To Capture Her Spirit
Setalina Muro

Summary: For his entire existence, the Thief King had sought to kill the Pharaoh. Now, seeking revenge, he kidnaps Kawai Shizuka and falls in love with her, plunging himself into ancient memories about a woman he lost three millennia ago… BxSxK TBxKxPS

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Chapter Five

The Plan and the Contest

Honestly, it was an unpleasant situation to wake up in. As Shizuka opened her eyes it took her a moment to register the strange sounds that assaulted her ears. The first was the loud clatter of pots and the second, a voice (Bakura, she could only assume) swearing between Japanese and another, unfamiliar language. She sat up slowly, stretching her arms high above her head, wondering for a brief instant why she was laying on the couch (not even recalling the reason she was even taking the pleasant little 'nap' in the first place) as she continued to give ear to Bakura's unfathomable curses against the offending items.

Turning, she spotted him in the kitchen, frantically toying with something burning on the stove. A moment later, whatever the thief had been trying to concoct sputtered to life with a tall spurt of fire. He jumped back instantly, singed by the heat, before he began to ruthlessly attack the small blaze with a kitchen towel. Fruitlessly, the towel only caught flame and Bakura dropped it, stomping angrily. Damn it…out of all the lessons his grandmother had given him, why the hell wasn't cooking one of them?

By this time, Shizuka was beside him, a small red bottle of CO2 in her hands. She wished she could call herself an expert on such equipment, but even with a few experiments by Jounouchi in which it had been required, the results of using the dousing chemicals promised nothing more than for the fire to be out.

She pulled the pin and let lose the chemical warfare. It suffocated the fire immediately, but Shizuka had lost control of the extinguisher, and soon, most of the kitchen (including its two occupants) was covered in thick white foam.

Bakura coughed slightly (the foam bringing about an impression of his true age) and unceremoniously, a dollop toppled from his head. Shizuka snickered and he narrowed his eyes at her, shivering slightly from the cold compressed carbon dioxide. But the reaction of the scowling thief did not serve to end her euphoria, but encourage it. He watched her with a disapproving stare, his mouth a straight line. Eventually, it turned up slightly at the corners, and he raised his hands to cover the small smile that spread until he joined her with a small chuckle of his own.

"Never again," he swore. "Never again!"

Shizuka's sweet laughter rang still as she doubled at the waist, clutching her sides.

"Never again indeed, Bakura-san! You're a horrible cook! Out of the kitchen!"

A look of mock hurt flashed across his face, but as he observed the area a small smirk replaced it. "If you insist, Shizuka-chan," he laughed, moving for his own room with every intention of leaving the young girl to clean the slowly dissipating foam.

A frown crossed her faced as she glanced around. "Bakura-san," she yelled. "If you step out of that room, you will help me clean this up!"

"I have no intention of coming out," he replied in as much of a singsong voice as he could muster.

Silence fell but still Shizuka's eyes glared darkly at the far wall. Her thoughts traveled again to what she would give to be free of him.

A sigh escaped her lips as she sat down in a nearby chair. What could she do? Honestly, she felt like crying. Was there really any way out of this horrible place?

The only answer that came to her was the Sennen Ring, the device that Bakura used to enter and exit the place. There were no doors, Shizuka knew, and she was too frightened to even attempt an escape through the windows, unsure of how Bakura had secured them to entrap her. Yes, it seemed the Ring was the only solution but…

Shizuka shuddered as thoughts of the darkness that constantly plagued her dreams came to her. The very idea of stepping through the portal that seemed to separate two parts of a world shook her soul. She looked at her hands, the image of them gradually slipping away into a darkened void drifting into her mind.

Chasing the thoughts away, Shizuka shivered and stared at her hands, watching as she flexed them to prove they were still there. Several thin white scars played the light, wounds from long ago glass…

Another doubt pressed her. The image of Bakura, silver hair cascading down his back and in front of his face as he gently probed her bloodied hands, resurfaced in her mind's eyes. There was kindness then…

But the ritual came next, the blood and flame still vividly etched in her thoughts. It made her feel ill suddenly and somehow she knew, vain as it sounded, the scar he bled in his host's flesh pertained to her. Obsession…too long, she knew. Far too long.

Rising, she began to clean the foam, still plagued by the question: How did she get out of this?

Hours passed. The kitchen was cleaned, a small meal prepared, and Shizuka sat, visibly racked by nerves at what she feared might transpire.

It was a simple meal and Bakura did not notice that she didn't eat or the quiver in her hands.

"That was good, Shizuka-chan," he said, swiping a toothpick from the center of the table settings and peering at her. "What's the matter?"

She took a deep breath before looking at him. "I…I want to go home, Bakura-san," she stated softly.

He merely chuckled darkly and tilted his chair back, balancing it on two legs. "I do believe we've been over this before. I can't let you leave." He shrugged, grinning. "Completely impossible."

"You mean you won't," Shizuka retorted, her voice angry. She was quivering still, her hands contorting the napkin in her lap as her irritation swelled. "There is no reason to keep me here."

"Nonsense," he guffawed in reply. "The meal was delicious."

Shizuka slammed her hands onto the table, her chair falling backwards as she leapt indignantly to her feet. Bakura started slightly at her actions, his face losing humor as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"You're such a bastard!" she screamed at him, angry tears blazing in her eyes.

The narrowed redwood orbs flashed angrily for a moment. "You know," he said matter-of-factly, his voice a mask of calm. The mahogany chair became earth-bound again and he rested his elbows on the table, peering at her over his pale clasped hands. "In Ancient Egypt women could be killed for speaking to a man that way."

"I am not your property!" she cried. "We aren't even in Egypt and even then you couldn't have been anything more than a second-rate disturber of the dead!"

He moved quick; far quicker than Shizuka had anticipated. The chair spilled to the floor as he rose in a fury, his hand falling sharply across her pale cheek, the sound striking a resonate tone in the room. The blow leveled her to the floor.

"You wretch," he spat at her, shaking with anger. "You miserable filthy little cur. I was the King of thieves. Do you want to know how I got this?" he yelled, shaking the golden pendant from around his neck at her. "I stole it from a priest I killed. Not even a person under the service of the Pharaoh could stop me! Not one person ever defeated me!"

"Except the Pharaoh," Shizuka said icily. "That's why you hate him so much." She sat up, clutching her face, an intense hatred burning in her eyes. "And I will defeat you as well."

"You?" he scoffed. "You couldn't even remotely challenge me."

"I'm challenging you right now."


She rose carefully to her feet, pulling herself up to her greatest height. "You once offered me a contest, Bakura-san."

He seemed slightly taken aback. "What are you talking about?"

"A competition," she iterated. "You and me. And if I win I get to go home."

"And what kind of contest do you propose?" Bakura's anger has obviously transformed into mirth somewhere along the way as he mocked her.

"Tomb robbing."

The thief began to laugh darkly, throwing back his head in amusement. "Oh, this is grand," he said. "You, who have never so much as seen a tomb, much less navigated one, plan to beat me?"

Her gaze remained fixed and she nodded, only provoking more laughter from the thief.

"Have it your way then," he chuckled. "Name the stakes, Shizuka-chan."

"If I win, I go free," she said. "You return me to Domino and never bother any of us again."

"Fine," Bakura agreed. "And what do I get when you lose?"

Shizuka shuddered, closing her eyes and taking a shallow breath before meeting the mocking gaze once more. "Anything you want," she said between clenched teeth.

He was smirking again and he touched her chin, watching her dark pupils constrict in fear as she swallowed nervously. "Then we have an accord." He held the Ring up, it lightly glowing eerily. "The shadows will host our little tournament, Shizuka-chan. But what shall we search for?"

"This," she said, pulling a small vile made of dark blue crystal from her pocket. The liquid inside splashed softly as she dangled it.

"What is it?" Bakura inquired, eyeing it warily.

Shizuka smiled serenely. "You'll have to win to find out."

He shrugged. "Fine then." He took it in his hand and Shizuka gasped as a dark aura surrounded it and it vanished. "Are we ready to begin?"

Shizuka nodded, closing her eyes as the darkness enveloped the pair. Her breathing was shallow as she tried to force calm onto herself.

"Look," Bakura ordered.

As she complied, her eyes widened. Surrounding them was a darkened crimson sky traced with hoary clouds. Ebony sand clutched her feet. She felt the scream rising in her throat but forced it down, shivering.

"W-what is this place?" she stuttered out, the cruel wind batting her auburn hair roughly around her shoulders.

"This is what Egypt would have looked like had I won the war."

"It's…horrible," Shizuka whispered.

The thief only smirked. "Now, Shizuka-chan, in reality, there are twelve tombs that can be found dotting this valley. Our game goes like this."

Beneath them, the ground shook and Shizuka cried out, stumbling to catch herself on Bakura who had not moved.

Rising into the sky were several large, obsidian pyramids. A clap of thunder exploded as they contacted and merged. Shizuka clung to Bakura's arm, her legs covered with the dark sand.

"This will be our playing field," Bakura said, his hand sweeping at the dismal sight before him.

Three large, dark shapes spun in the air forebodingly. Four others could barely be seen over the crest of the hill, anchored into the dark sand.

"Your little treasure is hidden. Are we ready to begin?"

Shizuka was still shuddering, but her eyes burned fiercely. "Your Ring," she said.

Bakura started back in confusion. "What?"

"Hide the Ring, too," she reiterated quietly. "Y-you're not allowed to cheat."

His eyes darkened. "You think I lack honor in my trade?"

"No, I think you're conniving."

He glowered at her as he pulled the brown chord over his head.

"Hide it in the pyramids," Shizuka continued. She was shaking, breathless, wondering if her plan would work. By theory, Bakura would be the first to find the vile, but it only served one minor purpose on top of distracting the thief. What Shizuka wanted was the Ring.

He lifted the Ring and began to speak in Egyptian and with a bolt of golden light, it was gone.

"How can I be sure you don't know where it is?" she asked.

He chuckled. "Some things, Shizuka-chan, have wills of their own. The dark energy of the Sennen Ring, and six other items of similar origin, is from ninety-nine souls massacred for their creation. In true reality, their powers hold little sway to do anything but distort objects and twist souls, but here…" He smirked. "…in this world, their evil can take flight."

"You're twisted," she whispered, shying away from him.

"So you could say. Shall we begin?"

She nodded and slowly, he counted to three. On the final count, he took off running in the directions of the black pyramids. Shizuka followed more slowly, watching as Bakura vanished in the distance.

As the first entrance neared, Bakura glanced behind him to check his lead. Her red hair had faded into the darkness. Marvelous.

Out of all the things he might have suspected of Shizuka, a challenge that tested none of his skills was a surprise. Tomb robbing. Who did the girl believe he was anyway?

Cautiously, he observed the entrances that lay before him. Two cryptic stone bridges rose into the air, providing a path to the floating mausoleums and an entranceway stood before him. Any of the three pyramids were prime for holding the vile.

'And the Ring, too,' he thought. 'She's up to something more than just beating me at my own game.'

He stood for only a moment longer before making the trek up the stairway to his left and crossing the threshold of the pyramid entrance. There was a long hallway in front of him and he began to walk it, his feet making a soft patter on the stone floor. His eyes adjusted more slowly to the darkness than he was used to, but he heard nothing more than the scraping of his own shoes. Soon, the passage widened out into a chamber. Before him lay four doors, each glowing with a faint color down its narrow stretch: blue to his far left, gold to the right of that, purple, and to the extreme right the corridor lay a chilling and empty black door.

A wary eye roamed the room, searching vigilantly for something that resembled a marker of the path. He knew that many tombs had paths marked, not by robbers, but by the very men who had dug them. His gaze rested on the flickering torch mounted upon the wall. The flame was oddly colored, not the roaring orange or red of a fire in the natural realm, but a deep violet instead. He lifted it from its pedestal and cast a glance around. It was a solitary marker, but he would follow it nonetheless. His trail led him down the pathway lighted with a purple sheen.

The sprint across the desert had fatigued her and stolen her breath. As she gasped for air, she watched Bakura enter the pyramid that lay to the left of her, mounted high in the sky. She took to the stairs, completely winded by the time she reached the doorway. She looked inside it, feeling a shiver race down her spine. But with her heart still pounding loudly in her ears, she forced herself to her full height and entered.

The empty hallway loomed before her and her first hesitant step echoed loudly. She started back, freezing for a moment before regaining her composure. Visibility was impossible here and her hand instinctively groped for a wall. She shuddered as her fingertips brushed the cold surface.

Moving down the channel took far less time than she had thought it would as she suddenly spilled out into a dimly lit room. What light there was came from four passages. The golden light beckoned her with its warm and friendly rays. Its gleam was reminiscent of the sun for her. She missed the sun. She lifted her face to it, smiling softly and journeyed in. Three steps further and a door slammed behind her, the inviting light vanishing like a smothered flame.

Shizuka turned, a scream clawing at her throat as she faced the empty wall where, not moments before, her exit had stood. Moving back she scanned its surface, hands tracing the solid rock. She felt the panic well up within her and she struck the wall desperately with her fist. The small, sharp pain that accompanied a few drops of blood on her knuckle was enough to force calm on her again. After moment, she turned away from the blocked exit, a new determination on her face as she moved toward where a path appeared to lie.

The sound of rock slamming into place started him as it echoed faintly down the hallway. The dim purple flame was still clutched in his hand as he pulled closer to the wall. The thief stood completely still, holding his breath. There was little way of discerning where the sound had come from, but a vague speculation led him to believe that Shizuka was in the pyramid.

The purple light around him had slowly dimmed as he traveled and the only light was the pale torch. He waited until the echo had faded from the cavern before stepping again.

The hallway ahead had begun to glow softly again, this time as a pale, aqua-blue color. He took a right turn and landed in a rounded alcove, its walls covered in glowing crystals.

There was a miniscule click behind him suddenly and Bakura dove into the recesses of the cave as the entrance collapsed. He swore loudly as the dust settled, eyeing the pile of rubble that had taken the place of the exit.

Eyes narrowed as he glanced around. The Ring had certainly concocted afantastic maze, he mused. But there had to be a way out of it. He let the purple torch fall from his hand as he stepped cautiously into the cave.

The florescent glow was more than enough to see by as he crept along the chamber. Eventually, he found a small black hole tucked away behind a pile of rocks. His nose wrinkled in distaste as he eyed it. True, his form was slimmer than it had been three thousand years ago, but it would still be a close fit.

He grunted as he dove into it, feeling the way before him. The walls were smooth, worn unnaturally flat as the tunnel angled downwards before moving back toward the exit that had become blocked. He slid across it on his stomach, fuming silently for quite a while until, suddenly, the floor dropped out beneath him. With a strangled growl he landed on his hands and knees, rolling and springing to his feet in the next moment. His hand traveled habitually to his side, searching for a dagger that was not there. He chuckled softly to himself as his fingers clenched around air, but the defensive stance remained.

The air around him did not stir and everything was silent. After a few minutes, he relaxed slightly and began to creep forward. The room was glowing faintly with pale light; much light the crystal room somewhere above him. A corridor lay before him and he moved into it. He paused for a moment, holding his breath as he tried to identify the sound he heard. The soft patter of footsteps came to his ears.

"Damn…" he hissed.

Somehow, Shizuka was ahead of him.

She took the straightest path she could find in the darkness and took it quickly, ignoring the blind panic that was surging her. She had known the darkness once before and had never wanted to revisit it. The path had been straight to a point before it suddenly split paths. She went right, her pace quickening when she heard heavy, rushed footfall behind her. Her heart leapt instantly to her throat and she began to move faster. Bakura was shortening what lead she had as they neared what seemed to be a final doorway. The frame of it was coated in gold and small pictures were etched across it. At the end of the long hallways beyond it was a dark sapphire light.

She didn't have time to pause, but she did. The thief strode past her and his devilish smirk could be seen glimmering brightly.

"There's a rope trap here," he called back to her as he leapt over it. "Don't set it off!"

He slowed to a walk as he neared a vile that held the crystal vile.

Shizuka found herself gazing at the ceiling as she moved down the hallways, chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. A wicked glint caught her eye as she saw the Sennen Ring embedded in a nearby wall, just above her head. She glanced at Bakura, who was moving cautiously to remove the vile, and began to reach for it. Her fingertips groped the empty air as she strained to grasp it. Stretching to her tiptoes she felt her hand catch hold of the brown chord that was looped through it. She came down and stumbled backwards onto the floor with the Ring clutched in between her hands.

Bakura turned to glance at her, the blue vile already in his hand. "I win, Shizuka-chan," he laughed. "Now-" he paused, eyeing her form and the golden Ring she held against her chest. He was silent for a moment, his mouth gaping slightly in disbelief, before his eyes narrowed.

"It…it was never about this vile, was it?" he asked softly.

Shizuka rose hesitantly to her feet and stared at him. "No," she said. "The vile has a purpose."

Suddenly, the tomb that surrounded them began to quiver and rumble and Shizuka was bucked forward into Bakura. The thief stumbled and the vile slipped from his grasp. Shizuka gasped as it struck the floor and fractured into tiny pieces, the liquid inside reacting instantly to the air and becoming a billowing cloud of smoke.

The two began to cough, drowsiness attacking their systems.

"Damn it!" Bakura screamed. "The pyramid is collapsing. Give me the Ring or we'll both die." He cough into his sleeve and slipped down to his knees, one hand clamped firmly around Shizuka's upper arm. "What the hell is in this smoke?"

"Nitrous Oxide," she wheezed. "Sleeping gas."

"Where the hell did you get Nitrous Oxide?"

She forced a sheepish grin before slumping forward against his chest, unconscious. His hand groped for the Sennen Ring but when he found it, Shizuka had not released it. He muttered an incantation drowsily, shaking his head vigorously. The area around them darkened. He held Shizuka closely as the two of them were dropped unceremoniously onto the floor, back among the couches of the warehouse.

In a daze, Bakura rose to his feet and, gathering Shizuka in his arms, stumbled toward her room. He lay her down atop the sheet and made to stand again, but her fingers clutched at his shirt and some incoherent murmur escaped her lips. Bakura couldn't fight the effects of the gas any long and he sank down into the bed. His arms wound around her and a contented smile found his lips as he fell asleep with Shizuka for the first and last time…

To Be Continued…

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