I Wish I Was Never Born

Summary: Does everyone have a Guardian Angel? If so, who are they? And why do they have one? Because they wish each other dead? Who knows. Written By: Megumi Ohira and Bob Bennit

Part One- Harry Potter

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Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who lived, has a miserable life. Snape gave him extra homework. He had a row with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. Don't know how, but they give him glares…

Sirius was dead. His mum and Dad were dead. Remushas gone mental, and he is a man whore.

MO/N: Actually the girl he is dating is a werewolf metamorphagus. One of the only kinds. Other then Tonks...The metamorphagus part...

His life is bad, and freaky. He sat on his bed, the hangings closed, but he could still feel the glares. He was tired, so he lifted his feet, and lay down. Not caring if he didn't change.

"I wish I was never born…" He mumbled, before he shut his eyes and went to sleep.

There was a bright white light, and he appeared in a dark room.

'Err…where am I?'

'You're in my…dimension!'

Harry looked around widely. He swore he just heard Ron. He stopped looking around, and just stood there. It was quiet, until he heard laughter. He stumbled back, as there was another bright light, and Ron appeared, holding a magazine…upside down.

"Haha hahaha! Hahaheehe… You should read this, Harry! It's so funny!" Ron exclaimed.

"Err…its upside down… Ron." Harry said.

"I'm not Ron!" He exclaimed. "I'm Ronald Weasley, The Bloody Creator of Hoobastank!" Ronald seemed to glow all the sudden and voice deepened, and Harry became scared.

"I'm just kidding! I'm Ron Weasley your guardian Angel, and best mate." Ron said his voice back to normal. Harry shook his head. He has gone mental.

"You don't look like a angel…" He said. Ron started to levitate, and held his arms out.

"Watch!" He glowed once more, and sprouted wings. Harry's eyes went wide. Ron watched his amazed face. "Bloody Brilliant, huh?"

Harry just nodded, but then shook his head violently.

"Can I just go back to Hogwarts?" He asked.

"No can Doodle Doo my friend. You have to see how everyone is suffering…I mean living without you!" Ron said. He turned around in the air, and swished his hands around.

The dark black room faded, and he ended up in a white place that never ended.

"Hold my hand." Ron said. He didn't wait, and grabbed Harry's hand. They started to fly, but you couldn't tell they were going anywhere.

"We are going to the present today, to see what's up with everyone." Ron explained.

"But were not moving!" Harry yelled. Ron smiled, and flapped his wings. The wind started to pick up, and Harry could tell they were flying somewhere now.

They came to a black vortex thing. Ron stopped for a moment, and then flew in. Stuff flashed by, and Harry could see all sorts of things, like Dumbledore, and other teachers. Outside places, and such.

There was a light at the end. Like a light at the end of the tunnel. Harry wondered if that means that he was finally going to die. But Ron yelled,

"This is the fun part!"

He reached the light, and everything started to slow down. Now it just felt like they were being sucked in. Very slowly, sucked in. Ron twisted and twirled. Taking Harry in circles and 'wee'ing and 'woo'ing. Harry felt very sleepy, and warm at this part of the journey, but soon they landed on the ground.

Now Harry felt cold. Ron helped him up, and they dusted themselves off.

"Oh I hate this time of…time…" Ron said. Harry finally looked around, and found it very dark, and not happy.

The tree's had no leaves. There branches bare, and rotting. They stood in a street with many cracks, and bumps. The grass wasn't green, and houses, building, lay in shambles.

"What happened?" Harry asked. Ron sighed.

"You weren't born…" Ron said. He made his wings disappear, and led Harry around. There was no sign of life, and Harry saw the Kings Cross Station. Or what was left of the Kings Cross station.

"You see," Ron started. "Since your parents didn't have you in time, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named killed them right off the start." Ron said, not stopping for anything. Harry shook his head.

"He killed them? Well of course he did…" He said sadly.

"Oh, but it doesn't stop there." Ron said. Harry caught up with him.

"You know that prophecy stuff, and such. Well that would mean Neville would have been the one to stop him." Ron said. Harry was listening. "But…"

"But what?" Harry asked.

"He had a terrible accident. Died when he was three." Ron said, no sadness in his voice at all. Harry's eyes went wide.

"Died? How?" He asked. Ron sighed.

"He tripped over his shoe laces, and fell of a cliff…" He said. Harry stopped. He wondered why Neville was near a cliff in the first place.

"So that's why the prophecy failed, and the world went down the drain." Ron said. Harry caught up with him, and stopped him. "Oh and about that row we had, I'm sorry I said whatever I said…Just don't tell my real self I said that…" Ron added. Harry nodded. Harry has had quite enough of seeing everything destroyed, so he turned to Ron.

"I want to see everyone. You, Hermione, Ginny, everyone!" He cried. Ron nodded, and snapped his fingers.

They ended up in a poor neighborhood that looked a lot like the place they were at. Harry saw no children, nor adults. No playing outside, or talking. All was silent. Too quiet for Harry.

He watched as a door opened, and out came a skinny pale boy with tangled blond hair. Harry squinted, then gasped.

"Draco Malfoy?" Harry asked. Ron nodded.

"You want to know his story?" Ron asked. Harry nodded. "Well, his bloody git of a father, sold Voldemort out, and Voldemort killed his wife. Which left him with Draco there, and they lost their money, when Voldemort came to power. Draco usually eats off the streets, and such." Ron said.

They watched as Draco looked to the ground. There was a little rat that passed by, and Draco jumped from his steps, and Ron turned Harry around.

"I don't think you want to see that, mate…" Ron warned. Harry nodded. If he had seen it, he may have passed out right then and there.

"What about you?" Harry asked. They heard squeaks, and cries coming from that poor rat, and Ron snapped his fingers.

"Me? Oh my life is…interesting…" Ron said, frowning a bit.

They landed at a place that actually was a little livelier. It looked rich, and had an almost happy feeling. Harry looked around to find people walking around, and talking. They looked happy, the kids looked happy, and Harry found himself feeling good. If this were what happened if he wasn't born, then that would be okay. So what if Draco eats rats?

Ron led him to one of the gates, which led to his house/Mansion. He opened the door to find all the Weasley's living the life of luxury. Mrs. Weasley was getting her back rubbed. Fred and George played a game of Exploding Snap in the corner. Ginny was being fed grapes, by some person. Mr. Weasley looked at all his high-tech muggle things. Percy sat reading a really big book. Charlie lifted weights, and still had scars from working with Dragons. Bill…well he was counting all his Wizard Muggle money.

"Where are you, Ron?" Harry asked. Ron pointed to the stairs.

"Up there… Are you sure you want to see me Harry…I'll tell you the story of my family…" Ron asked, almost pleading. Harry shook his head.

"Have to see you first." He said.

They past Ginny, and her group of grape feeders, and went up the steps. This Mansion had a lot of rooms, and Ron was in the last one. When Ron opened the door, Harry expected to see him surrounded by Chuddley Cannon's stuff. But it wasn't like that. Not at all.

Ron's room was dark. Black walls, black carpet, and black bed sheets. The only source of light was from a little candle on the desk. This is where Ron sat. He wore nothing but black, and he looked deadly pale. He was writing something, in a diary-looking thing.

"Here is another day of rich…another depressing poem to add to my list…" Ron said with a sigh. Harry backed away, and ran out the door.

"Wh-What is wrong with you?" He asked. Ron sighed.

"Well, my family became rich, when Lily and James, and you, died. They sold some people out, including Dumbledore, and became dark. Darker then Malfoy, and the Black family put together. They had no hope, when you died, because they knew the end was coming. They are known to be He-Who-Must-Be-Named right hand people. As for me, I didn't like being this rich, so I became a Goth." Ron explained.

"Take me to Hermione!" Harry demanded.

"Oh please not Hermione!" Ron begged.

"Yes Hermione! I have to see her! I promise this is the last stop!" Harry said. Ron sighed, and snapped his fingers.

They landed back at a poor place, where there were no good built houses. Harry felt cold and unhappy. He and Ron waited. During this time, Harry turned to him.

"What happened to my mum and dad?" He asked. Ron sat down.

"Well, it was quiet strange…a train ran your dad, and pregnant mum, over while they sat in their house… That's why you weren't born." Ron explained.

Harry was shocked. I mean how could that happen in the first place, and secondly he never got to see the world at all.

Harry was about to give up when he heard yelling.

"Hermione Maria Granger! Get back in this bloody house!"

One of the house doors open, then fell off, and out came Hermione. But this wasn't the regular Hermione that looked ready for anything. She held a beer bottle in one hand, and a dollar in the other. She had short tangled brown hair, and looked very tired, and drunk.

"I'm getting me some bloody whiskey…better then drowning in my sorrows of unhappiness." She called. She stumbled out of the house, and zig-zagidly walked towards them. Harry was about to catch her when she looked like she was going to fall, but she went right through him. He guessed she couldn't see, hear, or touch him.

"What in bloody hell, happened to her?" Harry asked. Ron watched sadly as Hermione stumbled up the road.

"Well, after you died. Oh and that fateful accident with Neville, He-Who-Must-Be-Named started his rein of terror. Made Muggles poor, and whoever opposed him, and made others rich. Hermione's parents are slaves to He-Who-Must-Be-Named, and Hermione dropped out of primary school. Started drinking when she was seven, and hasn't stopped since." Ron said sadly. He was really sad that Hermione was like this.

Harry turned around. He felt horrified at what happened to the world. Mostly what happened to his friends.

"Take me back…" Harry said. Ron turned around. "I wish I was born!"

Harry woke up in a cold sweat. He threw open his hangings to find Ron, and Neville glaring at him.

"I'm am so sorry!" Harry cried. He hugged the two of them, and left them there stunned.

He ran down into the common room, and saw Hermione and Ginny. He gave them hugs and kisses, and apologized. He then ran out of the common room. Leaving the two girls stunned.

"Err…that's a unique way to apologize…" Hermione said.

"He's lost it…" Ginny said.


Harry walked around the corridors, and smiled to everyone he saw. Well, until he saw Malfoy.

"What are you doing up this early, Potter?" He asked. Harry took one look at him, and felt his stomach lurch. He had to run away, the rat sequence was coming back.

Harry felt better about himself, and how the world was safe and sound when he was around. He decided he'd like to live, and not let that alternate life of others, come true.

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