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"Dad! I found something!" Frank yelled out excitedly as he hobbled quickly towards what looked like a camp site.

Fenton walked away from the river and headed towards the area where Frank was pointing at. It was indeed something. The area was packed down in areas where it was obvious that someone was lying and one was crouching. The most obviously clue of early inhabitants was a pile of burnt wood in the middle of the two sets of footprints.

Fenton bent down to touch the coals. The outside was cold, but as he put his hand near the inside, he could feel a slight hint of warmth meaning someone was here recently.

"There are foot prints heading into the forest." Frank said as he limped towards what looked like the entrance.

Frank could see that the person lying down on the ground was moving towards there and a person farther away was following.

Fenton walked to Frank who was staring intently at the ground and following the footprints.

Fenton had other things on his mind though. He looked around at their surrounding to find out some clue of the two people they were following. He scanned the area which was full of trees. The view of breathtaking if it weren't for the urgency of the situation.

The area wasn't much of a difference as he turned his head from left to right, but then he swung his head back as he zoomed in on a human-made object sticking out of a tree.

"Frank, stop." Fenton said as he walked over to the tree.

Grasping onto the stick like object with both his hands, he pulled the object out of the tree.

"An arrow?" Frank said as he took the arrow out of his dad's hands.

Suddenly, Frank's face paled.

The two people weren't together. The person lying down was being chased.

"Dad…Joe." Frank said as he looked at his dad in fear.

"I know son." Fenton said as they both continued to walk, but this time at a more frantic pace.

The footprints they were following were getting sloppier like the person kept falling.

They both hoped that they were following Joe, but then again a part of them hoped it wasn't Joe because the person being chased was obviously in danger.

"Frank, watch your step!" Fenton yelled out as he noticed something on the ground in front of Frank.

Fenton quickly pulled Frank back before his foot stepped in what appeared to be a trap.

"What is it?" Frank asked as his heart wildly thumped in his chest.

Fenton inspected the vine like rope on the ground. He bent down, lifted up a boulder and threw it at the untamed area surrounding the rope.

Both Frank and Fenton jumped back as the ground in front of them disappeared in a snap. Dust flew everywhere, making them both cough while trying to fan away the brown air.

"Dad? What was that?" Frank coughed as he fanned his arms back in forth around him so he could see without needing to squint.

"Just don't move until the air clears." Fenton said as they continued to fan.

When they both were able to see, their jaws nearly dropped to the ground at what Frank was about to step into. In front of them was a massive hole. The rock that Fenton had thrown into the loop of the hole was now hanging over a pit of spikes and deadly looking red spiders the size of half their palm.

"What the…" Frank said in shock. "What is wrong with this person with pits and spiders?" He said as he scratched his head.

"They put you in a pit too?" Fenton said as Frank shook his head.

"I fell into one. It looked like someone else was in it before me." Frank said as he started walking around the obstruction. "Someone had carved out step holes so it wasn't that hard to get out."

Now it was Fenton's turn to be confused.

"I woke up in a pit full of spiders and I carved out steps to get out of it." Fenton said as he tried to mull over the situation.

If Frank had fallen into the hole that he had gotten out of, that means the person or person's who had divided them didn't put them very far apart.

"Dad, what if there were more traps? Joe could have—"

"Don't say that." Fenton said as his fatherly, protective side of him spiked into a high red alert.

Fenton couldn't bear to think that one of his children were hurt somewhere nearby and he just walked by.

"Dad, is it just me or do I see somebody over there." Frank said as he pointed down a worn down path.

"I think it is." Fenton said as a huge smile was plastered on his face.

Frank started hobbling towards the figure in the distance but at a slower pace. He didn't want to fall into a trap like the one that they had just walked by.

"Hey! Hello!" Frank yelled out as he waved his arms wildly to try to get the man's attention, but the figure didn't move.

When they got close enough, there was a retched smell.

"What's that—" Fenton was about to say when Frank suddenly stopped.

Fenton looked at where Frank was looking at and his chest seemed to want to cave in on him as the feeling of relief overwhelmed him.

"Joseph!" Fenton yelled out as he ran to his son who had yet to acknowledge his presence. "Joseph?" Fenton said again at his youngest son who was staring off at space.

The lack of movement from Joe was scaring both Frank and Fenton who tried to get Joe to do something.

When Frank went in to try to hug his brother, his touch seemed to bring the teenager out of his state of shock into a frantic condition.

Joe threw his arms away to push Frank back.

"GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY!" Joe said in a stuttering yell of fear.

Tears were streaming down his pale face as he tried to back away from the two people who loved him more than anything in the world, but he didn't seem to realize who they were.

"Joseph!" Fenton said as the scene broke his heart.

What had happened to his son to make him act this way?

"Joseph, it's me. Baby, its Daddy." Fenton said as Joe seemed to calm down a little bit.

Fenton inched forward at his shaking son before enveloping him in a hug. He stroked Joe's hair as Joe cried into his chest.

"Daddy… get him away. Gggg…et him aaa…way." Joe said in complete distress as his father hugged him closer.

Frank was still immobile from where he was pushed away. Guilt washed over him like waves of clean water that wasn't supposed to touch his skin. When he heard Joe say 'Get him away' he thought it had meant him.

"What is it Joey." Fenton said as he unconsciously reverted back to a name he had used for his son as a young boy.

Back when he was still a hero to his son and everything was healed by soft words of lullabies, hugs and Band-Aids. When had his sons grown up, because when the keeper of time decided to speed up the seconds of time, he wasn't informed at the meeting. He wished he could have been there for his son, but he had failed time and time again. His sons had encountered dangerous situations before they could walk on their two feet and had been targeted by more people than a father of a mafia. Where had everything gone so wrong? Now he didn't even know if they would survive another day or even another hour.

Something was bothering Fenton. He was missing something. Suddenly, he remembered as another set of alarms seemed to ring in his ears.

"Frank, where's that man you were walking towards?" Fenton said as Joe seemed to stiffen up.

"No, no. Don't look at it!" Joe said hysterically, trying to avert their attention away from the scarecrow, but they had already turned their heads.

"Oh my…" Frank said before the acid in his stomach spilled onto the feral land beneath him.

Fenton's face contorted to a look of horror. He pulled Joe closer, kissing him on his head over and over before looking away.

"It's okay Baby. It's okay. I understand now. We'll go away." Fenton said as he stumbled through his words quickly.

The man's face was etched on his brain. Who would do such a thing? That made Fenton want to get his son away from this place as fast as possible, even if it meant he could possibly be another victim, but he wasn't going to let his sons be.

I tried so hard to warn them and yet they keep coming. I wanted to avenge the deaths of the men I've killed but I can not beat my superior. Not boys, I will and can not kill boys. How much of my soul must he take from me? I can not and will not, but that doesn't mean I won't because I'm no longer in control. Their fate now lies in the hands of something much greater…..

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