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The Princess And The Pup Ch. 14

She Was What!

Inuyasha did his best to sit perfectly still with his legs and arms crossed like he was accustomed to sit like. The half-demon has also trying very hard to keep his face from reddening from his current situation.

Right now, Inuyasha still seated by the newly started fire under the tree. At the moment, Kagome had fallen asleep on his shoulder but that wasn't what kept him awake right now…it was the demon-slayer asleep on his other shoulder that bothered him.

The half-demon had a very annoyed expression showing on his face. He looked up to Miroku who looked at him with an unbelievably envious look.

"You are so lucky…" The monk muttered under his breath but Inuyasha's ears allowed him to hear him.

The half-demon let out an aggravated grunt out at his situation. How was it that he had got himself into this predicament again? He should have just set Sango down by Miroku. To hell with the damned demon-slayer!

"Shut up, monk." Inuyasha snapped through his gritted teeth.

"Hey, bite me, half-demon." Miroku smiled widely.

Inuyasha glared venomously at the smug monk sitting across from him.

"Think you're clever, don't you?" The half-demon remarked, infuriated. "Remind me, again, why did I let you come with us?"

"Simple. You and I have reasons of our own to destroy Naraku and we are both not strong enough to kill him on our own." Miroku stated but it sounded like he had been practicing his answer to the question.

"Who ever said I wasn't strong enough to kill Naraku!" Inuyasha was able to contain his voice quiet enough not to wake either Kagome or Sango but was still stern enough to get his point across.

"You did the moment you decided to allow Sango and I come with you." The monk recited, again sounded rehearsed.

"If I could get up right now I would wipe that smile off your face…" The half-demon threatened quietly with an amused grin wiping across his face.

The monk raised an eyebrow but simply shrugged his shoulders, content with stopping that conversation there.

The quiet of the night washed over the two still awake members of these very odd traveling companions. Miroku was beginning to grow uncomfortable from the ever watching gaze of the half-demon who hadn't dared to take his eyes off of the monk.

Miroku shifted uneasily under Inuyasha's stare before he tried to distract him.

"When I read your journal, Inuyasha, there seemed to be pages missing. Why is that?"

Wrong question to ask!

Inuyasha kept the eerie smile on his face as he answered the monk. "That is none of your business, monk."

"It makes me wonder though. The large segment of pages missing starts from you meeting Hatsukoi and the next thing I knew it was talking about InuSesshou." Miroku continued. Do you not know when to stop!

The half-demon became visibly irritated at the monk's knowledge of his life. "You won't have to worry about the wind tunnel curse if you can't have children, monk."

That was all Miroku needed to hear to know to stop this conversation.

"So…" The monk began but once again was unnerved by the amber eyes fixated on him.

"So what?"

"So…why did decide to bring Kagome with you in your escape?" Miroku inquired another question he should not have asked.

"Can't have children…" Inuyasha threatened again. The half-demon had found the monk's weakness.

Miroku turned slightly to get in a better position to protect himself if need be.

"I think you'd best get some sleep, monk." Inuyasha suggested with more of a warning then a request.

Miroku nodded and lied down facing away from Inuyasha, not wanting to be in that awkward situation. Soon the monk had gone to sleep leaving Inuyasha realizing he was still in his awkward situation…

The sun had risen before any had awakened in the group besides Inuyasha…who couldn't do anything even though he was awake.

Lucky for him, though, Kagome had woken up shortly after he did, leaving him only to have to wait for the demon-slayer.

The princess stretched out her arms before standing to her full height to loosen her tired muscles.

"I slept great! How about you, Inuyasha?" Kagome half yawned, still weary. That's when she looked over at the half-demon.

Inuyasha gave her a disapproving expression and groaned whiningly. It only made it worse when the princess started laughing at him.

"Hey! Don't laugh! This isn't funny, damn it!" Inuyasha began with a shouts but realized what he had done and lowered his voice.

Kagome complied and asked. "What would be worse, Inuyasha? You moving and she maybe waking up or her waking up and the first thing she's sees is your face?"

The half-demon eyes widened at what she had said. He took one last look at the demon-slayer to his side and quickly snuck out from under her. Sango fell to the ground slowly and landed with a small 'thud.'

Inuyasha and Kagome exchanged glances at the demon-slayer not waking and then began to laugh…which waked her…

Sango opened her eyes unhurriedly and blinked to focus her vision. She looked up to see the princess and half-demon and very hastily got up to her feet. When their laughs got louder she looked down to see that the left side of her body was covered with a thin layer of dust.

The demon-slayer flushed and gave a sheepish smile. "Is there a stream nearby so that I can wash this?"

Inuyasha continued chuckling as he pointed through the trees. Sango nodded and was on her way.

"Do you think that she's really going to wash her suit? Do you think she's going to run away?" Kagome inquired curiously as the demon-slayer vanished between the trees.

"I'll follow her." Miroku announced, coming to their side. Not caring when the monk had gotten up or how he had gotten up without noticing the half-demon let it go.

Right after Miroku had walked past him; Inuyasha grabbed a handful of his monk robes holding Miroku back from walking any further.

"You would like to, wouldn't you pervert?" The half-demon turned his head to Kagome. "Follow her."

Kagome nodded and followed after Sango. Miroku turned and gave a wry smile to the half-demon.

"I was this close." The monk indicated 'how close' with his fore finger and thumb. "Thank you so much, Inuyasha."

"You're going to burn in hell, you know." Inuyasha stated with another disturbingly eerie smile.

InuSesshou walked through the forest calmly. The pep in his step gave away the excitement he was trying to hide in his uncaring expression.

My plan is all coming together. The half-demon congratulated himself, priding on his scheme.

InuSesshou finally gave into his urge to smile as the smirk revealed itself on his face.

"I'm not as good at this as Sesshomaru is." The half-demon stated out loud. "Not that that's bad thing, if I was like my uncle." He stopped and shuddered. "That would be creepy."

InuSesshou started again on his path. He reprimanded himself mentally. His plan had to be perfectly timed and hopefully Inuyasha had done exactly what he expected to happen. His scheme had to be tweaked a bit when he found out that the princess and demon-slayer would be traveling with him. Now he would be able to hurt emotionally before he killed him…

"What comes around goes around."

The half-demon shook his head. The princess…come on, Dad…I know why you're bringing her with you…

InuSesshou snapped out his thoughts. Can't get distracted!

Got to think about what he had done so far. First he had to find out his father's spell. Every half-demon had a spell to a special spell that works especially for their appearance. It had been hell finding out Inuyasha's and he could barely stand looking like his father…or having that much hair. Then he had to murder the king, perhaps the easiest part of his plan. Just before leaving his camp this morning he had to using yet another spell to hide his scent so that Inuyasha couldn't detect him. Oh the simplicity of a merely changing how you smell to a demon's senses by using a spell to make you then smell like nothing…or the difficulty.

"Just a short while longer, Dad…" InuSesshou muttered to himself as the stream came into view.

"How do I always end up alone with you?" Inuyasha thought aloud but the monk heard him.

"Inuyasha, I'm offended." Miroku feigned hurt…again. "You don't like spending time with me? Would you rather be alone with Kagome or Sango?"

"You give me a tough choice, Miroku." The half-demon mumbled.

Miroku laughed heartily at the half-demon's comment. "You always find a way to amuse me, Inuyasha."

"Glad I am a hilarity to you, monk." Inuyasha remarked sarcastically…earning another laugh.

Miroku stopped laughing when he saw the half-demon's harsh gaze and tried to find another way to entertain himself.

The monk reached into his clothes and pulled out clear bottle. He pulled out the cork which had protruded a bit. The smell of alcohol reached Inuyasha's nose. Miroku took a swig of the liquor and held out his arm straight.

"Want a drink, Inuyasha?" The monk asked as kindly as you can when asking someone to drink poison for your body.

"No, that's stuff's terrible for you." The half-demon denied not wanting to admit he had no tolerance for the beverage.

"Suit yourself." Miroku was bringing the bottle up to his lips again when a scream got to their ears.

Inuyasha and Miroku jumped to their feet and looked into the forest as they heard the footsteps of someone sprinting toward their location. Sango emerged from the foliage dressed in a kimono as opposed to her usual slayer suit and was panting.

The demon-slayer leaned over in an attempt to catch her breath. She said something that Inuyasha was unable to interpret.

"What did you say!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Kagome…was kidnapped by a demon…"


Another chapter down the drain and it seems this story is growing nearer to the word length of TNOTRM. I know I talk about this story beating TNOTRM in every aspect but I am very adamant about this topic. This is my sophmore story of more than twenty-thousand words and it should show that my writing has improved from age twelve (my age when TNOTRM was writing) and thirteen (my current age).