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Sad Eyes, Lonely Heart

It was a rainy day in feudal Japan. She walked along the dirt path, the only thing she could hear was the rain and the clinking of chains around her and everyone else in the caravan. Her sad grey eyes looked ahead to see the back of the slave in front of her. Water now streaming off her skin and soaking her clothes. Her blonde hair now looking brown as it was wet. Her soaked bangs sticking to her face, covering the mark she had on her right cheek. She only knew that this star was on her and no one else in her family. Strange how things like this happen.

"Keep this line moving." her master called out from the back.

She only nodded as the rest groaned. She was one of the few who was quiet and never complained about anything. In fact, no one knew her name. They called her 'quiet one'. However, they did know that she was a full demon. She was not that strong and couldn't survive on her own, so she was captured at an early age. No one know anything about her, only that when she chose to sing; she could warm the coldest of hearts. In time her secrets would be revealed.

Finally, in the distance, was where the caravan would be stoping for the night. The town where she would be sold to another master. It was a small town in the West. It was close the Lord's castle. Little did anyone know that soon this one demon's life would change. The town grew as they neared it.

Soon they came to a stop outside its gates. "And what brings you here, Sir?"

"I have brought a new slave for a buyer."

"Ahh, then come in." soon the gates were opened and the caravan made their way to the inn. It was a medium sized. She looked up and read its name, 'Demon's Door.' She was then pulled in by the rest of them which were all connected by the chains.

"Here she is, Sir."

Her new master walked over to her. His vile breath on her face. It took all she had not back away and gasp for air. His brown eyes looked her up and down.

"She seems to be pretty enough but what about her voice."

"She is what you ordered."

"Fine. I will take her." he said, handing the demon his pouch of gold.

Her chains were taken off and she was handed over to her new master. He smiled and lead her to the stage. He sat her on the stool and then looked serious.

"When people show up you will sing, or you shall have no food.."

She only nodded. Her eyes scanning the new place that would be her new home until this master was tired of her. How many places had she seen over her lifetime? Only she would be able to tell you. Her clothes were still soaked as demons came flooding in to see the new singer.

She was introduced as 'Shizuka' which ment quiet. For that is what she was.

She stood up and looked over the crowd. Once she opened her mouth and began to sing, the bar became silent. Her voice sounded like angels. Melting every heart in the room. Her song was sad, but still beautiful none-the-less. Her new master smiled as he knew he had a good deal. And then someone spoke up. "She would be a lovely presant for the Lord when he returns."

"No, Kija. I do not plan on giving her away."

"But, if we don't get him a welcoming gift he will be upset. You know how that goes, Shukin."

"Yes, but I do not wish to give up such a treasure."

"I can understand that, but you must take into consideration that if she is given up to him, then our lives might be spared."

Her owner's eyes looked to her. 'She would make a good presant for the Lord. And if she sang for him then maybe he would spare the village.'

She finished her song and then paused to take a small break. She sat down and let her feet hang off the stage. She took a sip of her glass of water, a small girl came up to her and smiled. "You have a pretty voice."

The slave girl smiled at the child and nodded. This young girl was full of smiles. Her raven hair was in her face as she looked up at the older girl. She used her small hands to brush it back. This young child did not seem afraid of anything. The slave girl could only look in wonder as to what a human child was doing in a bar full of demons.

'Doesn't she know better? This girl could be taken away like I was and never see her family again.' the girl thought as she looked down at the child who was still smiling up at her.

"Rin, you are wanted." A green toad demon called as he ran and tripped just before coming up to the girl.

"I will see you later, pretty girl." the girl known as Rin left her.

"Hey, Shizuka! Get up and sing." Shukin called, looking upset that she had taken so long.

She nodded, 'I hope to see you again, little one.' she thought as she stood and moved to the center of the stage. She closed her eyes and sang another sad song. It seemed that everything about this woman was sad. It was like no matter what happened she would always be sad.

Little did she know that Rin was watching from in the crowd even though the toad demon was calling for her again. She was almost mesmerized by her voice. That was when Rin decided to come every day and watch her sing.

Now, the Lord of the West was becoming impatient with the little girl. Just as he was about to walk in, Rin came out with a smile.

He only looked at her and then began to walk away. Rin followed with the toad demon trailing in the back. As she followed, she began to hum the song she had just heard. The Lord was bowed to many times as he made his way to his castle. Which very few had seen the inside.

But back to our slave girl, who had finished her last song. The bar was closing and everyone was leaving. She could not get her mind away from the little girl who had spoken to her earlier. So much happiness lay in that child's eyes. It only made her want to see her again and watch her actions.

"Hey there...its time to go to bed." her master said, walking over to her and grabbing her wrist.

This made the girl jolt out of her thoughts as she was pulled to a small room off the side of the bar. There was no bed, but a patch of hay. A small basin of water was under a small window that looked out to the castle.

"This is where you shall live for the time being." Shukin said.

'For the time being? Am I being sold so soon?' she thought as she tilted her head.

"You might have the honor of living with the Lord."

She blinked, confused as to what her master was talking about. She knew nothing of this Lord and why it would be a honor. 'Is he nice, or shall he be like everyone else?'

"Stop thinking and pay attention. If you still sing as well as you have tonight then at the meeting in three days, your fate will decided."

She nodded and hoped for the best. Living in a huge castle shouldn't be to bad right? Little did she know of this Lord indeed, but maybe, just maybe, that little child would be the one to change her life.

"Get some sleep. I shall be back in the morning."

The door was soon closed and locked from the outside to ensure that she would not leave. Her eyes looked out the window. Little did she know that she was looking out at the castle. Not that she could see it at night. After 15 minutes of staring out in the darkness, she decided to go to sleep. She would have a busy day tomorrow.

She quickly curled up in a ball on the hay and fall asleep, dreaming of a time long ago when she was young.


A young dog demon ran through a burning forest. Her little legs carrying her as fast as she could. She was tripping over roots and rocks. Yet she managed to get up and run. Fear was in her blood as she ran. She could hear the voices of her pursuers coming closer and she quickened her pace.

But that was not a smart thing for as she was running she was coming to a cliff. She tried to stop but couldn't and so she went over. She let out a frighten scream as she fell downward. And just as she thought she was going to hit the ground, she felt strong arms catch her. She looked up frighted, only to meet cold amber eyes. And though he did not speak she felt as if she was safe.

Soon she was on the ground again safe and sound and her saviour walking away. Her eyes catching his long, flowing tail as he continues on his way.

"There we finally caught up with you dog scum. You think that just because you can run fast that your better then us. Its time we teach you ugly, weak race a lesson."

She looked up with fearful eyes at her pursuers. And then in a flash she say her saviour from before.

"Care to say that again." he said, in a eeire calm voice.

Their eyes widen as they saw him once again. "This isn't anything to do with you." a fool from behind said.

His attention was turned to the fool. "I would hold your tongue, nameless wit."

"And why would I listen to a pathetic do-" and that would be the end of the namless fool. For this dog demon used his poisen claws to quickly cut into the demon's jugular, letting the poisen flow through his viens. The dog demon's fingers now covered in blood. A slight smile was on his face as he watched the lesser demon convulse and then die.

"Anyone else care to up against me?" he said, looking at the few remaining. Soon even they were nothing but dust clouds.


"Yes, Mi'Lord?"

"Fetch me some water. I want to rid myself of this dispicable demon's blood."

The young girl watched as all of this happened. Her eyes even watched as her saviour left for good this time.

'Someday I will repay you.'


End Chapter..

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