Authors Note: Ha this isn't another Inu-Yasha fic! Nope this is just another show that I'm obsessed over that I decided to write a fic to so I hope that you enjoy. And this is Transformers Armada just so everyone knows. and i havent been able to update anything for a while because our computer had a trogan virus and i couldnt log into anything.
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In Need of My Other

Ichi – New Friends and New Worlds

Eons ago on a planet galaxies away, Cybertron. There were two teams fighting for complete control of the universe. The Autobots and Decepticons to be exact. They fought and rivaled for years and even with the Minicons, a smaller race of transformers, they were equally matched. So both sides took their best technicians and created a powerful force that they thought could destroy their foe. The Decepticons created an angel that took on many humanoid features, the Cybertron Angel of Darkness; Blackhole. And the Autobots created an angel that took on many humanoid features as well, the Cybertron Angel of Light; Shockwave. One battle they each brought out their new 'weapons' and the two female humanoid robots did battle. The battle lasted long but the two rivals took back their weapons and began to do repairs. They just about destroyed each other. But when training began an interesting turn of events took place. The two angels had lost all of their powers and abilities. So the two brought them back together and did battle and sure enough they regained their powers. Yet the angels were not stupid and figured out that they had to be together in order for their powers to activate and even when they were together if they were fighting on the same side then their powers would be doubled. So they came together to try and destroy the universe and the Autobots and the Decepticons did the only thing that they could do. They threw the angels into a black hole to never be seen again. But once they got out of the black hole they crashed landed into earth with battered and broken bodies. Yet their spirits was alive and the spirits went out to find another body and sure enough the two found two pregnant mothers and fused within the child that they were carrying. The children were supposed to be twins but the spirits had been separated and they were born into two different families so their powers could never be activated. That is until their freshman year in high school. And this is where our story begins.

In another dimension in the year 2004

"Hey Sam I bet you that I could beat you to 4th period!" A young girl with brunette hair that went down to her mid upper arm yelled at her friend once she saw her.

"Bet you couldn't Zero!" Sam yelled back. Sam had shoulder long red hair with blue jeans and a black shirt that had a heart with a skull in it with heart eyes and 'Demonic Love' in bold letters underneath the logo. Sam began to race Zero to 4th period and got past the black clad girl before Zero chased after her. They finally got to their 4th period class, which was so convienutly on the other side of the school building, in a tie. "I won!" Screeched Sam happily.

"No I won!" Zero argued as they made their way to their seats. And that's how their World Geography class went. Just them arguing back and forth over who won. Luckily today was a free day or else they would be in big trouble with one of their favorite teachers and role model, Mr. Gillum. After 50 minutes the bell rang (A/N: Wow they argued for 50 minutes! I can't even do that with any of my friends…unless we're going uh-huh and nuh-uh back and forth. Gomen nasai back to the story.) and their class was over. "See ya after school!" Zero yelled as they departed from her locker.

"See ya!" Sam yelled back and they both left to finish their day up.

After School

Both of the girls are now walking home together laughing up a storm unknowing of someone watching them. Of course they wouldn't notice except for the times where Zero would continuously look behind them thinking someone was there. 'I found them! Megatron will be so proud when I bring back these two earthling girls.'


"Thrust!" Megatron's voice boomed throughout the moon base. And at that moment Thrust appeared out of nowhere. "You were spying on me again weren't you?" Megatron asked and Thrust sweat dropped and began to nervously laugh. "Well, then I have a special mission for you. You are to find Blackhole and Soundwave. (A/N: Aren't those cool names for the angels? Gomen I'll let you continue the story.)"

"You mean the Cybertron Angels of Light and Dark?" Thrust asked just to be sure that he wasn't playing around with him.

"Yes I mean them…NOW GO BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND AND DECIDE TO TURN YOU INTO SCRAP METAL! (A/N: Megatron always uses that threat doesn't he? Doesn't he?! Oops lets go back to the story now.)" Megatron yelled and with that Thrust was gone.

-End Flashback-

Thrust was so into his flashback that he didn't notice that he came a little too close to the two girls and when he looked down it was too late Zero's eyes shone a dark crimson and Sam's a light blue. And like that they disappeared and headed back to Thrust's dimension but will it be where his base is?

In the Autobots and Decepticons dimension and just outside the Autobots mountain base

They next appeared outside the Autobots mountain base and Thrust began to worry. But that was when lasers began to go off. This of course startled the two girls and their eyes glowed the same color and a barrier appeared around them and that was also when Thrust took off back to his moon base and the Autobots rushed outside to see the girls. When they got outside the barrier dissipated and both of them fell unconscious. When they awoke the both of them were being bombarded with questions. "Are you two Blackhole and Soundwave?" That was the first question to surface brought up by none other than Sideswipe.

"Who and who?" Zero asked rubbing her head and trying to fight off a headache that threatened to surface.

"Maybe Sideswipe. But according to the blood sample I took from them the girl to the right's name is Samantha Lilac Skull and the girl to the right is Zeriothe Rosemary Dragonsfang." Red Alert informed them as the two girls developed a vein.

"Just call us Sam and Zero!" Sam yelled greatly annoyed.

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves so maybe we can at least become friends." One of them spoke up and Sam and Zero nodded their heads graciously. "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. And these are my men Hot Shot, Sideswipe, Red Alert, Blur, Jet Fire, Scavenger, and Smokescreen. (A/N: I hope that I didn't forget any of them. If I did then will someone please let me know. Please?)" He formally introduced. Zero just stood up and began to look around.

"Who are we exactly?" Zero asked a little bit confused by all that is going on. Sam looked up and gave Zero the most confused look that she could come up with. Zero looked back up at them and instead of her usual blue mixed with green eyes she had a metallic black eye color.

"Well, according to legend," Blur began to explain to the girls, "a long time ago during the war on Cybertron both of our sides created a Cybertron Angel as we call them. But one day when we both went into battle with each of our new weapons they developed an independent mind and because of that they lost their powers and could only unleash it when they are together. Once they figured that out then they both decided to get rid of the entire universe because according to them it wasn't "perfect." So both of our sides despite our differences opened up a portal to a different universe so neither worlds would be threatened. But as eons went by we assumed that they lost their power and body because of the black hole and we thought that they were gone forever until our sensors picked up their energy signal. And apparently it was coming from the two of you." Zero looked over at Sam and they nodded their heads.

"Maybe we can help," Sam suggested. The Autobots looked at each other than at the girls and they agreed that Zero and Sam could aide the Autobots. That was when the kids came in after a long day of school.

"Maybe we should introduce the kids to them." Smokescreen suggested and they all agreed. But that was a little bit too late because the kids were all ready introducing themselves to the kids.

"Hey Optimus who's those two?" A brown-headed boy by the name of Rad asked.

"Yeah they're kind of creepy!" A chubby boy by the name of Fred added on and the Autobots looked down to see what's going on and sure enough there the two newest editions to the team giving the most scariest glares.

"Zero, Sam, what's wrong?" Optimus asked a little bit worried. The two girls broke out of their glares and looked up at him.

"Gomen nasai but we really don't do really well around other people." Zero admitted and Sam nodded her head.

"That's okay, just warn us next time all right?" Rad said and the two girls gave a thumbs up.

"All right!" Sam and Zero said happily, nervously laughing and nervously giving a thumbs up to them. That was when the alarm went off. Sam was shocked and jumped almost to the ceiling, which was pretty high up, and Zero fell to the ground from the loud noise. "." Zero said and began to twitch slightly.

What will happen to Sam and Zero? Why were they so startled when the alarm went off? Hopefully the girls will be able to harness their powers and soon. And are the two really the Cybertron Angels of Light and Dark as the legend speaks of. Find out on the next episode of Transformers Armada: In Need of My Other. Transformers Armada ending theme plays

Authors Note: Three cheers for Transformers Armada. See a friend of mine wanted me to make a fanfic off of this show and well I did so now she's happy, I'm not dead, and the world is a lot shinier. So stayed tuned for the next chapter. Oh and the bold italic parts are the annoying narrator like from the show is speaking. I mean come on you need an annoying narrator in your stories for all of the slow people out there who needs some guidance in the story especially if they don't know what's going on.