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I just came upon this scroll while looking through my old chambers, and it really does make me realize how fast time can fly. It's amazing to see everything pass before my eyes as I read this, and it also saddens me, because it makes me realize also just how dearly I miss those days of my childhood, playing games, running, dueling...

Well, now I'm seventeen, and I am Pharaoh. Father was killed in a battle with a white-haired tomb robber. I have a bad feeling about that tomb robber, though I don't know why. It's their existence to steal, get caught, and either live the rest of their lives in our palace dungeon or be killed. So why should I worry about this one? I shouldn't.

Why am I even wasting time talking to a scroll of papyrus? I have an exhausting amount of work to do regarding my father's sudden and unexpected death, and also, his tomb. Though I don't give a care, it is only polite to bury him well. In all honesty I don't believe he deserves it, but ah... there is only so much I can do.

Writing this now is making me think back on the years since I became too busy to write. For some reason I want to pour it all out, like I used to. I think I will; I've already started.

What upsets me most is that Mana and I can no longer court; I am just far too busy with ruling Egypt, and she with her rigorous magic training. Maybe, when things die down, we will be able to get back together again. But even now, I want to push everything out of the way and just feel her arms around me, her hair slipping through my fingers, and her lips on mine. I miss more than anything, though, the many hours we came to spend dancing, just dancing, to our own beat and our own music, the tempo and melody of our hearts.

Seto and Kisara had to split for the same reason. This tears at my heart. They were so very much in love, and so much passion was stored in their relationship, that when they had to close it, Seto fell into an unbearable depression. It was obviously unbearable for him to be experiencing, and to watch from the side. He would often moan in his sleep, having nightmares about Kisara. In the end, the two of us had a talk. But it was I, not him, that was helping the other. Here is something that also saddens me: I am considered, though still a boy in body, an adult of higher status than everyone in our entire nation. Seto and I can give each other advice, and fight right alongside each other, but he is no longer higher than me. He is no longer infallible to me. I have now realized that I must have more trust in myself than ever before to survive in this world, and being Pharaoh doesn't help.

Of course, all the High Priests have helped me to adjust, but to become a Pharaoh at age seventeen is quite trying. I don't want to rule Egypt yet! Father could have at least been considerate enough to wait until I got a beard before he went off and died...

Oh, and I have a bit of present news to report as well! Just the other day I happened to be taking a shortcut to the throne room through a courtyard, and saw Isis and Karim sitting together under a tree, kissing. Poor Karim blushed harder than I'd ever seen him blush and Isis gave a little squeak; whether it was in fear or embarrassment, I don't know. The amusing part comes now. Mahaado walked in on our situation and started laughing to no end, turned to me, and exclaimed, "You seriously hadn't figured it out, Pharaoh? They liked each other since the second they met!" Karim and Isis weren't too happy about this, but Mahaado and I were too busy laughing our eyes out to care. It's rare that we get such a good laugh nowadays, and I am thankful and indebted to Isis and Karim, though I do feel a bit sorry for them.

But I have had to learn, quite painfully, that good must come with bad. I have refrained from writing this next fact here, for that would be to finally admit that it is true, which it is. Mother also died. She was also attacked by that tomb robber. She will also be mummified and buried. Though I am ashamed to admit it now, I am crying to write this.

I can remember Mother's death so vividly, even now. But it's what happened after her death that I want to write about, for it was the last time Mana and I kissed.

I had run to my chambers after fending off that tomb robber(I don't know his name, just that he has white hair and an odd scar under his right eye.), and collapsed on my bed, crying. Both my parents were killed in a matter of minutes, and Isis's Tauk had been glowing the whole time the robber was terrorizing the palace. When we finally got to talk, she said it was because she sensed great troubles ahead. Isis is amazing with her magic, so I knew she must be right.

So there I was, making an idiot of myself crying, when Mana came in. I didn't hear or see her enter, and only was I aware of her presence when she lay down next to me and hugged my tightly around the waist, burying her face in my back.

"Pharaoh, don't cry..." she mumbled quietly. THAT woke me up.


"Don't cry."

"No... what did you call me?"


It hit me just then that my parents were really dead, and nothing was ever going to be the same. The title of Pharaoh tied the final knot that sent all my emotions skyrocketing.

"Mana..." I sobbed, clutching her to me. I really have no idea how long we stayed there like that, for, as I have said, time flies. Half the time, I think the sundials lie.


She didn't call me Princie, like she usually did. She couldn't. I wasn't. I would never be that Prince, that boy, again. I was Pharaoh.

"Mana... call me Princie one more time."

"Okay. I love you, Princie."

I kissed her lightly on the cheek, and we nuzzled our faces together, something we did at least three times a day. I miss that affection so much now.

"Mana... Isis said that... we're going to have trouble."

"I know. She said that that tomb robber would be back, Pharaoh."

Her use of my new title there meant, 'You can't keep crying about it. It's over, and yes, half the palace is destroyed, and yes, your parents are dead, and yes, you're Pharaoh, even though you're still five foot three and you don't have a beard. Go and help Egypt,' and I knew it.

"Mana... I need to go."

We each knew what that meant. I had to leave her, and love, for the time being. Egypt was in trouble, and I was the one those millions of people were depending on to help them. I had to go, and she had to stay. Stay away. Not only for Egypt, but for her own safety. We each understood the other's words without any further translation. We lay there for a few more minutes, before I leaned forward and her eyes slid closed, for the last time. Maybe I'll be able to kiss her again someday. Maybe not. Something is telling me that the latter is true, though I wish it would stop. I wish with all my heart for the former to triumph. I love Mana, and I love her deeply.

She loves me just as much, as is all too obvious. Although we are no longer courting, we cannot resist a brief hug and light kiss before each meal that we see each other at. It seems like I live my whole life for those hugs and kisses, occasionally even a bit of her face nuzzling mine.

What? There's a fire outside the palace! It seems like it sprung out of nowhere, and there are villagers running and screaming and ducking for cover. Banners, carts, even grass homes are being destroyed! I must go, and it's a good thing, because I have just come to the end of this scroll. I can now sign, with pride and without any doubt in myself, as:

-Atemu, Pharaoh of Egypt

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