In Need of my Other

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Zero: Not really…

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Halfbreed Kagome: Issues…

Zero: I'll show you issues! -starts chasing Halfbreed Kagome around-

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Chapter Two – Their First Mission and a Stick

"Autobots move out!" Optimus Prime ordered his men as the siren continued to blare. Sam got used to the noise by now but Zero was sadly still sprawled out on the ground, unconscious.

"Zero…uh…Zero? Optimus Zero went nigh-nigh!" Sam screamed the last part in complete distress.

"Don't worry about her right now. She can stay here with Red Alert and the kids." Optimus ordered and everyone headed out.

"Hey how come she can go? I mean come on she's a kid like us." Carlos said as in the background the minicons start to poke Zero with a stick to see if she was still alive.

"She's actually 14-years-old and in the 9th grade while the rest of you are in the 7th grade." Red Alert said as the minicons continued to poke Zero with a stick only to be responded with Zero's tongue sticking out and the minicons freaking and hiding behind the kids.

"BUTTERFLIES!" Zero yelled as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Everyone looked at her with confused eyes. "What happened?" She asked looking at them as if they were crazy and was imagining the whole thing that she just did. The Autobots had all ready been sent to their destination but little did they know that it was all a trap to lure the Autobots out so they could recapture the Cybertron Angel of Darkness. So the moment they left all of the electricity went out and everyone began to panic. "Maybe there's a giant rat?" Zero asked and earned another look from everyone and Zero turned her head to mumble something that they couldn't make out not in a million years. Then they heard a giant footstep…well, more like Zero heard it. "I think Jurassic Park was let lose in here." Zero whispered and smiled when they so predictably gave her a confused look. Zero returned the look and Red Alert just sighed that is until a blast of pure energy hit him into the computers.

"Red Alert!" Rad yelled in pure horror as one of his Autobot friends was knocked to the ground. The lights came back on and there stood the Decepticons. "Megatron what do you want?" Rad yelled with venom woven in his voice.

"My, such bravery for a whelp," Megatron replied and summoned Thrust forward by his side. "Where is the Cybertron Angel of Darkness again Thrust?" He asked and Thrust pointed to Zero who stood there with a fake shock. Megatron looked at the small girl and just gave out a laugh and soon the other Decepticons were joining him.

"I honestly don't see what's so funny?" Zero said and began to glare at them.

"Thrust are you sure that you tracked down the right one? I mean it's just a human," Cyclonus replied and that was enough to set Zero off.

'How dare he call me human. Oh well, he'll just have to suffer.' Zero mentally thought of. Zero looked up at Cyclonus with an evil look and that shocked everyone. "You have angered fire…now you must pay." Zero said dangerously and Cyclonus only stepped closer to her.

"Oh and how so?" He asked obviously not knowing what he's getting himself into. Zero just gave another evil look and began to run off.

"You have to catch me to find out." Zero yelled until she was out of sight. "And I assure you that I'm not that easy to capture." Zero finished up with her voice seemingly everywhere.

"Where did that brat go?" Cyclonus asked with the greatest amount of annoyance in his voice. That was when it hit Megatron. The reading that he's been getting was coming from Zero. If only he wasn't that stupid to figure it out earlier.

"We must find Blackhole at once!" Megatron yelled just as Red Alert began to stir from his unconscious slumber. "And keep an eye on that bot and the humans. I'm sure that they'll come in handy."

Meanwhile with the rest of the Autobots and Sam at the North Pole

"I'm cold," Sam said for the hundredth time. Everyone gave an annoyed look and Optimus just so suddenly stopped in his tracks.

"Something doesn't feel right…Sam can you sense what is going on with Zero at the moment?"

"Of course I can't…I don't know how." She replied sadly thinking that she was now useless to her new friends.

"Just try. I know that you can." Optimus said and took a step back from the Angel of Light. Sam focused all of her energy and power and soon she was glowing a bright blue and she began to see something. It was a little hazy but eventually it cleared up and she saw Zero sitting there in the warp gate room crouched together like a ball and hiding. That was when she heard the Decepticons and everything after that went blank.

"Zero's in trouble!" Sam yelled.

"I knew it…we've been tricked." Hotshot said and they all looked at each other. All knowing that it's up to Red Alert, the kids, the minicons, and Zero to get out of this one.

Back at the Autobots Base

"Come on brat! Stop fidgeting!" Demolisher commanded as he held an angered Zero in his hands. "What's your problem human?" He asked to purposely.

"I'm not a human!" Zero replied as her eyes slowly began to bleed. Demolisher finally made it back to the main room where they had Red Alert, the kids, and the minicons captured. "What are you doing?" Zero asked with worry evident in her voice.

"Well, well, well, it looks like Blackhole did find another body to occupy. Now why did she choose you?" Megatron asked as Zero looked and gave one of her most deadly glares. That was when she noticed it. The stick that the minicons were poking her with earlier. 'If I could just reach it than I could beat them.' Zero thought and began to reach out to the stick until Starscream noticed her actions. But he did nothing but move the stick a little bit closer to her. Zero went wide-eyed in shock. But nonetheless she took the stick gratefully and began to chant something underneath her breath and afterwards she went limp.

"Uh Megatron I think the human is dieing." Thrust said and began to approach her. That was when he noticed the stick in her hand and took it. "So she thought a stick could help her. I'll crack that thing in two." Thrust said. Zero just looked up slightly with dulled crimson eyes and smirked.

'Yes then we'll see what happens,' Zero thought and Thrust broke the stick. But a blinding crimson light shot forth and hit all of the Decepticons and they appeared back at their base along with the Autobots and Sam appearing back at the Autobots base as well.

"How did you do it?" Blur asked clear out of the blue. But Zero was too busy working on something else and the Autobots looked over.

"Here you go minicons good as new!" Zero said happily as she presented them with a fixed stick. "Oh I used some kind of power that I had no clue that I was using and when Thrust broke the stick everything went back to normal. But the stick made a sacrifice to save us so I fixed it and now the minicons are happy to have their stick back. So technically the stick saved the day!" Zero said happily and jumped up for joy. Sam even joined in jumping for joy even though she was still completely confused about the whole stick thing.

And so the stick actually saved everyone from the wrath of Megatron. But now that they know that Zero is really Blackhole what will they do to capture her? And why did Starscream help Zero out? All that will be found out on the next episode of Transformers Armada! -Transformer Armada ending theme begins to play-

Halfbreed Kagome: Bow to the power of the stick!

-everyone begins to bow and HK is freaked out-

Halfbreed Kagome: Didn't see that one coming…but oh well. Yeah and Zero is just discovering her powers. I'm planning that maybe in the next chapter Sam will get a minicon and Zero will learn to transform into her angel form. Which I have a picture of and when I get a scanner and scan it on the computer than I will post it up so you know what both Zero and Sam looks like. They're really cool pictures.

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