Went to high school with the hopes of finding half-way intelligent people. I have failed. They still heart psuedo-hiding-from-view their half-finished, half-baked angsty poetry. The pain.


Neji Over-Angsts Some More

Ch 8 : Very Short Chapter


"Ahhhh!" I screamed, flailing my arms and running about in an altogether very un-angsty action.

"Someone... someone... SOMEONE USED MY HAIR STRAIGHTENER!" I yelled, looking down at my haphazardly placed Chi ($140... Well worth the week's shortage of kunai) on my dressing table (upturned cardboard box), the wire running about in all SORTS of crazy directions, and the twisty-tie just LYING THERE!

Why is the twisty-tie there for, huh! It's for the TWISTING and TYING of WIRES!

OMG, these people.

I could think of only one culprit.

It had to be that Hinata bitch! If she thinks she can get away with that... weird... faux-bowl-weird-strands-of-hair-hanging-down-her-face hair cut then she is wrong. DEAD wrong.


I started to think murderous plans to stop the Main House ONCE AND FOR ALL.


I could perhaps... pee... in their... soup...?

...Eh shuddup, it's been a long day and my brain just... died from the sheer force of SHINOOOOOO.

Well... not really. I just really wanted to say 'Shino' with alot of O's at the end.

...Don't look at me like that. You know you want to do it too.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

...YES, WELL, anyways, I decided to save the 'ULTIMATE REVENGE PLAN OF DOOM' for tommorow, for my skin was already becoming the slightest bit oily from over-thinking. THINK OF THE ACNE.

So I walked over to my calandar of puppies romping about in a grassy meadow- I mean calandar of... dark...ness... and prepared to mark down the date in which to think and/or act upon murderous intentions toward the Main House.

But then... THEN, that was when I saw it. Written there in non-descript black ink in the little box marked, '3 JULY' was the letter. The one letter... TO RULE THEM ALL.

It was the letter B.

Weren't expecting that, were you? I knew it. You were expecting an X or perhaps an A, WEREN'T YOU! ADMIT IT! Those letters are phonies I tell you... PHONIEEEESSSSS!

...Anyways, what was I saying?

Oh, yes. The B.

B... for... BIRTHDAY.

And WHOSE birthday was it you ask!




Worst of all, it was TOMMOROW. TOMMOROW of all days! The day of... well, it was the day of no particular importance BUT IT WAS STILL MY BIRTHDAY TOMMOROW!

RAWR! I was so wrapped up in the problem of Gaara muscling in on our territory, that I had completely forgotten to prepare to do what I did every year for my birthday; which was putting some Cheetos underneath the basement stairs- where I would hide out the enitre day of my BIRTH.

Why must I, Neji, the King of all Angst stoop to being cooped underneath the basement stairs you ask? (I certaintly think up alot of questions for you to ask me, don't I?)

Because, every year, SOMEONE, ANYONE would attempt to throw me a party.

BAH! Parties. I despise them. What with all the yelling and the fun and the blowing out of CANDLES! Doesn't anyone see how DANGEROUS it is! Not to mention you'd be getting your saliva ALL OVER the cake. WHO WANTS SPIT CAKE? It is just plain the dumbest thing in the world.

Not to mention that even being seen NEAR a party could just KILL your angsting status!

...Angsting parties are the exception... But no one ever threw me an angsting party beore... ;-;

I'm so unloved.

(That's okay. It just makes me all the more... well you know what I'm going to say...



Anywho, without my pre-birthday preperations, it leaves me open and VULNERABLE to... PARTY ATTACKS!


I felt a bead of sweat roll down my forehead, and I could practically FEEL the acne it was inspiring to burst out onto my beautiful skin! This realization caused me to panic, WHICH CAUSED ME TO SWEAT EVEN MORE! Noooooo!

I quickly grabbed an anti-...sweat... towelette and wiped like there was no tommrorow.

Which caused me to remember that tommrorow was a my birthday.

Then I fainted.

I mean, blacked out.

It sounds more manly.


Next Day (Zomgs! D:)


Opening my eyes slowly, I felt a head rush come on as I attempted to sit up.

...And that was when...

When I heard it...

The sound that still haunts me to THIS VERY DAY (which is actually right now... because I am telling this story in the present tense. OR MAYBE NOT. I hate grammar :O)...

And that sound was...


To be continued...!


Yay! I finally finished the chapter after 2 years of hiatus. HUZZAH! ...Very bad ending I know but I'm tired... I have no idea how to continue. Please.. suggestions please.

...I actually re-read this entire story and realized that it makes little to no coherent sense... OH WELL!

Also I did not put this through spell-check. Forgive any spelling errors please.