Chapter 1

Courtney slammed the door as hard as she possibly could. If he didn't want to stay there then that was fine. She didn't need him to stay, she was just being polite. There was a freaking blizzard outside for heavens sake. She was being awfully generous if you thought about it but no, Jason Morgan could take care of himself. He didn't need anyone, especially not her. She shook her head bitterly. She walked into her room and quickly changed into an old t-shirt. It was one of Jason's old ones actually. He had given it to her since it didn't fit him anymore but she liked to wear it. Not because of him, of course not, it was just comfortable. She climbed into bed and pulled the covers over her. She turned off the light on her nightstand and had just closed her eyes when she heard the knock at the door.

Her eyes opened quickly and she didn't move at first. She wasn't sure if she had really heard it or if she was just imagining it but there it was again. Courtney jumped out of bed and ran to the door. She stood in front of the still closed door and took a moment. She couldn't seem to anxious, not that it was him. It probably wasn't. Maybe it was a neighbour, or Jax. Oh god Jax. How could she have these thoughts about Jason when she was with Jax?
Because you don't love Jax, you love Jason. A nagging voice in the back of her mind told her.
She took a deep breath and opened the door, trying to hide the smile on her face when she saw that it was Jason.

"I…" Jason trailed off when his eyes fell upon Courtney. She was wearing his old shirt; it was baggy on her but short, very short. His eyes traveled down her legs and back up to her face. He looked away quickly before she could realize what he had been doing.
"The blizzard," He stammered out.
"Blizzard?" Courtney asked innocently.
Oh god, didn't she know how she was torturing him. She looked so gorgeous, all he wanted to do was reach out and…But he couldn't. "The blizzard outside, it's worse and I can't leave."
"Oh," Courtney tilted her head sympathetically.
Was she really that dense or did she just want him to ask straight out? He sighed deeply. "Would it be alright if I stayed here tonight? Or at least until I can leave?"

Courtney fought back the smile that was forming on her lips and she nodded. "Of course," She opened the door more so that he could come inside. She smiled to herself as she noticed him looking at her again as he walked inside, trying to be discreet of course but failing miserably. She closed the door and turned to him. "Are you hungry or thirsty?"
"I'm fine." He said as he sat down on the couch.
She went over to the closet and got out a blanket. "You can have the bed, I'll sleep here."
"Oh no I couldn't do that. I'll take the couch."
"Jase, I'm a big girl, I can handle the couch." She replied playfully.