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Qualms and Connections

Chapter 7:

The End

Eric Potter hesitated a bit as he stood in front of a nice, white, two-storey house -- his new home. Feeling the expectant gazes of his new family and his best friend on his back, he took a couple of hesitant steps towards it. As it seemed he would never actually get there on his own, though, James finally got enough of the waiting, rushed forward, and grasped on his little brother's arm. "Come on, Eric!"

Eric found himself dragged inside and towards his new room. He didn't protest much as James pushed him forward, being shoved into the room as soon as the door was open. He was, however, quite surprised to find two other young boys already there.

"Welcome home, Eric!" Sirius exclaimed, immediately bouncing forward to hug his friend. "You have no idea how much we've missed you!"

"Why didn't you just tell us?" Peter asked. "You should have told us! We were so worried and --"

He stopped speaking, his eyes fixed on the doorway. Sirius fell silent too. As they turned around, the two Potter sons saw Morgan standing in the doorway. Even though his looks were definitely those of a Weasley now, the smirk on his lips was easy to recognize. There was no way Severus and Peter didn't know who he really was.

Whatever they had been expecting, however, Snape didn't even try to start a fight. Instead, he simply smiled a bit and said, "Welcome home, Eric."

Eric returned the smile.

James opened his eyes and was instantly awake. It was Christmas!

It wasn't just any Christmas, either. This was the first time he had a little brother.

It had been quite hard to be away from his newly acquired brother/friend as he and the others had returned to school wile Morgan and Eric stayed home, recovering and getting used to their new lives. The two would start Hogwarts the following year, a year below James and the others, to make their false identities complete. But now it was Christmas holiday, and Sirius was there, and Eric was there, and everything was perfect!

...Well, Morgan was there, too. But he could somehow handle that. He hoped.

He thought about waking Sirius up, but before he could do anything, he was already staring into large grey eyes and a big girn. Although there were more than enough guestrooms, Sirius had insisted on sleeping in his room, just like Morgan was sleeping in Eric's. This way they could start mischief even earlier!

"It's Christmas!" Sirius shouted, echoing James' own thoughts. "Come on, let's go get the presents!"

James grinned back at his friend. "Let's go wake Eric up at first," he said. "And we can give Morgan a good scare, too!"

Sirius' grin turned slightly evil. Although they definitely got better along with Morgan than they had ever done with Snape, there was still a somewhat rival-like relationship between them -- mostly fighting for Eric's attention. Morgan gave as good as he got, though, so Eric didn't try to stop them -- he just shook his head and muttered something about "children".

Therefore the two boys soon found themselves sneaking towards Eric's room. It was only a little way down the corridor, and thus they were soon opening the door, trying to suppress their snickers.

However, as they looked into the room, they could do nothing but stare.

Eric was there, all right, in his own bed just like he should. However, Morgan was lying next to him. Under the covers. With an arm around him.

This could not be tolerated!

"Weasley!" James yelled, running towards the bed and grasping on the offending arm, intent on tearing Morgan out of the bed. Sirius ran by him, equally enraged. "Who the Hell gave you the permission to molest my little brother?"

Naturally, this noise woke up the two still slumbering boys. Morgan looked quite annoyed, while Eric was merely bewildered. The werewolf listened to James and Sirius' accusations for a while with a rather confused expression, then finally seemed to understand what was the matter. He shot up on the bed and wrapped his arms around Morgan's shoulders. To their definite shock James and Sirius realized that he wasn't wearing anything but pyjama bottoms. It wasn't enough that he was together in bed with Morgan, he was there half-naked!

"Leave Morgan alone!" Eric snapped, glaring at them accusingly. "It's none of your business if we happen to sleep in the same bed!" The redhead nodded as well, wrapping his own arm around Eric's waist. James and Sirius could only stare.

"You mean you actually don't mind it?" James asked slowly, having quite some difficulties with understanding this fact. "You mean you want him to sleep in your bed?"

"Exactly." And, as if to prove his point, Eric then turned towards Morgan and kissed the other boy on the lips.

Once they had got over their initial shock James and Sirius ran out of the room, not wanting to witness anything else that might happen between the two boys. Instead, they woke James' parents -- who hadn't really been expecting to get to sleep past 6 AM anyway. However, when James' mother only said, "That's sweet, now let us sleep some more," and yawned, they had to face the horrifying fact that nobody would help them get Eric away from Morgan's clutches.

James had lost his little brother to once-had-been-Snape.

"You seem excited, Potter," Lily Evans commented as she watched James Potter fidgeting, seemingly unable to stay still -- although that was not unusual for him. "Has something happened?"

"Not yet," the bespectacled boy replied with a broad grin, "but soon something will. My little brother is going to come to Hogwarts at last!" At this, Sirius and Peter both grinned as well.

"Your little brother?" echoed Lily. "I thought you were an only child. So he's a first year now?"

"Well, I was an only child, until my parents adopted him," James laughed. "Eric's one year younger than us. He's been staying with a friend of his this week, but he should arrive soon, and I just can't wait!"

Just then, however, Sirius exclaimed, "Hey, isn't that them?" Looking towards the group he pointed at they saw a red-haired couple with four children around them. Two of the children were clearly below the Hogwarts age, but the other two, one darkhaired and the other a redhead, seemed to be about thirteen and had trunks with them. It was apparently the time for enthusiastic farewells.

"Oi, Eric! Morgan!" shouted James, waving his hand. "Come here, guys!"

The younger boys both looked their way as they heard their names called. The darkhaired one started to immediately hurry towards them, while the redhead seemingly still had to endure the last advice of his parents. By the time he managed to leave his family with the last waves at his younger siblings, the other boy had already reached the Marauders, a happy grin on his face as he met his brother.

"Hi!" he said to Lily, grinning at her. "I'm Eric Potter. Pleasant to meet you."

"Pleasant to meet you, too, Eric," Lily replied, a smile on her lips. "I am Lily Evans." While speaking, she let her gaze examine the boy. He was almost exactly a smaller version of James, except for the eyes, which were amber instead of the hazel of the older boy. Even the glasses were the same.

"Hi, guys," sighed the redhead as he finally reached his friend. "I'm Morgan Weasley, nice to meet you," he then added to Lily. "Merlin, I thought Mother was never going to stop! I know she means well and cares about me and stuff, but it does get to be a drag after a while. I mean, I'm thirteen, not three!"

Lily laughed at that. "If she's anything like my mother, she'll never stop," she told her, amused.

"She should put you under constant surveillance," James muttered, glaring halfheartedly at the red-haired boy. "And watch where you put that hand! I won't have you molesting my little brother in public!"

"James, his hand is on my waist," Eric said, sounding absolutely and completely bored with James' "care". "And try to get it into your head: he is not molesting me. If anybody is doing that, it's me!" And, with this said, he placed a hand behind his slightly taller friend's head and drew him close for a kiss.

Lily blinked. Well, this she certainly hadn't expected! She was about to voice her disgust as she realized that although James did appear annoyed, he wasn't really angry, and Sirius and Peter were actually grinning at the little display of affection. Did this mean that it was normal for two wizards to love each other?

As shocking as the thought was, she was, little by little, forced to believe this.

Eric was, like could be easily noticed, asleep yet. He was rather unused to the Ravenclaw dormitories, and after two years in the Gryffindor Tower and one spent half in Godric's Hollow, half in the Burrow, he was having some difficulties with sleeping in strange surroundings. Therefore he lay awake, staring up into the darkness.

Suddenly, the mattress shifted slightly as somebody else sat on it. "Can't you sleep, either?" he heard Morgan's quiet voice.

"Nope," Eric replied in a similar whisper. "I'm too used to the Gryffindor Tower."

"And I'm too used to the dungeons." There were some sounds of somebody moving, and then he felt a warm body joining his underneath the covers. "Move over a bit, will you? This way we can at least hope to get some rest."

Eric smiled slightly. "Indeed," he said, already feeling sleep forcing his eyes closed.

He perhaps wasn't used to the Ravenclaw dormitories, but he was used to having Morgan by his side.

As they stepped out of the Hogwarts Express, they immediately spotted Molly's bright red hair. "This way, boys!" she shouted. "Eric and James, you too!" They walked all nearer, Morgan a few steps before the two Potters. As they got closer, Molly smiled at them and said, "I'm here to pick you all up; something held your parents back, James and Eric. How did your year go?"

"I was on top of my year in Potions and Arithmancy!" Morgan announced, grinning broadly.

"And I was on top on DADA and Transfigurations!" Eric continued with a grin just as proud.

"And they tied for top marks on all the other subjects," James finished with a little sigh. "Freaks."

"We are not!" the "younger" boys snapped in unison. "We're just smarter than you!"

Molly laughed at their argument. "Now, now, boys, calm down," she said. "I'm sure you all did well." She ruffled her son's hair, drawing a sound of mild annoyance from the boy in question, and smiled at the others. "I'm really proud of you, Morgan," she then said warmly at her son and drew him into a hug, uncaring about his rather loud protests.

"Really, Morgan, you are weird," James muttered. "You're all too happy to hug Eric every chance you get and then you won't even let your mother hug you!"

"Well," Eric said quickly, "there are several other things we do together he'd probably not like his mother doing..."

James tried in vain to tear his ears off in hopes of forgetting that comment.

James eyed the Ravenclaw Quidditch team warily. This match would decide the Quidditch Cup, and they were currently even at 30 points. Now, it was only a matter of time until one of the Seekers spotted the Snitch.

Morgan glanced at him and smirked briefly. At times like these it was easy to see the old Snape under the Weasley cover. James grinned in response, then caught the Quaffle as it was tossed at him. He could perhaps do nothing to aid or hinder the Seekers, but he could certainly do his best to continue the game while they waited for the Snitch to show up.

Of course, it wouldn't be that easy. He hadn't got even halfway to the other end of the pitch as Morgan was already there, snatching the Quaffle as he tried to throw it at another Gryffindor Chaser. The redhead laughed, speeding towards the other end. He was still quite small for his age -- even his "official" age -- and thus he could easily fly faster than James.

"E. POTTER HAS SPOTTED THE SNITCH!" roared the commentator, and James groaned. Well, there went that victory. When Eric got his eye on the Snitch, nothing could stop him from catching it. It probably had something to do with his predatory instincts. Sure, he was proud of his brother, who was quite a Quidditch celebrity -- fortunately the teachers made sure that none of the Ravenclaw matches took place near a full moon. But now... This was his last chance at winning the Quidditch Cup! Eric couldn't win this one for the Ravenclaw!


Half of the audience started cheering -- Ravenclaws went of course absolutely crazy about their victory, and Slytherins would have cheered even for Hufflepuffs if it meant not cheering for Gryffindors. Eric neared the ground, the other Ravenclaw players flying towards him, laughing and cheering.

"You did it, Eric!" Morgan shouted, closing his friend in a crushing hug -- it was only thanks to Eric's strong werewolf physique that he didn't do any actual harm. "We won! We actually won!"

"How could you do this to your own brother, Eric?" James shouted over the noise, feigning hurt. "I thought you actually cared about me!" However, the only response he got was a cheeky grin and a tongue stuck out at him.

"We won fairly, so deal with it!" Morgan shouted. "Are you not enough of a man to admit your brother's better at Quidditch than you?"

"I'll admit that as soon as it's true!" However, even as James said this, he was secretly proud for his brother. Disappointed at their loss, yes -- but also proud. Eric had definitely come a long way from the nervous little thing he had been a few years ago.

He was so torn between these two feelings that he actually ignored the fact that Morgan hugged Eric for a little while longer than was absolutely necessary.

"His name is Harry," James said proudly, watching as Eric held gently the little baby boy. "Harry James Potter."

"Exactly as self-centered as I'd expect from you," Morgan snorted, although he was smiling as well. Over the years they had come to something very close to a friendship, although they still teased each other on every opportunity they got. "And don't start explaining how it's a tradition and how you're called James Gary Potter or anything like that. When you do it, it's because you're full of yourself."

"Oh, shut up," James sighed. "The only reason why you wouldn't do the same is that you wouldn't know whose name to pick!"

"Why, we'll of course have two," Eric replied simply, not even stopping to think. Morgan simply grinned in agreement and nodded.

"What do you mean, you will?" James echoed, bewildered. "Last time I checked two men couldn't get a kid, leave alone two, not even in the Wizarding World..."

Morgan grinned as he looked at James, placing a hand on his husband's shoulder, Eric smiling up at him. "My dear, simple Gryffindor," the redhead said, "we are of course going to adopt."

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