Affirmation : Yu Yu Hakusho Version

Couplings: Kuruma/Botan/Hiei, Yusuke/Keiko, (one-sided) Koenma/Botan, Kuruma/Yusuke

A/N: Each chapter is about a line or two from Savage Garden's "Affirmation" song. I thought of this while I was reading a Hiei/Botan fic for once. All chapters are drabble.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or Savage Garden.

WARNING!!! THERE IS SOME YAOI. The couplings are about life, not only true love.


She whispers to herself.

It was never anything new, just something she did when she was nervous or angry at herself. She used to have so much time to herself but now……

She didn't want to dwell on that thought. She never had time though she was immortal. Time was something she had forever of and now, she never seemed to have enough for herself.

The reason of her affliction was because she wasn't worth the time to be looked at or thought of.

She wasn't worth the effort.

She wasn't worth the time.

Stopping in front of the large oak tree, his old home, the woman let out a sigh of stupidity. She was being stupid.

But he was also.

She was obviously worth a lot, maybe even his selfish life, but her worth down rocketed as soon as the words 'Yukina's wedding,' had come into play.

Pausing a hand to smooth the bark from the tree, the woman shook her lonely head, watching the sun beginning to set.

Her life was often like that.

Setting before it really began. She never remembered having a human life but she considered herself human. Who knows? She might even be a demon though that was highly unlikely.

Painted tears upon a brightened seam, a sunflower in the middle of a wintered blast of ice. That was the simplicity of their love.

She was his saving grace, the only one of two he had.

Too bad, he was trying to cage his other one instead of letting it go like he should. Then again, she smirked, a casual lip lifting that she had learned from the man, he would never be able to unless someone told him to.

However, her happiness never equated with the other's. It was like a competition since he gave into those words with the help of her. She was never given enough attention.

Not even a single kiss when he got home or one when he went off. She deeply had kept it in for nearly a month by now, but her head had lost itself as he started calling her by her job.

After, that simple utterance of 'Yukina's wedding', after that, she was devoid of being his. He was only interested in protecting his grace, the other one.

It was mostly her fault for starting the argument, but then, it was also due to him. Sitting down against the bark, hands soothing as her fingers massaged her worn out limbs.

She had ran from him nearly seven hours before, and now she was disgracing herself for loving him.

She hated how he made her feel at home. Yet she loved it. Eyes closed, head bowed, she muttered the stupid sincerity that often rankled her whenever she lost a huge fight like this.

'I'm sorry.'

In a minute, a gust of wind seemed to come, lifting cerulean hair off her shoulders. He was here. Darkness with red and blue. Dragon.

"Botan." Her name sounded breathless and she could tell that he had missed her dearly. His possessive charm released into full-fledged concern. He had listened to her thoughts and often thought of going to her but not until she conceded her defeat.

Using her strength, she got up partway, to only be pulled into strong warm arms. It was an embrace she loved so dearly, one she wanted around her every night and every morning.

"I forgive you….." His words were power and she knew that he would only say them to her and mean it. He meant them for her alone. She was his.

In that essence of thought, the girl tickled the back of his nape causing him to only purr excitedly.

"Why did you give in before twelve hours?" She had easily gone missing when he particularly pissed her off, but always before sun set and never before sun rise. The darkened sky began the illumination spell of twinkling balls of light. Her record of giving in was twelve hours so far to say.

"I believe the sun should never set upon an argument." With an impish grin, she shook her defeat away and returned the warmed embrace she loved. A strong kiss came with it along with a low grumbling growl as she anticipated.

'Though, Jaganashi Hiei, if you ever ignore me like that again, I will undoubtly send every man I know at you and then send you to Renkai prison.' With a malicious smirk as they parted, he nodded his consent. He, literally, got the thought.


Okay, I've been really into Hiei/Botan fics lately. The yaoi is all mild-mannered and not really intense, and I particularly don't care for it but I wanted to write life and not a fairytale life. ;; Anyway, I hope you all like this since it will mostly be HB or YK.