When you're alone, and sorrowfully crying,

is it true, I'm really dying?

Why am I, in such great pain?

What does the world, have to gain?

Yes, I am broken, and have lost my joy,

but that does not make me, an abandoned toy.

A little damaged, a scratch or two,

a little cut, will more than do.

As you cry, I think of the ice,

and wonder why, I don't suffice.

The fire of burning, kills my sorrows.

While only you, stop death on the 'morrow.

You've saved my spirit, but not my soul.

You've tried your hardest, I see, I know.

You see the light, flicker in my eyes.

You've seen the ways, I've dealt with lies.

My hand cuts deep, into my flesh.

I know you're sorry, please worry much less.

It's not 'cause of you, but 'cause of my mind,

please know I love you, and your true shine.

Please go, and know, that your heart, is mine.

This short poem can be thought of in both Draco's, and Harry's thoughts. I like to read in both PoV's, and see which one best fits, (I think Draco's personally) but please review and tell me who you think. I wrote this in Driver's Ed. and I officially hate that class...blargh...hope you like it, and I wrote it while listening to Dixie Chicks' "Traveling Solider" toodle oodle! Review Por Favor!