This was the first fanfic. that I ever wrote. I wrote it the day I got off for Christmas break last year. I figured that this might be a good time to put it up. It's a real original title, huh. Don't think that this is the same thing as The Prince and the Pauper.

The Princess and the Pup Ch. 1


The Princess Kagome walked through the castle. It's long corridors were easy to get lost in if you did not know the way. But Kagome did know the way; after years of having nothing to do but study the castle she had learn a great deal. The castle was her home, the only placed she had been. As much as she hated cliches, she often said her home was her prison.

The King, Kagome's father, had a great fear of demons. He had nearly all demons within his grasp killed. His kingdom was very highly populated by people much like him who had low tolerance of demons, so the moved to this area where the worst thing that could happen is a bee stung. Though he knew it was a low chane he still didn't let his daughter out of the castle from fear of demons.

Kagome continued down the hallway she currently occupied until she heard a castle hand complaining.

"What am I to do?" Ranted the man. "The King ordered me to get his knife but the swordsmith but unless I start dinner now it won't be ready and I'll get punished horribly. Why would he want me to get his knife? I mean, I'm a chef!"

It's the chef, A thought came across Kagome mind. This is my chance.

Kagome pulled her bangs down so her eyes were covered. She leened her head down slightly and walked toward the chef.

"Excuse me," Kagome said, changing the tone of her voice. "I'll go to town to get the King's knife."

The chef looked at Kagome puzzled. He was a man in his late forty's and already balding. He wasn't the tallest person but he was taller than Kagome. He was kind of large, probably years of eating the food he cooked and drinking wine that was in the kitchen.

"How could you do that? Every here in the castle has work around the clock." The chef replied, eyebrow raised.

Crap Kagome, he suspicious! Think of something! She told herself.

"Well, if don't need my help..." Kagome answered in a fake hurt tone as she began to turn around. She felt a hand of her shoulder very soon after speaking.

"Nevermind, just please go get the King's knife. You do know where Toutousai's is right?" The chef said, surrendering.

"Of course," Kagome started to turn again. "I'll be on my way."

"Wait a minute..."

What now?

"You need my key to get out of the castle." The chef told her. He dangled a key from his fingers. The chef took Kagome hand and dropped the key in it. "Go throught the back door, and don't forget to lock the door begind you. We don't want the Princess to get out."

Kagome nodded. Even the chef had been told to keep Kagome from leaving. Kagome couldn't understand how her father had convinced everyone not to let her leave.

Kagome nodded to the chef again. She finally was able to turn completely around and started to walk. Kagome heard the chef footsteps going the opposite way down the corridor. When she came to another hallway she looked around to see if anyone else was, well, around. She put her hair back to normal.

I wonder why the chef was so suspicious of me. Another thought went through her head. The way I'm dressed! Hands just don't wear expensive dresses. I'll have to change.

Kagome steps came with more vigor, after all it was going to be her first trip out of the castle. And maybe...she'll stay out of the castle.

A boy walked through the busy streets of market. It was strange he knew where he was going because his eyes were close, and even if he did run into anyone he carried on without a word. He was more of a young man than a boy. His hair was long a black and his eyes, though you couldn't tell at the moment seeing as they're closed, were a dark brown. He woar a red haori that swayed as he walked.

But this boy wasn't just any boy...he's a half-demon. Again, you couldn't tell at the moment because his demon features are hidden with a spell. In reality, his hair is a silver color and his eyes would be an amber color. He would have claws on his hands thought are deadly. He is called Inuyasha.

Inuyasha continued to walk until he collided straight with a girl. He opened his eyes finally. The girl had fallen when she walked into him. She was rubbing her back with her hands. The girl appeared to be his age with hair a similiar length and color of his. She was dressed like a tomboy, some girl who probably grew up poor.

"Aww, my back." She moaned. Inuyasha continued to walk past her. She noticed this and yelled at him. "Hey! Aren't you going to apoligize!"

He turned around on one foot. Inuyasha looked down at her with a cold glare that would make the bravest of knights back down. But unlike knights, this girl wouldn't. She stood up and put a hand on her hip and pointed a finger at Inuyasha, like a mother scolding a child.

"It's rude to run into someone, knock them down, and not even apologize!" She screamed. Inuyasha didn't seem to want to listen to her as he turned back around. "Hey! Come back here!"

Inuyasha just walked on and didn't hear any more of the girl. That's was just fine by him. His step stopped in front of some business hut in the market. He walked in, the house seemed much like a house. It probably looked like a house because it was. Many people lived in their business homes?

An odd old man sat in a corner, or actually, on a three-eyed cow that was in the corner. He snored loudly, he was asleep.

"Hey, old man! Wake-up!" Inuyasha shouted aggravated. The man didn't wake. "Wake-up Toutousai!" Inuyasha now punched the man on the head.

Toutousai opened his eyes as a lump grew on his head.

"Oh hello, how may I help you?" Toutousai questioned.

"I'm here to pick up my sword. You were supposed to make it stronger." Inuyasha spoke slowly. The old man had a problem grasping concepts.

"Of course, of course." Toutousai replied. He was silent for a minute before he said anything. "Who are you, again?"

Inuyasha inhaled deeply. He did not want to lose his temper in the market. "I'm Inuyasha. I'm here to pick up my sword. You were supposed to make it stronger."

"You don't have to say the same thing twice. You sound like a parrot." Toutousai said seemingly annoyed.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. "Do you have Tetsusaiga?"

Toutousai smiled an obviously fake smile. " I haven't started on it yet."

That was too much. "WHAT!!!" Inuyasha bellowed, shaking the hut...I mean...home.

"Quit your belly-aching. If you don't hit me I can start right now and have it done in an hour, just don't hit me." Toutousai negotiated. Inuyasha stopped his hand in mid-air,

"Fine. You have an hour." Inuyasha agreed.

Kagome now wandered the streets of the market. She had taken some streetrat clothes from theatre room in the castle. Her father loved the theatre, he often starred in the castle's plays. The streets amazed her, she didn't watch where she was going as she enjoyed the streets and she ran into the biggest jerk she had even met!

Stupid jerk. He didn't even apologize. He could at least said something. Kagome thought. I'm going to find him and show him proper manners, the hard way. But first I oughtta pick up that thing from the swordsmith. I'm surprised he even did this for Dad, I heard he was eccentric.

Kagome walked around very lost. How people navigated through the market was a mystery to her, but she began to think most people feel the same way about the castle. She almost gave up hope of finding the swordsmith when she heard a loud shout of "Hurry up, Toutousai!"

"Finally." She breathed.

She walked into the hut she heard the shout. Kagome saw the old man who she believed to be Toutousai since he was working on a sword. On the other side of the room was...

"It's you!" Kagome pointed at Inuyasha angrily. Inuyasha rolled his eyes at her.

"Great just what I needed." Inuyasha spoke to himself while standing.

Kagome heard him. "What's that supposed to mean, huh? You got something to say to me?"

Inuyasha shook his head from side to side while muttering something to himself. He walked close to Kagome and looked down at her.

"Look, I am sorry for earlier if that's what you want, okay? I'm sorry." Inuyasha lied, it would have convinced anyone beside Kagome.

"You're not going to fool me." Kagome knew when someone was lying from living in the castle. " I want an honest apology, or else."

"Or else what?" Inuyasha asked curiously. "What will you do you no-good b..."

"I'm finished!" Toutousai suddenly yelled. He got glares from both Kagome and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha and Kagome eyes met once again before Inuyasha walked toward Toutousai. He grabbed the sword from Toutousai and also the empty scabbard that lied next to him. Inuyasha slid the sword into the sheath and the sheath into the belt-like fabric around his haori. He then walked to the door. Inuyasha took one last look toward Kagome.

"See you around...," Inuyasha waited for a moment. He seemed to sniff the air."Princess." Inuyasha muttered the end so that only she would hear and walked out into the market.

Kagome ran to the door and look for him in the crowd. He disappeared. She turned toward Toutousai.

"Who was that?" She demanded, shaking the old man.

"That was Inuyasha. Why?" Toutousai didn't get a answer to that question. Kagome asked for the knife. It was more of a dagger, leave it to the chef to mistake 'knife' and 'dagger.'

She left soon after that with Inuyasha still on her mind. It puzzled her as to how he could know she was the princess. It couldn't be her clothing. What was it? Kagome pondered as she walked back toward the castle. She would go back to the castle...this time, but still keep key. Kagome would definately come back to the market. Inuyasha had gotten her attention. His odd behaviour wouldn't have caught attention as much as his enigmatic persona; and why would he need a sword. How could he vanish like he did earlier?

Who exactly is Inuyasha?

I hope you like the first chapter. This of course isn't the original version, it has been tweaked a little. I couldn't this well last year. Review if you wish.