Darker Shade of Red


DAI/RIKU The feeling is mutual. They just don't want to admit it. How can they finally confess what they feel? But what if somebody pulls them apart? Will they still be together? Or they'll be away with each other forever?

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Chapter 1: Joining Dinner

Riku's POV

I knew I was headed for the park when I heard Risa talking on the wireless, pacing down her room. I over heard her talking with one of her girl friends saying… "I can't even make her wear a dress, how can I even drag her to a beauty bar with us?"

Honestly, I have nothing against these things. I even use some of them by chance. I put powder most of the time; gloss my lips if necessary (usually when it's cold because they're getting dry), and I even check myself once in a while. But expecting me to be like her?! Or even act like her? NO WAY!

Us being twins… all that we have in common is our physical appearance. Well, because we're identical twins. But besides of the physical, there's nothing really identical in our personality.

She's fashion freak; I'm not involved with fashion (as long as I'm comfortable with what I wear). She wears dress; I don't (I only wear them if my life depends on it). She wears foundation and blush-on; I use powder. She uses perfume; I use cologne. She likes pink; I hate it (not hate maybe, but I extremely dislike it which is almost the same).

But I love my sister. I really do. Aside from the fact that she's the only one I can talk to that I know who'll understand me, she's the only one I can share my problems with, and the one I know who'll be always there for me no matter what.

You know, time ticks away so fast when a lot of things are rambling in your mind. I'm already in the park. I love the park a.n.: the fountain park. I park my ass on a park bench. Here I can see the whole city where random people pass by. Frequent joggers, little boys walking their dogs, maids and mothers shopping in the market, the ocean, and other various people just hanging out, and of course, Daisuke.

He is always here sketching something, or painting something, or just sitting around.

See, I'm always right. He's here…so absorbed in his work, like nobody exists between him and his pencil and sketchpad. He's always like that when he works, so focused and so serious. Now I know there's a red tint creeping in my face. He looked like an angel just standing there. His red gravity hair dancing with the wind, his scarlet eyes shining on the reflected light from where he's looking.

I still don't understand why Risa dumped him on his fourteenth birthday, him being so nice, ready to help anytime, and him being so gorgeous. He's even growing more handsome everyday I see him. Well, Risa's with Satoshi now, and I think she's pretty happy with him. I never thought these two would end up together. Because they never really notice each other, I think. I didn't even know how or when they started to go out. I just got the news... Well, I don't really care. Sure I'm concerned for my sister but no need to interfere in their relationship because I know they're happy. But if ever that stupid brat hurt her, I'll kill him.

I think Daisuke already noticed me. He's waving his hand as if motioning me to come near him. Sighing in defeat and unable to resist, I finally stood and walk beside him. " I didn't know you're here." He said while smiling at me. " I think you are so focused with your work that you didn't notice me arrive." I replied.

Daisuke's POV

" I think you are so focused with your work that you didn't notice me arrive." She replied. I blushed at what she said. From the past years, Riku became prettier every passing day. I don't know if anybody else noticed it, maybe I'm just too focused to her that I notice even a simple change.

Just looking at her now makes my heart beat faster. She looked like an angel just standing here beside me. Her red hair is playing with the light afternoon breeze. Her red eyes sparkles on the light of the setting sun. We almost have the same color of hair and eyes; only hers is a darker shade. And before I knew it I'm already sketching her lovely face on my pad. She looked so carefree…so happy.

"How's Wiz?" she asked suddenly still looking at the setting sun. "Oh… she's doing fine. I think Wiz missed you. She really likes you." I answered also looking at the falling dusk. " Come to think of it, it's already a few weeks since I last saw her. I missed her already." She muttered, now facing me. I also looked at her. "Why don't you come and have dinner with us." " Sure! I'd love to! Let me just call Risa to tell her that." She said excitedly. Wha…? I didn't know I said that out loud! But anyway, that's better. She'll be joining us for dinner, and I'll have more time with her.

"You done?" I asked her when I saw her hang up. " Yeah. But before we head to your home, can you accompany me to the market. I just have to buy something. If that's OK with you…" she muttered looking at her feet. "Of course it's alright. Come on, let's go." I replied simply.

We headed at the market it's a little crowded now, many people are shopping for dinner. She stopped at a fruit stand. I think she's going to buy strawberries. She knew Wiz loved them. I want to pay for it but she didn't want me to. So, I insisted. And I won.

Our next stop is on a bakery shop. She didn't allow me to escort her inside and asked me just to wait for her outside. She insisted it, because she knew that if I'd come with her I'll insist on paying her purchases again, which she didn't want. She just stayed there for just a few minutes carrying a box, which contains a cake, I think.

When we were about to go home I carried all her purchases she didn't want me to carry all of it so I let her carry my sketch pad. Our journey home was almost quiet. We were just enjoying the silence between us. No need for words. The only noise came from the rustling leaves, people's voice and the vehicles machines.

And I noticed that were already there. "Tadaima!" I shouted once I opened the door. We went to the living room to greet my parents. " Konbanwa mina-san!" I heard her say politely. " Mom, I asked her to join us for dinner." I told mom. I knew she really liked Riku. She's even asking me if she's my girlfriend already. And one time she's asking me when will I ask her to marry me. Honestly, if I didn't know any better I'll say that my mom's insane.

"What's that?" mom asked suddenly pointing at what I'm carrying. " Oh, it's cake. I bought it for you." Riku answered for me. " That's so nice of you." Mom said while hugging Riku. " Dai-chan, could you take it on the kitchen for me?" Mom asked me. " Sure mom." I replied "And Riku, here's the berries. Wiz's on my room." I told her before heading to the kitchen.

Riku's POV

"And Riku, here's the berries. Wiz's on my room." Daisuke told me before heading on the kitchen. " So, you're also visiting Wiz." Daisuke's mom said when she released me. " Yeah, I kinda missed her." I replied. " You can go to Dai-chan's room now. I'll tell Daisuke to go up there to accompany you. I'll just call you two when dinner is ready. Ok?" Mrs. Niwa told me. " Arigato goziamas." I replied.

I knew where Daisuke's room is. I've been here a few times. It's always clean and organized every time I visit it. I was expecting the same when I go upstairs. I'm expecting to see Wiz sleeping on the sofa, or just hanging around the room.

But I was wrong this time. His room was littered with many papers that it almost covered the floor. And I saw the culprit of the mess. She's jumping around the papers, making it even messier. When she saw me, she run/jumped to me, making 'kyuu' sounds. "What did you do?" I asked Wiz. But all the reply I got was another 'kyuu'. I started cleaning the mess because I know Daisuke will not be happy with this.

I started gathering the papers and noticed that they were Daisuke's sketches. Most of them were landscapes, and nature influenced. Until I noticed some of the portraits, they all look the same. They all looked like me. Then, I just realized that it's really me. Not Risa (because of the short hair). What's all of these doing here? Many questions were forming in my mind. I think I know the answer, but I'm still not sure of it. Suddenly, I heard the door open. I saw Daisuke…

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