Preview: This story is a continuation of my story When I'm gone. So if you have not read it, you will need to do so before going any further with this story.

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Chapter 1

Leo watched his youngest son as he slept on the couch in the attic. He felt horribly about putting the boy to sleep with the magical dust, but he had no choice. Instantly his mind flashed images from Chris's vision quest. He couldn't believe that after all this time, that it was his friend that was after his son. Tears formed in the man's eyes as he remembered how his mentor killed one child to get to the other.

"Damn him!" Leo spoke out loud. Gideon was his friend, his mentor, the man he trusted more than anyone else besides Piper.

The pain, hurt and anger was ripping him apart. Sensing that something was wrong Piper stopped her potion making and went to her husband's side. At first the man was too lost in thoughts to notice his wife's presence.

"Don't' worry he won't get away with this I promise" Slightly turning in her direction he shot back

"There's no way you can make a promise like that Piper!"

The response startled her at first. The truth behind his words hit home. As much as she hated to admit it to herself Leo was right. But as Piper looked at her son that slept soundly, which was something he so desperately needed, his sorrowful face told her all that she needed to know. Giving up was not an option, she had to fight with everything she had for both of her boys.

Turning back to her husband she knew that it was the hardest on him. After all it was someone who had fought so hard for them to be together in the first place, someone who they considered a true friend and paragon of good.

"Listen honey" she began "I know it seems as if we're fighting a loosing battle, but we have to try, our boys deserve that much."

That's when the man spoke up as his voice cracked "We have to do more than try Piper, because there's no way in hell I'm going to lose either one of my children"

Looking at his amazing and heroic son he added "He's done too much, risked too much, for us to be killed by the very people who are supposed to represent everything that he stands for" he raised his voice at the last part which caused the boy to stir. Immediately he tried to soothe the boy.

"It's ok Chris, you're safe. No ones going to hurt you."

With every word the man said Piper's heart broke. She wished that she could ease her husband's pain. While the other part of her was angry and wanted revenge on all Elders, especially Gideon.

She couldn't believe how blind she had been. Thinking back the woman could now remember many different occasions when Gideon was acting strange or suspicious but each time she would discount it or brush it off, something that she will regret for a life time to come, that she was sure of. It was then that Leo's voice filled the air.

"Hey I'm going to head to magic school and pick up a few more books from the library. Can you stay with Chris? I don't want him to be alone"

"As if you had to ask. Don't worry I won't leave his side for one minute, so take as much time as you need."

"Ok, I won't be long" Before he could orb Piper added

"Just be careful if you run into any of the Elders. We don't want them to figure out what we're up to. I mean God only knows what they would do if they found out."

"Don't worry I'll be just fine" Leo finished before he turned into the tiny blue lights.

Once he was gone Piper sat on the table in front of her son. The boy was still sleeping heavily as she watched his chest expand and retract with each breath.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry about all this. But I swear that your life will be better this time around. No matter what I have to do, you and your brother will be safe. She then sat back quietly as tears ran down her face, as the horrible images made their way back into her head.