Chapter 1: The Darkness of our own hearts

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The Darva was finally destroyed; the darkness of human hearts was enveloped in light. Sometimes you can't believe such a thing, but it has been 2 years since the incident. Everything is now very peaceful, constant travel made the Neo Masters Alice Seno and Kyo Wakamiya very tired. The plane that seemed to take them to every branch was huge and luxurious. The leather felt very comfortable, and often made them look very differently at what they were supposed to be. "Kyo…. what branch are we going to this time?"

"Frey's branch, in Norway." Kyo shuddered to think of seeing that 'sex fiend.' He looked over at Alice; she looked very tired. The look almost made Kyo want to turn the plane back, and put Alice to bed. He knew this was impossible, because they wouldn't be even near the branch for 2 hours. Japan was 3 hours away as well, so it was impossible to ask for that. "Alice, you should really get some rest."

"Kyo, what if we arrive early? I don't want to be asleep for that…" Alice retorted softly, hoping not to hurt her boyfriend's feelings. Just as she had begun to think of something else, Kyo's arms went around her. The warmth of his embrace was almost enough to make her want to sleep.

"Alice, just rest. I'll be right here." He shifted a bit to get to a more comfortable position; he let his grasp loosen a bit for Alice to be comfortable. She didn't retort this time, just laid her head into his chest. He finally felt her breathing even out, knowing that she was finally resting. He stroked her hair silently, hoping that she would be able to sleep a little longer without that 'sex fiend' coming in. He looked toward the cockpit, silently breathing normally. He felt his own body succumbing to sleep as well. 'I guess a little sleep wouldn't hurt me either…' He silently closed his eyes, letting sleep take over his body.

A few hours later…

The plane landed with a silent drop, which woke Kyo up instantly. He looked around, seeing that their arrival was in the Norway branch finally. Alice was still resting peacefully; he hated to wake her when she was like this. He softly whispered into her ear, making sure not to shout. "Alice, I'm sorry to wake you. We're in Norway's branch now." He felt her shift slightly, her eyes opening to look at him. She looked up at him, hoping that this was just a dream, and she was still in the plane heading to Norway.

"Are we really here Kyo?" Alice shifted a bit to sit up more; she loved the warmth of his arms. It made her feel completely safe, and nothing could harm her.

"I'm afraid so Alice, but don't worry. I won't let that 'sex fiend' get you." Kyo's lips brushed Alice's softly. A smile came onto her at last, and Kyo let go of the grip. He got up, picking up the bags on the holder beside him. There were only two, but most of the clothes were packed in the top compartment. They traveled almost as much as they stayed home; it made school kind of hard. So they got a tutor a few months after the traveling started. He offered a hand to Alice, who took it as they walked out of the plane. All the people in the branch were there, and Frey was right in front. The master was pushing him back from coming towards them.

"Alice! Kyo! Over here!" Frey was dressed in his usual guide clothing, most were. This was tradition in every branch, and it sure got annoying fast. The master came towards them, offering his few kind words. The two let go of Frey's comments for now; this was not the time.

"Neo masters, thank you for honoring us with your presence. Would you like to rest a little before our meeting on our latest darva remnants?" The master bowed to his knees as he said this, just like every master of the branches did.

"Yes, just make sure no one bothers us as we settle in." Kyo's voice came out, as Alice was about to say it, she was glad. The master stood up, leading them through the crowd. The crowd stared in awe at them, almost as if to worship them. Frey looked hurt, but almost funny as they passed him again. He jumped up and down, trying to look at them, or get them to notice. A laugh threatened to escape Alice's lips, but she held it for the sake of Kyo. Kyo was holding his laugh so hard; she was going to try hard to as well. They finally entered the building after a few minutes, seeing the master open a door. A guard was outside the door, nodding to them as the master left them. They entered the room, and sat down on one of the comfy beds.

"Well, Frey's usual antics are still existent. The last time we came here, he almost kissed you again." Alice laughed a bit, causing Kyo to laugh a bit as well.

"That sex fiend never gives up. I better teach him a thing or two the next time we get to see him alone. I'll take all his jam away." This caused them to laugh even more, the thought of what that would look like made them relax. Kyo began to put on his mirror of Lota, making Alice remember what was going on. She put on her own as they said the key together. They sat for a while, looking at their homework from the tutor. They had only a year of this to deal with, before they officially were out. Then they would make their own branch and have millions of guests. This thought made them sad, thinking of where to put the branch. They could take over any branch they wanted, and even make a new building for their branch. Finally, after half an hour of relaxing, they decided to go to learn of what darva remnants remained. The guard silently escorted them to the room; Frey and the master, along with a few other guides were there.

"You two sit at the top of the table." Frey pointed to the area that exposed them both in everyone's sight. That made them quite nervous, but they sat there. They were used to this treatment; every branch was the same.

"The latest darva remnants are small, but could pose a threat. They have been sighted on the small border that keeps normal people from entering the branch." The master motioned toward one of the guides, which pointed to a map. "We fear that the darva remnants are going to try to destroy the barrier by merging together. The process we would want to use is to destroy all the darva remnants at the barrier at once. This is impossible, but doing it by destroying groups will take a few days." The master then looked towards them, his eyes looking for an answer. Alice then managed an answer.

"How many groups do you plan to destroy? How many are there?"

"There are 3 groups, but we know of the main group in the center. If we destroy the center with your help, we'll be able to handle the weaker ones."

"Well, will it require a lot of power to destroy the main one?"

"Yes, the main group has a high maram power source. Our lotis has only managed to weaken it."

"What do you think Kyo?"

"I think we should do what the master says. It's a good idea, the main group must be giving power to the other two." Kyo's voice came out strong as he gave his answer.

"Then we'll start tomorrow morning, for now we'll rest and enjoy a good meal. After breakfast tomorrow, we'll start on the plan." A few people began to come in with trays of food, lots of food that looked as if it had taken 3 days to make. Alice and Kyo could barely eat all that was on their plates, and the food seemed almost endless on the trays. Finally dinner was removed, revealing a scrumptious dessert. Alice and Kyo only managed one serving of the dessert.

"Kyo and I believe it is time to rest, we thank you for the most enjoyable and delicious meal." Alice finally managed to say as she stood up, the guard in front of their door came in, escorting them in. They disengaged the mirror of lota's on themselves and changed into pajamas silently. There was a screen, which helped a lot. After changing, and getting washed up…they finally decided to rest. "Kyo."

"Yes Alice?" He looked over at Alice on her bed; she looked almost lonely on the big bed that she laid on. He knew that this would be bad to some, but since they were going out with each other, it didn't matter. He walked over and got under the covers along side her. She hugged him tightly; he then felt her warmth. He put his arms around her, and they kissed softly. "Good night Alice."

"Good night Kyo." Alice fell asleep softly, and Kyo fell asleep almost instantly. Their love kept them safe at night, and their love was all that both of them needed to live on.

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