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"Frank…" Joe grunted, shifting his camping pack over to his other shoulder.

The 17 year old Hardy was hanging off the side of a mountain, and seriously felt something was wrong because he was slipping drastically. He tried to hold onto the rope tighter, but he kept slipping lower down the side of the mountain.

"What?" Frank said, looking down at his brother who was sliding down the side of the mountain.

"Something's wrong with my equipment!" Joe yelled back to his year older brother with another grunt.

His grip was slipping fast.

"Just hold on, but keep sliding slowly." Frank said concerned. "I'm coming down!"

"What's going on?" Fenton asked, peering down the mountain side.

He was the first one who began the climb up, and had already reached the top of the mountain. He eyes were full of concern as he watched Frank retreat back down.

"Dad! Something's wrong with Joe's harness straps. He has to go down!" Frank shouted up.

He began bouncing quickly down the rocky surface, trying to go faster than Joe so he could help him have a gentler landing, but also trying to avoid the jagged rocks jutting out to claw at him.

"Frank! I can't hold on!" Joe said frantically.

His gloves had burned through from him trying to hold onto the rope. Now the rope was going against his skin.

Without a thought, Fenton hooked up his rope again, and started down the mountain side towards his sons. He was just hoping he'd get there in time.

"It's okay Joe! Hold on!" Fenton shouted down, hearing his youngest son's cry for help.

"You've only got another 50 feet Joe! Hold on!" Frank said, gliding down the mountain faster, letting go of more rope.

Once he got to Joe, he tried to help his younger brother with his harness, wondering what was wrong. He momentarily stopped Joe from falling anymore, but the extra weight only brought him to falling faster.

"Frank! You can't help me! Let go!" Joe said helplessly, holding onto his brother for dear life, but they were sliding fast.

"Don't worry there baby brother." Frank smiled back with confidence. "You fall, I fall."


"Don't worry. We'll land okay. My harness will hold us both. You don't want to fall do you?" Frank said as they glided down.

"Not really."

"Good, so just be quiet." Frank said, looking up.

He could see his dad was gaining on them, but still about 30 feet away. That was when he noticed something above his dad… more like on the top of the mountain. It was some figure he couldn't really see, but he saw the gleam. It was a knife. "Dad!"

"Frank!" Joe screamed as his rope snapped and he felt vertigo for a second before falling backwards down the mountain.

Frank felt a jolt of his harness as the extra weight lifted, and the harness stopped him from falling. He watched as his younger brother fell fast down into a robust tree before he was hidden from sight. His face paled, hoping Joe was okay. It was only about 20 feet. His father was by his side just before he started down again.

"Come on Frank." Fenton said sternly, but his eyes showed deep worry.

He didn't want the man to cut their ropes also, and there would be no way to help his youngest son if they were injured also.

Luckily for them, the mysterious figure didn't cut their ropes, but the father and son was really worried about Joe. Quickly, they reached the bottom, untying themselves from their climbing ropes.

"I don't see him." Frank said worried, running into the woods.

With his sharp eagle eyes, Fenton spotted Joe's climbing rope in one of the buses. He ran to it, picking the rope up. He followed the rope for a little while before he heard a distinct groan.

"Joe!" Frank yelled out, almost tripping over a few bushes before reaching his younger brother.

His heart was palpitating hard with worry.

Joe screamed as he felt the wind blow quickly past him. He closed his eyes once he landed into the branches of a big tree. Branches brushed by him, and scratched him, but luckily he didn't hit any big branches. He was hoping the end wouldn't come for a while, but he landed hard into a bush under the tree. He felt a jolt of pain before everything seemed to stop in time.

Joe had his eyes closed. He was wondering if he was dead or not. He was breathing hard, not sure if he wanted to open his eyes yet. He didn't know how long he was lying on the ground, but he soon heard some echoing, familiar voices. Wait… if he heard voices… that meant he's alive!

Joe opened his eyes, looking at his surroundings. He would have shouted back to Frank and his dad, but his vocal chords were still shot by fear. After he got his breathing under control, he tried pushing himself up but the ache that came with pushing himself up involuntarily made him release a groan.

"Joe!" Frank yelled, running over to his younger brother. "Ar..Are. you okay?" Frank asked, kneeling down to his Joe.

"I..I..I'm ..okay." Joe said, looking at his brother with a grimace.

"Joseph, look at me." Fenton said sternly, lifting Joe's chin up with the side of his finger.

Fenton was struck with concern, and wanted to kill the person who had done this, but right now he had to tend to his son. Although he always looked calm and collected during many situations, he felt just the opposite inside.

"Your pupils are dilating right, and I don't see any signs of a concussion." Fenton said with a serious expression. "But your head is bleeding."

"You sure you're okay Joe? When I catch the bastard that…" Frank fumed, throwing a rock at a tree.

"It's okay Frank. I'm all right." Joe said, reaching a hand out to put a comforting hand on Frank's shoulder, but grunted as a sharp pain spread through his shoulder.

"You okay son?" Fenton asked with concern, putting his hand on top of Joe's hand which was gripping onto his injury. "Let me see that." Fenton said, slowly removing Joe's hand from his shoulder.

"AhhOw…" Joe said grimacing as his dad lifted his shirt up to look at his shoulder. "What hit me?"

"Seems like a branch since the bruise on your shoulder is long and thick." Fenton said, pulling down Joe's shirt after inspection. "You sure you're all right?" He asked, as Joe nodded, putting his hand over his shoulder again.

Frank stalked around his younger brother and father. The bruises imbedded on his brother's body fueled his anger. It wasn't a really big secret that he was little over protective when it came to his younger brother. It also wasn't a really big secret that Joe had always looked up to him ever since he was born, especially after what happened when the two were only 6 and 7. His father had had a foot into the investigation business and he had already gained a few enemies. He knew his father was guilty about the incident because his dad too had a slight overprotection over Joe, because being the youngest; Joe was a big target for dad's adversaries. He could still remember the look of defeat in his dad's eyes on that day 11 years ago.


"Shhh Joey. It's okay. Dad is going to find us. He will, I know he is." 7 year old brown haired, brown eyed Frank Hardy said soothing, holding onto his shaking brother tightly.

A few tears slipped down his face at his younger brother's sluggish movement. He was scared. Both of them were locked down in the cold, wet basement, and Joe was injured.

"Fwwa…Fwwa.. wank. I wa..wa..nn..a… ggg…ggo… hh..ho..me." Joe stuttered with a wispy

Joe had been beaten badly to unconsciousness. Frank could feel his brother shaking under his arms.

"Ss…so…so cold Fra…aan..nk…" Joe said with a soft voice, his eyelashes lightly touching together as his will of staying awake was diminishing.

"No Joey!" Frank said, lightly slapping his brother's face. "Stay awake. Please stay awake. Remember when Sam helped daddy when he got hit in the head. He said daddy had to stay awake. You have to stay awake." He said with fright that his brother would sleep forever.

Sam Radley was their dad's partner while investigating. Although, he was only 7, Frank was very observant, especially when he got to learn important stuff from people. He remembered Sam saying that if a person gets knocked on the head and stays asleep for a little while and wakes up, they should be staying awake or they'd go into something he… he couldn't' remember, but it meant they were going to sleep forever.

"I can't." Joe cried, weakly clutching onto his brother's shirt.

All of a sudden, both of the boys heard loud slamming noises upstairs, and voices before the door to the basement was thrown open. Frank almost leapt for joy when he saw his father come down the stairs, but his hopes died when he saw the guy pressed behind his dad's back.

"Dad!" Frank said, tears of joy rolling down his face from seeing his father.

"Frank, Joe, are you two okay?" Fenton asked, as he got pushed down to the ground.

"Shut up!" Kilmur shouted, making the boys shudder in fear. "What a nice reunion. Be real sorry to split you guys up, but then again, you killed my brother so what will stop me from killing your sons?"

"Dad?" Frank said wide eyed, knowing exactly what was going to happen but not understanding why.

"There you go, tell him." Kilmur said, spitting at Fenton's feet. "Tell them how you killed my brother."

Fenton looked up, anger flashing on his face when he saw his babies treatment.

"I.. I..It was a few months ago. His brother was caught smuggling drugs and he knew he was going to get caught. I had no choice. He was going to shoot a girl he kidnapped on the streets, so I shot him."

"Liar! You're a cold blooded killer, that's the truth!" Kilmur said in anger, bringing his foot back just to swing forward to slam into Fenton's gut.

Fenton got thrown forward in pain. He held onto his sore spot, dropping to the ground.

"Dad! No! Go away!" Frank yelled as Kilmur walked over to them and grabbed hold of his wrist. "Leave him alone! Let me go!" Frank screamed in terror.

He kicked every way, trying to get free, but he wasn't over powered by a big man who smelled on liquor.

"Now beg for me, beg for me to not kill your son." He said, holding both of Frank's wrists together in one hand with his gun pointed straight at Joe's still figure. The only thing that showed that he was alive was the up and down movements on his chest.

Fenton's eyes grew wide as he kneeled to push himself up.

"He's only a boy! If you're going to hurt someone, fight a man, not a baby!" Fenton said, trying to persuade his assailant from doing the inevitable.

"But living with the guilt would hurt you way more than it would ever do to kill you. Now beg for me. Beg for me not to kill him and I'll spare you some time with him!" Kilmur said with a sly smile, seeing the big Fenton Hardy grovel at his feet.

Although it was humiliating to do this act, his son was ore important than his dignity and pride. Fenton kneeled forward with his head to the ground.

"Please.. Please don't' kill my boy." Fenton cried, his body shaking with fear that he was going to lose his biggest pride and joys of his life.

Frank stared wide eyed at his father. His father had admitted defeat.

"That's more like it."

Frank was thrown to the ground with a grunt.

"I'll be back, and I'll be wanting blood." Kilmur said with a maniacal laugh as he climbed the stairs and barred the door shut.

Fenton crawled over to Joe, picking him up in his arms.

"Oh baby. What did he do to you." He cried, kissing Joe on the forehead.

"Dad…" Frank said quietly, looking his father's eyes for any hope of saving themselves but all he saw was despair.

He quickly leaped for his dad, hugging his father's torso tightly as he cried.

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