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Hello new papyrus scroll... what to do with you? I love new papyrus so much; it seems a waste to use you for lessons... I know... no, I don't... ah well... what say I use a used scroll for my lessons and come back to you later? Sounds like a plan to me.


I'm back, as you might have guessed... well... Mother says I need to 'learn to use my language skills better,' and forced me to start a stupid journal that I must show to her daily... wait! I can use some other papyrus for that, and record all my INTERESTING thoughts in you! I have found a use for some good papyrus!

Perhaps I should begin with who I am and how old I am, whatever you're supposed to do in a journal. Okay, so I am Prince Atemu of Egypt, I have a father, a mother, and an uncle. Yeah... I don't really know who's next in line to the throne after myself, then uncle Akunadin. Our bloodline is really... whacked. Though I'm not supposed to say that.

So... where to begin? Well... Mana blew up Mahaado's staff in magic lessons today... very amusing... it took us hours to repair it... and then it got blown up again! No, not by Mana, but by me! THAT was amusing! Poor Mahaado, I do believe he is going to need a new staff soon.

Well... let's get off the topic of magic. I hear too much about it. Magic this and magic that, future destiny, spells, enchantments, incantations... I enjoy harnessing any shadow magic, and it seems to come unusually easily to me, especially in the form of dueling, and then specifically when it's a darker-type monster that I awaken.

I just started out talking about magic and ended talking about dueling. My mind just works like that. But if you look at everything as a game or duel, you can manipulate the rules any way you want to, and you are never breaking the rules!

Father, also known as the Pharaoh Akunamukanon (Six syllables. I pity him. I'm glad I was named Atemu and not Akunamukanon the second. That would be nine syllables! I'll take my three and be on my merry way, thank you very much!), says that my kaa monster will probably be a dark one, most likely in the form of a human or a very powerful animal. But I doubt I'll see my kaa monster any time soon, as they often choose to show up when their master is in danger or is about to be killed, so as fighting, trickery and gaming are my obvious fortes in life, I doubt mine will show up until some rebellious commoner attempts to assassinate me, and actually survives my punches and assaults of shadow magic long enough to get a kick or two in edgewise. I can assure you that I am jumping for joy at this thought. Attempted assassination. Lovely.

Ah yes, I have quite an embarrassing story to tell. I believe it is because of this happening that I picked you up again today, for recording my thoughts seems to soothe me for some reason.

Just a while ago at our evening meal something happened that even our High Priestess Isis, with her extensive knowledge of the future, didn't see coming. Father and I were engaged in one of our nightly debates, which I actually find enjoyable, the reason being that to find truly intelligent conversation in this world is quite a hard thing to accomplish. Just as I was in the process of knocking father's argument flat, hitting down point after point, something hit me on the back of my head. Hard! Mana stood in back of my chair, looking ready to kill, a wooden stew ladle in hand. So that's what hit me. Mental note: keep Mana away from all wooden stew ladles.

"Do you not know what 'pass the water bucket' means, Princie? Or were you too busy debating? Honestly, you'll never actually NEED that to rule Egypt; your looks have it made for you already!"

Our long table, with our regular seating positions of Father at the head and mother on his left, followed on that side by Akunadin, Mahaado, Mana (though she was standing before me just then), and Karim, and myself on Father's right, next to me Seth, and then Isis, Shaadii and Shimon, suddenly became utterly still.

Mana drew back. "D... did I just s-say that... out loud?"

My mother nodded, and Mana fled from the large palace dining hall right then and there, leaving an immensely uncomfortable silence after her. Mother suddenly got up and walked briskly out as well, turning left as she came to the hall in the direction of Mana's bedchamber.

Meanwhile, my mind was racing. What exactly had she said? My looks? I looked down at myself; nothing special, and these unruly spikes on top of my head hardly qualify as hair. Afternoon, midnight and setting sun in one head of hair should not be possible. I looked back up to find our entire table staring at me, and felt a strong heat become present in my cheeks that seems to be quite attached to me as of late. Everyone, myself included, averted their eyes, and I hid my face until I was quite positive it had cooled down. The remainder of our evening meal was spent in silence, save for an occasional cough or request to pass a dish. I bolted for my chambers the second a servant came in to take away our used dishes, collapsing on the feather mattress on my bed, resting my head on the linen pillow. Satin and silk... I don't like them. Why was I so exhausted? My mind would not stop spinning. Mana... did she... think of me as... more than a friend... no... Does she? I'm still not sure. This all happened barely a few hours ago.

I felt a weight on my shoulder and leapt to my feet, hands automatically balling into fists, as is natural instinct for all the residents of the palace. You can imagine my relief when it was only Father. He quirked an eyebrow at my raised fists.

"I see that your training in combat has gone well, but you need not brandish those at me," he commented, a twinkle in his eye.

I shook out my hands as Father's expression became more serious, making me feel uncomfortable. He silently motioned for me to sit on the edge of the bed, and I did, he following me.

"You can probably guess what I've come to discuss."

'The exact thing I don't want to discuss.' Ah, if only I could've said that aloud! "What happened at our evening meal tonight?" I ventured, I admit it, timidly. Not like me at all.

"Yes," was all he said. We sat in silence for a few minutes, me waiting for him to start to speak and get it over with. The number of these rather... uncomfortable... lectures had drastically increased within the last moon cycle alone. I broke the silence, unable to endure it. Patience, alas, has never been my strong point. Oh, and here it is really quite amusing to compare what I wanted to say and what I actually said during our lovely little father/son chat, which you will find ended on a rather sour note. Not my fault.


He remained mute, shifted a bit in his position, and finally said something.

"You didn't last very long."

What the heck was that supposed to mean?


"That only lasted the time it takes to write out my full name on a cartouche."

And his point was what, exactly?


"And, it means that you aren't dealing with stress as I have taught you."

I care oh-so-much about dealing with stress. Really.


"You'll need to be able to deal with many problems when you're pharaoh. You're going to have to try harder at controlling your tongue. I know it's quick and Ra knows it might very well speak for the most intelligent head in this country, but you've got to keep it under control."

That rule may just be broken.


"It's just something you need to learn to do, Atemu." And here his lecture would normally start. But it didn't. I felt his hand on my chin as he turned my face to look at him. "So today, I will allow you to ask the questions. What would you like to ask me?"

Nothing. No, wait... Would you please go away and bother someone ELSE about THEIR personal and highly embarrassing issues? What about... hmm... MANA!


"Wrong answer."

Maybe I didn't care.


"Atemu, I'm not leaving any time soon."

"What the -profanity not fit for clean papyrus- was his problem?

"What... What did Mana mean when she said that... at evening meal...?" WHAT? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT! WHY DID MY TONGUE JUST DEFY MY WILL!

"She meant what she said, Atemu, but obviously a few more of her thoughts at that time were conveyed than you would have liked, I believe."

Yes, of course! Mana's my best FRIEND! There are no 'sentimental feelings for a member of the opposite sex,' so Father calls them, in friendship! FRIENDship!


"What, specifically?"

I thought I was going to ask the questions!

"I... um, well... she said... something about my looks..."

"What did you interpret it as?"

"That she fancies my appearance, and judging by the expressions of all the other adults that were at the table, it's the truth."

I loathed this unfair game in which to surrender was my only option.

"And at this point I must ask you a question; what are you thinking right now?" To my great surprise and displeasure, he put his hand to my forehead- entering my soul room! That is extremely private property! What the -more profanity that is not fit for clean papyrus- did he think he was doing! NO WAY!

I felt something within myself fizzle and burn to the point of exploding, and the next thing I knew, Father was on the ground, gasping for air.

"Father!" I exclaimed, having no idea what had happened. I tried to lift him, but he stood up, facing me with a menacing glare. But I didn't back off. Number one rule of being a True Gamer: NEVER back away from a challenge. I also knew that if that were a contest to keep a steady gaze, I would win. Sometimes, when I beat an older opponent in a game or competition, they'll say something about my eyes... adults seem to put a lot of store by eyes for some reason. Like mine, they're 'sharp as arrows, and dyed the color of the bloodshed such astoundingly crafted weapons are sure to bring,' according to a wise old man I versed at Senet once. I learned so much from him...

But as mysterious and fascinating as that old man was, back to that little stare-down between Father and me. Father's face was flaming and twisted with no less than Ra's rage.

"You... You just beat me down... with shadow magic!"

I had figured that out by then. "My mind is my business, Father."

A sound came from his throat which sounded rather like the growl of a prowling lion, but he just shook his head, striding over to the marble arch that led into the front room of my chambers, calling over his shoulder, "Goodnight, son."

I must go to bed now, for I have developed a searing headache. But I shall get back to you soon, you need not worry. And when I run out of space on you, you'll have a successor!

Atemu... that sounds boring. I need something more interesting to sign as.

Just a random little thing I felt like doing, a funny little journal of the early teen years of 'Temu's life. Whadda y'all thinkies?