Chapter 14

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The time seemed to finally come at last, all that they had dreamed of. Alice sat in her bridal chamber, the dress she had tried on adorning her delicate body. All the females in the room were staring at her in awe, making her seem almost like an idol. Most of them were bridesmaids; Mei Lin and Marina were still there. "Well, butterflies in your stomach Alice?" Marina began to speak, sitting down beside Alice in a chair.

"Yeah, I guess. There's so many people here…that makes me nervous."

"You mean the branches, makes sense."

"Yeah, but did you see how many were there? I feel like a sore thumb…" Alice put her head down, not saying anything. Her eyes focused on a part of the carpeted floor, and not on the vanity.

"Don't worry Alice, just think of Kyo being there. You and Kyo all by yourselves."

"Thanks Mei Lin, well…we better get everything done…" Alice smiled at Mei Lin, and the other two relaxed as they helped with the remaining tasks.


Kyo looked around the room; everyone else seemed to be there. Chris in his suit, petting his bird, Frey eating jam, Billy was the only one standing really near him. "Billy?"

"Yeah Kyo?"

"Am I supposed to be this nervous about the wedding? There are a lot of butterflies for such a happy occasion."

"I wouldn't worry, considering I have to go through the same thing with Marina." Billy had his sunglasses on still; he didn't want to take them off quite yet.

Flashback…(Billy's POV)

I looked towards her, the woman I had met a year ago. I clutched the black vinyl box in one hand, and I didn't know how to say it. I wanted to tell her the truth…but it was becoming really hard now. I knew if I didn't do it now, I'd never be able to. "Marina?"

"What is it Billy?" I stared at her eyes, mesmerized by the way her lips curved on every word, coming to spark interest in her eyes. Her cloak fit her curves, as if specially made for her body. I could barely handle my nerves as I looked at her through my sunglasses. I had been dating her for two months, and this time I had to say it…before I lost myself.

"Could we talk? On the bench?" I trusted that bench, ever since the day I had talked to her. I looked towards her, her body sitting on the bench with a soft thud. Her body was relaxed, looking strait at me. I took off my sunglasses, not doing anything more than letting her look into my eyes.

"What is it Billy? Is something wrong? Are you unsure about our relationship?" So many questions could leave her mouth, when she was alone with me that is. I still kept up the courage I needed, taking a deep breath as I unclenched the fist with the box.

"Marina, I know…that we haven't been dating that long…but…" I opened the box, shifting away from her body a little more. I looked at her surprised expression; I could not leave her eyes. "Marina…would you…marry me? I mean…will you-" I was cut off by her lips, so soft, so sweet and tempting to kiss every time. I wanted to keep in this moment forever. Her lips parted with mine, after a few minutes, Her eyes sparked still.

"Of course Billy." She wasn't good with words either, and a small laugh escaped our lips as I opened the box. The ring wasn't as fancy as some were, but it contained a ruby chip, matching her favorite color. Her finger made the ring shimmer greatly against her hand. We pulled together for another kiss, and this one lasted much longer.

End Flashback…(end POV)

"Trust me Kyo, just focus on her…and it will end sooner than you know it." Billy nodded as a bell began to ring softly. Kyo nodded towards Billy in agreement.


The wedding begins….

Kyo walked through the aisle, looking around a little. There were branch people everywhere, and Frey was walking beside him. To decide who was best man, he had had a very hard decision. He hoped that Frey was the best choice, considering Ida had never had the chance to marry him. Frey missed Ida a lot, though he hid it quite well. He kept hearing the music, standing in his spot as he saw Alice. He gasped at what he saw, she was beautiful, and her dress fit her curves perfectly. She moved towards him the fastest she could manage, Marina and Mei Lin following behind her. She now stood across from him, the priest's words barely reaching his ears. "Kyo Wakamiya, do you accept Alice Seno as your lawfully wedded wife? To love and to hold, through illness and death?"

"I do."

"Alice Seno, Do you accept Kyo Wakamiya as your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, through illness and death?"

"I do."

"You may now kiss the bride." Kyo removed the thin veil in front of her face, moving to her face. Their lips touched, making their mirrors of lota engage in a bright light. Their lips would not part at all, they kept together like glue, and their tongues play games slightly. The time must have been an hour later, but in reality it was only 10 minutes. Their lips parted, air finally getting into their lungs.

At the party…

Alice and Kyo held hands as they cut the first slice. The cake was huge, enough for two servings for everyone at the party. The new, shiny knife cut through in the delicate white frosting designs. The different colors swirled in the white design, and mesmerized anyone. Music began to play, finally as people began to eat. Alice looked at the dance floor, which contained Billy and Marina. A few others were dancing as well, but she wanted to be there. "Alice, do you want to dance?" Kyo's voice said, his hand held out to her. The wedding rings they chose, simple silver shined at her.

"I do…" She touched his hand, getting up with his help. They came to the dance floor, and Alice came into a frame with him. She twirled into a dance, her dress brushing against the wood of the floor. Kyo's arms encircled her, and she didn't do anything other than follow his movements. By the end of the song, she was unable to understand what she was doing now. Her legs were tired, so she retired to the chair immediately, picking at the remaining cake on her plate.

That night…

Kyo had Alice held in his arms, knocking open the door with his foot. "Man, this was so much easier in the movies." Kyo laughed, laying Alice on the bed the best he could.

"I know what you mean, I'm pooped." Her eyes looked up into his, looking at Kyo at the moment. He sat down, holding her form in his arms.

"It's over, we're finally together Alice."

"I know…I'm glad it's over." Kyo smiled as he kissed Alice again, this time with more passion. Their lips were on fire, and they kept moving through each other's mouths. Their tongues were on fire, moving around as they played games with each other's tongues. Their eyes were shut tightly, feeling the passion of their kiss. They both fell to the bed, and began to kiss again. There was no telling what would happen, and by the time their kisses had ended…life seemed better. Life was perfect, now that Kyo and Alice were together. Their love will never leave.

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