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History and Her

Chapter One: Imprints

I never used to like academics much, let alone history for that matter, but like a certain other affection, it crept up on me without me knowing.

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I? Sorry, I have that habit of talking to people like I know them, but…I guess I'm finding that I really don't know as much as I'd like. Wait, wait, let me back up again, sorry, my name is Keigo Asano, and despite being a dead ringer for Ewan McGregor (despite what anyone in this nation thinks), I'm pretty average.

"Yo Keigo, wake up dude, lunch boy." This charming statement came courtesy of my good buddy Mizuiro Kojima who jarred my out of my own out of class narrative.

"Ow, ow, alright just stop poking me!" I yell out, sliding out of my seat and shoving some books and whatever other useless academic "stuff" I just happen to have. Letting Mizuiro walk out ahead of me, I had to quickly make sure that the last book in my pile was safe. Modern History and its Effects on Contemporary Events, now all you out there don't know me as of yet, but I'm not exactly known around the school as being into anything academic, let alone something like history. But lately-

"Keigo, Mizuiro told me you were still here, get your butt out here man." Yet another of my good buddies, one Ichigo Kurosaki whose knack for the vernacular (damn, am I using that one right? English is no-no) was even more basic than Mizuiros'.

"I'm coming, hold your frikkin shirt Ichig- what is it?" I asked with a sense of dread as Ichigo had a slow, very very slight grin beginning on his face which was a wonder in itself as Ichigo barely ever grinned cept for some other reasons, but damn I'm getting ahead of myself again.

"What are you reading there, Keigo?" Ichigo said, pointing to the very thick, very bold titled history book sticking out of my back pack. Realizing that my non-reputation was at stake, I had to think quickly.

"…Jeez Ichigo, you are so far behind the damn times…I mean…all the bad asses in America do…uh…this…?" I say, not even comprehending just what the hell I am saying. I pray, I pray, I pray.

"Do…what exactly?" alias: Strawberry responds, genuinely confused. Yeah! He fell for it, he knows bout me my thing for American celebs….alright, ride it out Keigo…

"Yeah, check it out!" I yell, showing the contents of the history book…with a little something "extra".

"Should a' known, you and Mizuiro have got hormone problems." Ichigo mutters, scratching his orange covered scalp and turning away with a slight blush at seeing the "adult special interest" magazine I had slipped between the covers of the book. Wow, thank Buddha that idiot from Class Four dropped it earlier.

"Ichigo, what's the hold up?" stated a voice I knew all too well. Ichigo seemed to look a combination of uncaring and apathetic when Rukia Kuchiki quite literally appeared next to him.

"What hold up, me and Keigo were just talking, that's all." He said, looking down at her, almost as if to challenge her. I still don't know why he bothers; Rukia may be short and a hottie, but every time they square off, Ichigo always ends up with a punch to the gut and being dragged off by that raven haired goddess to who knows where.

"Just…talking, what's that?" Rukia asks, her eyes directed towards my still open book…oh…crap! Realizing too late, I slam the book shut only to then realize my fingers where still in the book. With a grin/grimace I must go on!
"Just a…one of the new girly comics from…Kodansha?" Shit, do they even make girly comics? Rukia regards me with a raised eyebrow until…

"Really? Can I see? I think there was a preview for it in last months-"damn her! The girl likes girly comics, who the hell would a thunk it! Again quickly, my eyes dart to Ichigos, come on Strawberry, come through for me boy…

"Uh, Rukia, you don't want to see that!" Ichigo said, placing himself between the book with pages now changing color due to blood o my fingers and the approaching cutie.

"Why not? Why the blush Ichigo?" she asked. Damn this was awkward, come on, Buddha, Lord, Allah, Jehovah, someone, anyone…

"Hmm?" Rukia thankfully stopped her inquiry as a sound emanated from her…chest of all places. Turning around, I swear I just saw her stick her hand down her shirt. Before I can even comprehend what the hell just happened, Rukia whirled around again and whispered something to Ichigo.

"Hey Keigo, tell the others I gotta go, uh stomach pains ouch!" Ichigo yelled out, come on Strawberry you can't honestly expect me to believe that. Somehow I think Rukia agreed…which might explain why she belted Ichigo in the gut. With a smile that seemed too happy and a…curtsey? Well anyway, Rukia and Ichigo then left, well, rather Rukia dragged Ichigo away.

"Strawberry, you work fast, already got a girl beating you down." I mutter to an empty classroom. Putting the damn book away, I shoulder my load and set off down the halls. But…without Mizuiro to goof off with or even Ichigo to annoy I'm left to think, and for me that's an annoying thing.

Man…all around me, I'm surrounded by people with…how do I even describe it…I don't know…cool things that give them a leg up or something. I mean…Mizuiro is a chick magnet for reasons far and beyond me, Ichigo (the guy who tries to be such a bad ass and I guess he's pulling it off? Regardless he's got an IQ too, eighteenth in the school?!) and Rukia have something going on, I don't know what and unlike that big mouth Mizuiro I don't care to. And then there's my buddy Chad, the guys a behemoth especially for this country, jeez. If the dude just talked more I'm sure the chicks would give him decent play.

"Keigo, what the heck kept you, lunch is almost over…hey where's Strawberry?" Mizuiro asked, finishing up his lunch in our usual lunch spot.

"Huh? Oh, uh he and Ruk-" suddenly a thought occurs to me…Ichigo always flat out denies any connection to Rukia, and Mizuiro is a blabber mouth so…what the hell I'll do the buddy thing. "Ichigo took off, think he got the runs or something, family emergency? Who knows with him?" Chad grunted in response like he did to just about anything short of a car in his crotch, Mizuiro looked a little hyped with what I almost said, but oh well sorry buddy.

Crap, I just realized I have something like eight minutes to finish my lunch…great fingers freaked and Strawberry screws me again. (Actually no, sounds cool though?) Anyway; me, Mizuiro and Chad talked about nothing in particular, you know typical teenage guy stuff. What girls hot, what movie sucked, shop talk? Well, they're the ones talking; I'm the one stuffing my face in a race to beat the clock! (I always hated that board game.) Everything was going normally and swimmingly until of course:

"Hey, you guys seen Ichigo?" Orihime Inoue in all of her boob busted glory asked with…well…her friend, Tatsuki Arisawa.

"Nah, took off in all his bad asserey, would you ladies care to join us instead?" Mizuiro asked, flashing the face that made most girls melt…except these two apparently.

"We ate our lunches already you dork." Tatsuki said sitting down anyway, with Orihime right next to her. Should I mention Tatsuki was right next to me? No? Well, now my minds going haywire, I got not one but too fine examples of the species known as female right next to me…hey wait, I finished my lunch, record for sure. Wait, what am I thinking? I gotta say something, anything to one or both of them…but I maybe…damn it…shit I can't frikkin talk!

"Hey Keigo, something wrong?" Tatsuki asked, one of her eyebrows arching.

"What? Me? Nah, I'm cool, real cool totally bad ass to the-"suddenly Chad cut me off.

"Hands, what happened?" it takes me a second to process this…wait…of course, he means my cut up hands from the girly mag in that history book.

"Oh, it looks like there's a word on your hands. I think I can make it out, it looks like: '…turn…long…hard…'" Orihime of course couldn't understand the nature of the words, but oh how lucky I was to have the eagle eye of Chad, Mizuiro and Tatsuki all bearing down…I told you, I'm generally not a guy who meshes well with academia…

To Be Continued