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- 8 -

Mums can be such a pain. When they're not grounding you when your brother happens to have a party and you accidentally-on-purpose didn't tell them about it because said brother - STEP brother - is blackmailing you, they are forcing you to take extra-curricular activities against your will.

And at the Junipero Serra Mission . . . well, there wasn't all that much available.

CeeCee was telling me about the swim team. I did not want to join the swim team.

She told me about track.

I did not want to join track.

Adam told me about strip tease.

. . . No comment.

CeeCee listed another bunch of sports I did not want to do.

Then she's like, 'The only one that's left is tennis. And plus . . . that's the only one who's actually taking new people at the moment, anyway.'

. . . Ugh. Friends.

I gave her a withering look. It was after school. I'd already told Dopey that I'd walk home, due to probably begging some stupid jock to let me on a team. He'd burped at me, a sure sign of acknowledgement.

So. Tennis it was, I guess. I just hoped I'd look cute in the little skirts that we had to wear.

If I didn't, I'd quit.

I went around to the Sports Office. The Sports Co-ordinator, Mr Thompson, was counting soccer jumpers. I blinked, and he saw me.

'Hey Simon,' he said distractedly. 'What can I do for you?'

'Um,' I said, wrinkling my nose at the foul smell of the jumpers he was now folding. They obviously hadn't seen the light of day since the turn of the second last millennium. 'I wanted to join . . . um, tennis?'

Mr Thompson looked up, looking all hot and bothered. 'Oh . . . right. Good,' he grunted. 'Always good to have some new blood aboard.' I winced.

'Um . . . how do I sign up?' I asked after a moment.

'Well, you'll have to go talk to our Tennis Captain,' he shrugged. 'He's training now. Darn good player, he is. Glad we have him. We'll kill RLS in the next inter-school tennis championship - '

'Right,' I said, backing out of the office with a smile. 'That's great. Killing, Yep. Gotta love it. See ya.'

I made it out of there as fast as I possibly could.


'One more thing,' I ducked my head back in. 'What are the uniforms like?'

He stared, and then nodded behind me. 'There.'

There was one hanging up on a coat hanger. It was ripped, and obviously needed repair.

. . . It was so cute!

And the shirt was short. We were SO not allowed to wear short skirts to school. It was all cute and white, and stuff.

'Tennis is my calling,' I decided. 'I just have to learn it now. Later, Mr. T.'

And I was out of there, hearing him mutter something that sounded suspiciously like, '. . . Weird kid . . . '

With a sigh, I made it onto the tennis court, where the everlasting sound of bouncing tennis balls raddled my brain.

Tennis Captain .Tennis Captain . . . where are you?

They were pretty much in white. I was startled to find that some of the, you know, really popular kids were here. Maybe it was the short skirt thing that drew them in.

Not that Kelly or Debbie would grace us with their presence. They weren't athletic enough. But a girl named Amanda, who was in Kelly's posse, was here. I went up to her as she was striking a ball with her racket, to someone opposite her.

'Um,' I said, breaking her concentration. She ended up whacking someone on the head with her speeding tennis ball. Not phased, she turned to me. 'Hey Suze,' she smiled.

'Who's the Tennis Captain?' I asked uncertainly, looking over at her victim. He was on the floor, groaning.

'He's there,' she jerked her thumb behind her.

I turned . . .

And blushed deeply.

Right as the ball came to me from my opponent, I saw Suze standing there. I wonder why she was there? I swiped the ball gracefully, and waved at my partner alerting him that I'd be back. I hung my tennis racket over my shoulder and called to her, 'And what brings you here, Simon?'

I guess I should have known. Paul, being a damn Tennis Captain, I mean. Because, he was like, always tennis-ing, right? With his stupid dad? That's how he got that delectable tan . . . ANYWAY. I couldn't help but being mighty embarrassed.

But holy crap. He looked so good. The white uniform, although just a training one, only brought out the mocha darkness of his skin, and his eyes looked bluer than ever. Like lasers. I felt myself get very hot. He looked tall, lean, and destructive, as he was smiling at me. His icy blues were swirling with casual seduction. And his hair was shining in the sunlight. Well, as much sunlight as you'd get at four thirty.

I swallowed.


I felt like making up a stupid excuse, 'OH, I LOST MY EARRING. SORRY TO BOTHER YOU.' But that would have been even more embarrassing.

Blinking like an idiot, I just stared. Then, I coughed, and said, 'Um . . . '

Um, indeed.

She looked a little nervous. You know, judging by the flash of color on her cheeks. I smiled casually, waiting for her to spit it out. It must have been something important. Usually Suze doesn't do drop-bys. At least not for me.

I dropped my pose and walked over to her, awaiting her to continue on. This would be interesitng

Getting even more flushed at his ever nearing proximity, I said. 'So. You're the Tennis Captain.'

Wow. Laaaaaame.

'That's me.' I flashed her my pearly-whites. I'm surprised she hadn't heard already. Then again, she has to know I have a life, other than dealing with the undead. Unlike someone else we all know and love . . .

'Um,' I continued, 'Cool.'

Wow. Laaaaaaaaamer.

With my eyes trapped in his gaze, I shuffled. And started babbling.

'My-mum-wanted-me-to-join-a-team-at-school-because-she-saidthat-I-don't-do-any-extra-curriculur-activities-and-that-I-had-to-so-she-made-me-join-a sport-and-this-was-the-only-one-so-I-am-SO-not-here-by-choice-and-I-only-just-learnedtwosecondsagothatyouweretheTennisCaptain - '

I couldn't do much but blink. Um . . . yeah, I think I caught about two words of that. 'Come again . . . ?' I asked.

Redder than ever, I replied, 'Mum wants me to join a sport. Cee said that Tennis was the only one taking new people at the moment.'

Or maybe . . . a nasty thought crossed my mind. Maybe Cee KNEW that Paul was the Tennis Captain, and she was playing a big fat joke on me - Nah. She wouldn't do that. She knew how much I hated Paul.

I looked her up and down, sizing her up to see if she was good enough. Okay, FINE, I was imagining her in that little white skirt. So sue me. 'Excellent choice. First, you'll have to show me what you've got.'

I blinked again. 'I haven't played before,' I said nervously. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I'd tell mum that no sports were available this far into the term. 'You know what? Tennis isn't my thing. I think I'm more of a . . . um . . . jet ski girl. Yeah.'

'At least show me something - ' a little leg, perhaps? '- and I'll be able to tell how much potential you have.'

I handed her the tennis racket in my hand, and a green tennis ball.

I rolled my eyes. The guy whom Amanda had hit was back on his feet. Stupid jock he was . . . he called Adam gay right along with Dopey . . . I narrowed my eyes, aimed, and I got him straight on the back of the head again.

'OW!' he snapped. I smirked, and handed the racket to Paul. 'I was aiming,' I said. 'That guy is an asshole.' Like some other people I know.

I was impressed. She had great aim, but her swing was off. Still . . . she had great potential to become a great player. Almost like her shifting ability. But, I wondered, would she be willing to learn this craft from me?

'Later,' I said.

Yeah, go Suze. Sorry to disappoint you, but you're not as cool as you're acting. In fact, I was now so red, my face felt on fire.

She was going to leave? The team needed someone like her. And, okay, I needed someone like her too . . .

'Wait, Suze. I'm impressed. You've got nice aim, but your swing could use a little work. How about you let me show you? I can convince Mr.Thompson to let us use the courts for a little one-on-one time.'


My eyes widened.

'What?' I demanded.

One-on-one time?! He already had me for shifter lessons on Wednesdays! I'd only actually been to one. And . . . well, he'd behaved and all. All theory stuff. It had been fascinating, as well as slightly boring. But whatever. I wasn't going to do tennis. Sorry mum, but doing a sport usually doesn't require me spending MORE time with someone I hate.

Well, I'm pretty sure I hate him. No. I do. A lot.

I shook my head a little too urgently. That was the only reason I wasn't doing it. Because of Paul. One-on-one time, indeed. God . . .

'But the team could use your spirit, Suze.' And you'd look really hot in the uniform. 'We can work on your swing, and you'd be in good shape. Not that you aren't already . . . ' I trailed off, absently looking at her legs.

God. I could see her in pure tennis-whites. The short skirt, the sleeveless top . . . Hell, she'd look good wearing SWEATPANTS.

Everyone wasn't training so hard, at the moment. Everyone was kind of staring. Everyone was STOOPID. Gah. I felt weird. I lowered my voice, and glared at him accusingly. 'Since when did you get high on school spirit?' I demanded. 'You told me that you didn't care about the Vice Presidency thing. So what's this? What are you doing, Paul?'

'That's Captain to you,' I corrected her. I picked up a ball that came rolling at my feet and bounced it a few times seeing if it was good. Then I let my fingers graze her back as I led her to someplace more private.

'You are going to learn the basics. Show me your swing again' I handed her the racket.

Hey, he can't MAKE me play. Hmph.

I glared at him, but just did as I was told. I grabbed it, and the ball, ((that sounds weird)) and whacked it to the other side of the tennis court, hard and high. I did have a very good aim. what the hell was wrong with my swing? Loser.

This was going to be the fun part. I think I'll come to enjoy tennis lessons more than shifter lessons . . . .

'No,' I said, taking the racket in my own hands. 'Like this . . . '

. . . I hate my mother . . . .grrrr . . . ..

I wrapped my arms around her and placed the racket in her hands. So close . . . I could smell her shampoo. I slowly brought her arms up and followed through a slow swing.

I went very stiff.

I could feel her tense up. I cooed in her ear, 'You're so tense. Just relaaaaax and swing . . . '

'I hate you,' I informed him benevolently.

I smiled. I couldn't help it. 'I wish I could say the same of you.'

'Uh huh,' I said slowly. This was such a bad idea. Seriously. 'You know what?' I said, 'I fluked those other shots. I really can't play.' I pulled out of his, um . . . whatever it was, and I backed away. Now, several people were staring. This was just darn embarrassing.

No sport for Suzie.

I ran off the court, with cheeks redder than ripe tomatoes. Blushing like I'd never be able to blush again, I was out of there. Against one of the walls, I had to pull myself together.

His proximity had addled with my brain again. How could he DO that?

Even my breathing felt that little bit strained. Like I had something wedged in my throat. I felt hot. And it was horrible. Because it was actually a pretty cool day, and all. So there was no explanation for how my whole body seemed to be on fire. Well . . . no explanation that I was willing to accept.

She left. What else is new? I mean, I get her close . . . so close, but I can never actually catch her. As usual, I went after, but only after the stares died down. I wasn't too concerned about what they thought.

I found her resting on a wall, leaning on it for support. I kept quiet and waited for her to notice me. I noticed that sometimes the sneak attack method only causes prey to skip away.

I ran my hands through my hair, feeling stressed out. This was all mum's fault.

What I needed was a trap. I needed another formulated plot.

What exactly were the benefits of having her on the team? Well . . . I get to spend more time with her. Moments I can steal from Jesse and cherish as my own.

And, well, seeing her in that skirt.

See? She needed to be on the team. It was stupid that she didn't want to join all because of me. Or maybe there was another reason she didn't join . . .

Maybe she didn't want to join because of Jesse. Tennis practice was two times a week, and with the extra lessons she needed (provided by me, of course) we'd have to add another day to that. Four days with me, and only three with Jesse. That doesn't even count all the times I see her in school. So, technically, I'd be seeing her more than Jesse. Which, for Suze is a bad thing. For me?

Couldn't be better . . .

I just needed to get her to agree to lessons.

I can't believe that I'd just embarrassed myself so damn much. I must have looked so stupid, going onto that court, letting Paul . . . wrap his arms around me like that, like he was trying to seduce me right there on the court or something gay like that. Yeah, embarrassing all right. And then I'd run off.

So like me.

Meh better start walking home -

I stopped again. Paul was standing there, smirking.

Aaah, she's noticed.

With an insufferable look, I turned away, and went to walk to the front of the Mission -

She was going to try to get away again. So I called after her 'What'll your mother think when you tell her you haven't joined a team?'

If I can't get her on the team, then I knew her mom could.

It would take just a little persuasion and a lot of persistence.

I whipped around. 'She'll understand,' I sniffed. Of course she wouldn't.

'Will she?' I asked, with a dark laugh to myself. 'Because if you don't join the team, I'll just have to drop by and tell her what a shame it is that you didn't join. I think she'll be extremely disappointed that you aren't using your natural talent.'

I was outraged.

THERE HE GOES AGAIN. This was 'go out with me' 'no' 'fine, I'm dobbing' ALL OVER AGAIN!

You know what they say. If you can beat 'em, blackmail 'em.

'First a party that went out of control, and then deliberately not joining a team when asked? I can only imagine how your mom must feel about that. And the consequence she'll line up.'

My mouth fell open. How could - what WAS he?!

'I can not believe you,' I said bitterly.

I shook my head at him in disbelief.

I know. Amazing, aren't I?

'I'll see you on the courts tomorrow, then?'

I just stared, and went to stalk off.

Nuh uh. Not again. 'Hello, Mrs. Ackerman? It's me, Paul Slater. I'm the captain of the school's tennis team. Suze dropped by earlier and I think she has great potential to be a great tennis player. Only, she won't do it, isn't that too bad?'

I had to practice letting her down easy.

Actually, I wasn't practicing for anything. Suze was going to say yes.

Again, I stiffened. Have I mentioned that I hate this guy? 'I'll join another team,' I sniffed in disdain.

Hah, another team. Yeah, right. 'Football and baseball are for boys only. The girl's track, swimming, and softball teams aren't looking for anyone. And besides, you have to try-out for them. You've already made it on the Tennis Team.'

'And besides . . . I think you'll look really cute in the uniform . . . ' I added with a smirk.

THAT got me angry.

Because, that was pretty much the only reason I'd been about ot join.

I stormed right up to him, and gave him a hard shove. 'Lay off!' I hissed at him.

She shoved me. She has no idea how much more damage I can do. If not to her, than to Jesse. Wait a minute . . .

'What about Jesse? If you're with me, I can't be off exorcising him. Which I may or may not feel inclined to do, depending on how bored I get.'

My eyes widened again.

Then I got scared.

She looked frightened. Good.

. . . Was I going to spend my entire life, doing exactly as he said, just so he wouldn't exorcise Jesse? Why was he doing this? It wasn't FAIR. 'Please,' I said, after a moment, 'Why are you doing this, Paul?'

. . . I was trying to attack humanity. It didn't work, however.

Not with people like him.

Oh. Not that question.

I'd prefer a 'Hey, Paul? Can we go over there and make-out?'

But as for questioning my intentions? Not so much. Because then I'd have to answer truthfully.

She can't HANDLE the truth.

I raised my eyebrow and went, 'Honestly?'

I looked away. 'No, I don't want to know.'

It seriously wasn't fair, though. I felt like I was trapped, again. Trapped doing things that I didn't want to do.

'Oh, but you've already put me up to it. I'm afraid I'll just have to tell you.' Teasing is fun. Try it sometime.

Her little hauling off to shove me stunt had put us closer than we were. I closed the small gap and said 'Suze . . . ' but I trailed off, becuase I didn't know what to say. For the first time ever, Paul Slater was spellbound. Imagine that.

I just stared up at him. What the hell was his excuse, anyway?

And . . . why was he looking so weird?

'What?' I said weirdly.

I instantly felt a rush when she stared up at me with her green eyes. So innocent, so pure . . . incorruptible. At least, before she met me. In the rush, I reached and cupped her face with both my hands, pulling her lips onto mine.

'P - !'


I could barely contain all the passion I felt. I even forgot for a slight moment that we were talking tennis and not kissing. You know what? Screw Tennis. It didn't matter when I was kissing Suze like that. And she was kissing back. Like she meant it.

She had to.

Look, I couldn't HELP it, okay? You just can't get kissed without kissing back. You just CAN'T. Well . . . I can't. Does that make me a slut, or something? Oh my God . . . ewww . . . the thing is . . . I didn't want to be kissing him, but at the same time, I was appalled that Paul could make me feel like that.

Suddenly, I knew why I'd felt so hot before.

Frisson. I think that's the closest word I can think of to describe it. A moment of intense excitement.

I turned my head to stop, but again, was dismayed that Paul took that opportunity to attack my neck. Something corrosive and hot was coursing through me. 'Paul, don't - would you just STOP?

Yeah, try saying that with a little more commitment, Suze. Then he might.

Why did he DO this? This wasn't FAIR.

The neck thing . . . I couldn't help myself. I mean, I was here with the girl of my dreams. Sue me if I want to have her. All of her. And no, I didn't stop.

What if someone saw us?!

Oh God, oh God -

I went back to her lips and kissed them, taking a few steps back as I was doing so, until Suze ended up against the wall. No way to escape for her now.

I blatantly refused to respond, then. I just didn't. I tried digging my nails into his stomach . . . what a hard stomach . . . but I don't think he really noticed all that much. White hot fire scorched my throat.

Then I shoved him away, and slapped him, hard.


I touched my cheek where she slapped me.

I almost apologized, but caught myself.

'You're an asshole,' I snapped at him. I was leaving. I didn't care what threats he made. Blackmail. I didn't care. He was all talk, anyway. With a furious look, I spun on my heel, and stormed away.

. . . Don't follow . . . .please don't follow . . .

He did.

What was that all about? She wasn't pushing me away five seconds ago. I followed her, caught her wrist and pulled her back towards me, kissing her again.

I went weak with defeat, but I wasn't going to fall and kiss back again. I wouldn't let myself.

Forcefully, I bowed my head, as opposed to turning it. He couldn't reach my lips.

'Haven't you got a team to train?!' I shrilled, not looking at him.

Quite honestly, I forgot. 'Yeah. Them.' I continued on, not really caring. They were all doing well anyway.

But that's when I heard Mr. Thompson calling my name from a distance.


I took that opportunity to launch myself away from him, looking edgy and frazzled. I smoothed my fair, knowing that my cheeks were glowing like I'd been badly sun burnt.

This was so humiliating.

Mr Thompson came marching up around the corner. 'Paul. The tennis team was wondering where you were - oh, I see you're having words with a new player,' he grinned.

'Actually,' I said with a would-be casual shrug, 'I'm not joining anymore. Tennis isn't my thing.'

'I've been trying to get her to join, Mr. T. She has lots of promise,' I said, kind of bummed, yet still determined. Leave it up to teachers to ruin a romantic moment.

I widened my eyes. 'Oh, actually, I think that Paul's just saying that. Really. You shouldn't have gotten such a pushover for a Captain, Mr T,' I said with a very high voice. Ha. Pushover? Yeah, Suze. Let's see YOU push him over.

'Anyway. I have to go. I just came to check everything out. I know I'll find something that I actually ENJOY,' I glared at Paul. 'But I guess tennis isn't me.'

Mr T was staring at me strangely.

I blushed again, and looked away.

I can't believe it. I can't believe HER. She made me sick, but at the same time, I couldn't help but want to stick around. Only, I didn't. I shook my head and walked back to the courts. If that's what she wanted, fine. But she's the one missing out. And I'm NOT talking tennis anymore.

Mr T was still staring at me, even when Paul had gone. 'You're a weird kid, Simon,' he said to my face.

'Um, thanks. I think.'

He gave a sporty laugh. 'Well, why the change of heart with this tennis thing?'

It wasn't a change of heart. My heart was just in the same place, is all.

'Actually . . . ' I said quietly, 'I have a problem with Paul.'

His look changed. 'Well, that's no reason to not join,' he grunted.

Ooops. Big mistake.

'Actually,' I said quickly, 'I can't make it to practices - '

'You're on the tennis team, Simon,' he said conclusively. 'Paul's a good kid. He's a good player. You'll learn to live with him.'

. . . God help us.

'No, you don't understand - ' I tried, but he wouldn't hear it. He guided me back to the court.

'You can't MAKE me play,' I said melodramatically.

He just laughed at me.

'Just give it a shot, Simon. Paul's not bad when you get to know him.'

'I DO know him,' I pointed out.

But damn him. He would not be put out.

'Come on. He says you're good. Show me,' he said, and motioned to a racket.

I grinned broadly from the far corner, as all of the people at training were hitting their tennis balls to each other as fast as they could.

I suddenly gave a small smirk. Sure . . . destruction of my pride? I could handle that.

I forgot one element. Mr. T. Just as good at persuasion as I.

I picked up a ball . . .

And hit it.

Well . . . I don't think you could call that a hit.

It lollypopped and landed about two meters away.

With a dazzling smile, I turned back to Mr Thompson. 'Good?' I asked, grinning.

He jsut stared at me, again.

She was totally faking it.

'Um,' he fiddled with his sunnies.

That's not fair!

'Yeah, Simon. You might need work . . . maybe you're right. Maybe tennis isn't your thing.'

Eeeeeexcellent . . . .

I can't believe Mr. T fell for that!

Amanda came jogging up to me. 'You're better than that, Suze! I saw you before!'


I smiled again.

I gave her an alarmed look.

Mr Thompson caught on.

He gave me a stern look. 'Come on, Simon. Show me, seriously. I'll stay here all afternoon if I have to.'


This is going to be good . . .

Giving Amanda an acidic look, I glumly aimed for the removable basketball hoop, hitting it perfectly.

. . . Shit.

Mr Thompson beamed. 'Aaah, I knew you had it in you.' He clapped me on the back happily. 'Great aim. Just need to work on your swing.'

I was scandalized.

I truly was.

I breezed on by pretending to be looking for a ball I had lost. 'See you on the courts tomorrow, then. And every lesson after that. And oh, your other lessons too.'

I was victorious.

I love winning.

I gave him the filthiest look ever.

I'd kill him, if he didn't kiss so well.

- 8 -

And all that jazz . . .

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