It's time to go exploring

I've had enough of this place

Of books and tea and clean old men

Musician, nursemaid, whatever I am

It's time to go on a parade.

It's always better on holiday

Armed with camera, hat and coat

Running down the sidewalk, running away

Rolling down the road like a turning wheel

I'm going on a parade.

Let's make trouble by the riverside

Leaving home behind

I'm a deserter too

Leaving to be locked up

I've ended my parade.

Running away

A change of pace

Running away

Young Ringo's got his fun.


This is about The Part Where Ringo Goes On A Parade in A Hard Day's Night. First line of second stanza borrowed from Franz Ferdinand's "Jacqueline." Hope you liked it, this is my first try at writing about a film. 3 Miss Brightside.