob. She nervously peered around but found nothing more than a hallway with different colored doors lining the walls along the sides. She felt the urge to slam the door shut but determined to escape she gingerly stepped inside the hallway without making a sound. After closing the door quietly she made her way to the fist door on the right. She opened it slowly, ready to slam it shut if there was any signs of danger behind it. May looked into the room, her heart thumping wildly. She gasped and swung the door completely open. There was a chair and a control panel but what had caught her attention was the screen, the only source of light in the dark closet sized room, and what it was playing.

A five year old May sat crying in a sand box. Her best friend had just decapitated her favorite doll and then smacker her with the broken body. The eleven year old may stared at her younger self cry her eyes out. A young dark haired boy with a white cap walked up next to her and wiped her tears off.

"Brendan…" May breathed as she ran her fingers over her best friends face. "No…no this…this isn't right, this is wrong!" May ran out of the room and slammed the door shut. Panting, she slid to the ground confused. Where was she? What had she just seen? What was happening? She slowly crawled to the door opposite and once again found herself starring at herself, now a little bit older.

What appeared to e an eight year old version of May was trying to chase some Oddish out of the her garden. Brendan and Max were laughing in the background. Millions of questions bombarded her mind. Why could she see herself? Why were her memories on these screens being played like movies?

Ash gasped for air as he fell onto the ground. He had opened so many doors but they were all-identical to the one before except for the memory. Ash swimming, Ash's fifth birthday party, Ash and Gary playing tag. He couldn't understand what the heck was going on. He stood up dizzily and kicked in the door to his left. He watched himself staring at some Pidgey fly past his house, through the window. He ran out and down the hall, down, down, down. After what seemed to be hours he reached the end. He ran to the door on the right and saw himself staring at Misty.

"That was a long time ago…" Ash explained to unnecessarily after all there was no one around. He turned to the door other side of the hallway and turned the knob.

It was locked. May grunted with effort as she pulled on the door. It would not budge.

"What the…?" May muttered angry at the stupid door. "I skipped a bunch of doors to see this one and now it won't open. Open damn it!" She was beginning to get irritated.

Ash scooted back into the other room and then rammed the door again. Then once more, he would not quit until the door was busted down. He walked back and charged again.
May crashed onto the floor, she lay there a few seconds, sore from throwing her body against the door in an attempt to get it to fall. She had succeeded and that was all that mattered. She chuckled as she stood up but quickly quieted. Her mouth dropped and she let out a loud ear-piercing scream.
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