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I Loved Him

Chapter 1-One Precious Day.

I remember that day—almost perfectly. I was always such a rebellious soul then, but Liu Bei was one to put up with me. I believe now he knew one day I would soften. And, furthermore, I think he knew that our newcomer would be the one to do it. That's probably why he sent me to welcome them.

I was only 23, unmarried, just waiting for a nice gentleman, one who would respect me. I contemplated many things sitting on my horse in the cool wind of April.

"Lady Aven Yu, could you kindly wait at the south entrance for our newcomers?"

With a small sigh I agreed—while Liu Bei smiled widely at me, watching until I was gone from sight. I was glad that as soon as I got there a horse was about to come in. Not a real triumphant entrance, especially with how Lord Liu Bei speaks of these people. I remember thinking.

I pulled Mei, my horse, out of the way and dismounted. As I turned, I saw a man standing perfectly erect fanning himself with a white feather fan. He was attractive, his long and cascading black hair adorned his shoulders beautifully, and his eyes were warm and inviting. His garb reminded me of a Taoist hermit.

"Greetings, I am Zhuge Liang, or Kongming if you would prefer, and who might you be?" Wow! Handsome. Nice brown eyes. A fan? Wait, a strategist! Perhaps, he will lead Shu to victory! He's very polite. What's the catch???

"I am Lady Aven Yu." He smiled, and it killed me, I kind of liked this guy, oh no! Still jovial he took my hand and kissed it softly.

"A pleasure Lady Yu. Permit me to introduce you to my wife." My heart sank. Of course, all the nice men are either old, or taken-- or both. He was perhaps the nicest guy I ever met—or at least right up there with Liu Bei. So, after he said this, a woman, slightly plain, yet still attractive, appeared behind him.

"Yes, my husband?" 'Yes, my husband?' who does she think she is? I felt a slight pang of jealousy. I didn't know why though, I had only now, met the man.

"This is Lady Aven Yu."

"Hello, I am Yue Ying, are you to show us to our new lord?" In my train of thought I had nearly forgotten my assignment and I scolded myself for it. This man had such an effect, and it began to frighten me.

"Yes, I am. Come, Liu Bei's tent is in this direction." I remember Xuande's tent being near my own, the small training field was to the northern entrance, and Zhuge Liang's tent, as I would come to find was on the other side of my own. I pulled the small curtain back, revealing Liu Bei reading calmly on his cot. Upon seeing the 3 of us he placed the book on the nightstand to his right and stood.

"Master Sleeping Dragon, Lady Ying, Ahhhh and my Lady Yu."

"Master Xuande, A pleasure to see you again. After your three visits, I was compelled to accept your request. I shall get right to work, as soon as I have been briefed on the current affairs of state."

"Of course. I have high expectations for you. I shall have Aven Yu show you to your tent."

"I thank you." This man was obviously intelligent, but Liu Bei called me over and told me that their tent would be the one on the other side of mine. Yes! Right next to mine? I swear Liu Bei is a mind reader! You like this guy! Aven Yu, I can't believe you are falling for this man. He's married! I just hope it doesn't turn into anything more than a harmless crush.

Next, I made sure I was assigned whatever I could be, just to be near, Zhuge Liang, and tried, also, to make sure Yue Ying would be as far from us as possible. It seemed he got right to work and only a day after his arrival. Any lesser a man would have wasted precious time on wine and feast. Dedicated. This guy is…wow! If only… Perish the thought Aven Yu, you can never have him, nor do you deserve such a man.

"Lady Aven Yu."

"Yes, my lord?" He smiled and looked up from his never-ending studies.

"My lord? Come Aven Yu! Why be so formal with one so simple as I? However, you may call me what you will. By all means it is late. Please rest, the Battle of Bo Wan Po is upon us in 3 days. You may come in the morning to join me with the work again."

"I shall stay and help all night if I must."

"That is far from necessary, Lady Yu, in the morning, we will continue working."

"You must take your own advice, I shall not leave until you go to sleep." Zhuge Liang laughed.

"Very well, it is a deal, we will both rest." I rose and placed my hand on his shoulder before exiting to my own tent.

I remember now, crying myself with bitter tears to sleep. I didn't love him, no not yet. I forbade me it. Every morning since I'd met him I purposed in my heart that I couldn't like him as I did, and couldn't let my feelings escalate any further. But every morning, I would see him and his smile broke my heart, as if he was taunting me. Seeing him nullified all my promises. I always told myself it was impossible, but the daring side of me came through, revealing what I tried in all my sincerity to hide from the world. He haunted every dream I had, yet I continued to claim I didn't care about him for more than a good friend, but try as I did I couldn't remove him from my soul.